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W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

6 July 2014

C4ST will host a Public Hearing on Safety Code 6 July 9th in Ottawa

Health Canada (HC) has decided not to hold public hearings on Safety Code 6.

Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST) will host a public hearing on Safety Code 6.  This event is scheduled for July 9th in Ottawa at the Chateau Laurier.  We have organized a media conference with Dr David Carpenter, currently scheduled for at 10:30am  to 11:30 am, followed by a short break.  The C4ST public hearing will wrap up by 2pm to facilitate travel.

The decision was made to host the C4ST event before Health Canada's July 15th deadline in order to have time to prepare public and scientific submissions.

Please join us in Ottawa on July 9th.  This is your opportunity to have your voice heard!  We will video your comments and submit them to HC on your behalf.

If you cannot travel to Ottawa, please let us know and we will arrange to video-conference you in.

Please note: we ask that you also participate in Health Canada's "Email only" public consultation: your submissions are very important, you can submit the document you prepared for the Royal Society Commission input, or prepare a new document.  Please be aware that Health Canada requires submissions to be in either Micro Soft Word or Adobe PDF format.  You can make your submission directly to HC, through this link at  

It is our intent to take the video from the day and all submissions, post them on our website and send them to Health Canada.

Our agenda will consist of 4 items:

  1. Declaration signed by physicians and MD's in North America who treat and/or see individuals with ES in their practices.  
  2. Declaration signed by researchers and scientists.
  3. A summary of studies we have identified that have not been included in either the HC analysis or the Royal Society report. We will have summaries for: Stress proteins and DNA damage, Cancer, Reproduction, Cognitive and neurological effects, Cardiac, Developmental changes, Low-level, non-thermal and EHS
  4. Public hearing. Where our reasonable, clear, strong message can be heard.
Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST)
EMFs at work and brain tumors.

A major new study, with data from seven different countries
and funding from the U.S. National Institutes of Health, points
to a link between exposure to power-frequency EMFs at work 
and brain tumors.

The results from the INTEROCC project, led by Elisabeth
Cardis, strongly indicate that ELF magnetic fields are a
cancer promoter. This is not a new idea. Cancer promotion
was suggested in the first brain tumor report back in 1984.

We encourage you to read our three new stories:

EMF Cancer Promotion: An Old Idea Makes a Strong Comeback

INTEROCC: What About Cell Phones?

Freaky or What?
Parallels Between INTEROCC and INTERPHONE

Louis Slesin
Further Evidence of Quebec Smart Meter Harm
June 9th 2014 (Google Translation)

"I write because I want to give my testimony following the installation of a meter says 'intelligent' inside my home by Hydro-Québec. The counter is located in the kitchen just the other side of our room. I developed very clear at the very second the technician set the aircraft symptoms: heart palpitations, nausea, muscle contractions and blocked ears and tinnitus painful giving the same evening, severe headaches and permanent sensations burning in the throat, and a feeling of anesthesia in the teeth sometimes (this feeling is the most difficult to describe). And especially horrible insomnia. I phoned the next day to make my right of withdrawal. It was considered but it was explained to me that it could take several weeks. Unfortunately, these symptoms are amplified over the days to become intolerable, preventing us to go home and forcing us, my wife and I to take refuge in the small room of our 19 month old son ( furthest part of the meter) for attempting to sleep.

So I pressed Hydro-Québec to intervene urgently, renewing calls every day. You must understand the concept of urgency since only think one thing: FLEE THIS HELL. After a week of suffering, I ordered Hydro-Québec electricity being cut me. Unknowingly, I had to activate the ultimate leverage because 15 minutes later a technician with us to install a meter "not communicating". Since it is much better. But I still feel some symptoms, such as tinnitus, which I attribute to counter upstairs neighbor who was installed the same day as mine - my neighbors on either side, the counters are there for several weeks and I had not felt before.

Finally, I would like to say that even if we had an a priori rather negative on these counters, we had not really taken the time to inform us, and all the symptoms described above have been clearly identified before the evidence found in the Internet. There is not any sommatisation whatsoever, even if the stress factor makes things worse. Even less esoteric or occult other discipline. It is a reality of our reality at all, and it is high time that politicians take this into account. Thank you for what you do. "

François Contin
Also -
Mother Protects Son from Quebec Meter
Smart meters simply a cash grab by Hydro-Québec
False Advertising and bribery by the smart meter industry
85 million pounds to help sell a dangerous technology.
Don't worry about the cancer risk, neurological harm, sleep problems etc, we will give you free ice cream
Interview of Dr. Dominique Belpomme Quebec 2014

Electromagnetic fields cause Alzheimer's in electro (6 June 2014) (Google Translation)

According to Dr. Dominique Belpomme 90% of cancers are related to the environment; Five centuries before Christ, the cancer was unknown. "We are now stuck with public health problems. For example, we see the appearance of certain cancers caused by, among other things, the low frequencies and radio frequencies. This is recognized by WHO. Electromagnetic fields increase for electro, the risk of being affected by Alzheimer's disease. "These are the words of Professor cancer in Paris and founder of the Association for anticancer therapeutic research statements that go against the point of view of many people.

According to Dr. Belpomme, there is a scientific denial today only linked to economic considerations: "There is no scientific controversy. This controversy is supposed whipped up by those who have an interest in that there is an ever growing market for wireless technologies. All independent scientists, the highest level, whether in the U.S., Canada and Europe are unanimous. International medical and scientific community is unanimous in the greatest danger of the spread of wireless technologies. "

Jean note: Despite the doubts expressed by the facilitator, Ms. Perrin, who had trouble with the information provided by Dr. Belpomme, he was able to set the record straight by insisting on the denial of scientific reality practiced by all those who have an interest in protecting the wireless industry, mainly the mainstream media and governments.

It was quite distressing to hear this renowned expert may be taken up by Ms. Perrin, who gave the impression of preferring to rely on some obscure researcher Radio-Canada, without really knowing anything about the case, improvised 'expert' after a few hours (or minutes) of research on the web and determine which will be the opinions that the facilitators will forward ... In fact, almost all major media practice disinformation intere $ ed - that it even had the candor to stress. He also must still applaud the fact that it was open to invite his microphone and allow him to present one side of the "coin" rarely heard in Quebec - and also understood that it was his role as facilitator to raise the views deniers popular Radio-Canada (among others), thereby giving Dr. Belpomme the opportunity to express what he thinks of all this ... too complacent Questions ( too 'soft ball') does not allow for all the 'juice' out a competent as he is capable of giving person.

However, although Belpomme can say never no spokesman of the single official thinking, sanctioned by the henchmen of corpocratie, not publicly admit any error in the falsehoods they convey in this area as in many others, course hiding behind the screen of journalistic objectivity ... objectivity Beautiful hogwash! In fact, if you think about it, it is strictly impossible for anyone in this world to be 100% objective about anything, because we are all the toy, somehow, our beliefs, shaped by our cultural conditioning and our personal experiences. Even science that would, with its scientific method, the reference standard of objectivity, has become a quasi religion today by a corrupt economic imperatives of those who fund religion, or those who, like Herr Harper does want to hear that the scientific conclusions in line with their political priorities, closely aligned with those of the exploiters of all ilk and écodestructeurs they serve blindly.

Who is Dr. Belpomme?

Internationally known for his research on cancer, Dr. Dominique Belpomme is professor of oncology at the University Paris-Descartes and President ARTAC. Oncologist, professor, researcher, author and speaker, his name is inseparable from the new scientific paradigm involving the environment in the genesis of cancer. As one of the few environmental health experts from different European institutions, in 2005 he was appointed to represent the scientific community in Brussels, at the inaugural session of the European Parliament on the draft REACH regulation. The moral, scientific and political commitment of Prof. Belpomme is totally independent, subject to no restrictions, except to seek objective scientific truth and serve primarily to patients on behalf of the Hippocratic Oath. View site ARTAC: - The content of this site is the result of several years of research and support diagnosis and treatment of 700 patients with EHS, ie EMF hypersensitivity (EHS), and / or chemical sensitivities or "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity" (MCS) by Prof. Dominique Belpomme and his team.



Interview with Dr. Catherine Perrin Belpomme: shades

André Fauteux - June 8, 2014
To respond to the astonishment and doubts of the host of CBC Catherine Perrin, who hosted Dr. Dominique Belpomme on her show Medium wide this Friday, June 6th, here is the source of various national surveys where more than 10% of Europeans themselves as electro.

Have reservations:

* Up to 13% of people say they are hypersensitive to very low doses of certain chemicals and / or waves, as recounted in 2003 a study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. (In 2013, researchers citing this study emphasized that employers should adapt workplaces urgently reducing chemical pollution.)

* But this 13%, only 1-3% of people are hypersensitive to the point of losing their jobs and live severe housing problems. They can not live or work in our modern environments because they live in acute symptoms that limit can kill like a asthma attack, anaphylactic shock, etc.. Their nervous system is affected so severely they react to a very large number or all of the chemicals and / or wave frequencies.

* But according to Dr. Belpomme and researchers as Magda Havas, more than 30% of the population lives bothersome symptoms - but not necessarily debilitating - related to pollution, but the majority of these people are not aware of this link.

In 2007, the Canadian Human Rights Commission published three reports (medical advice, legal advice and policy) on environmental sensitivities.

If there is scientific consensus on these issues unsung health, it exists only in the independent experts who study them for several years and that the vast majority of published studies on the subject. Governments and media generally only called negative studies that deny the link between the disease and electrosmog, particularly cite. But two out of three, they were funded by industry, discovered the researcher Henry Lai, and are less likely than more than 3,000 positive studies that are 70% signed by independent researchers.

These positive studies are sufficiently compelling and disturbing evidence to justify the application of the precautionary principle, says the Austrian Medical Association. It became the first medical authority of a country to issue a guideline on the diagnosis and treatment of symptoms and diseases related to electrosmog. (French translation of this directive.)

Dr. Belpomme, which handles more than thousand patients electrohypersensitive since 2009, plans to organize in May 2015 an international conference on the EHS, where researchers may reveal the latest discoveries in the field. But one of the best studies on the subject was published in 1991, that of thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon William J. Rea.

Thank you - to the Quebec Association against air pollution and to Canadians for Safe Technology for funding the travel of our guest Dr. Belpomme. Thank you Eric Ferland, promoter of the show Project Ecosphere Montreal, for allowing there to say two conferences. And thank you to Professor Paul Héroux have organized on June 6th, medical micro-conference (in English) on the EHS, the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University, where he directs the program of health. MM. Héroux Belpomme and there were accompanied by Dr. David O. Carpenter and Magda Havas PhD. The first Quebec will be available shortly on video
Hear a mother's explanation about student son's death due to Smart Meters.

Mrs. Virginia Farver on Dr. Stan Monteith's Radio Liberty internet radio program:


Study reveals sharp rise in English people at risk of getting type 2 diabetes

Research reveals the prevalence of prediabetes has tripled in eight years, presenting an alarming scenario for NHS finances
Dr Havas studies showing diabetes affected by EMFs

An Important Driving Lesson

See the video -

Faraday Cafe Up and Running

No wireless with your coffeee.
Are we being fried by Wi Fi
Are we putting our kids health at risk? Public exposure guidelines in progressive European countries are 100 times lower than Australia… and now one Adelaide school is banning WiFi and going back to basics.  Extended Australian TV report.

Telstra warning on how to reduce exposure to electromagnetic energy freaks out customers

Telstra warning customers to avoid electromagnetic energy
"Young people are especially susceptible to the risk of skin cancer from ultraviolet radiation," said Representative Gregg Takayama (Pearl City, Waimalu, Pacific Palisades), who introduced the bill. "The use of indoor tanning devices are directly linked to skin cancer. Studies show indoor ultraviolet (UV) tanners are 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma that those who do not tan indoors."
Guelph, Ontario, EHS apartment
I'm electrosensitive, looking for a tenant for my one-bedroom basement apartment. 
The apartment is shielded and doesn't register more than 0.1 mW/m2. It's available for rent September 1st.

Here is a link to my ad, posted on Kijiji:

Cell Phone Towers Do Negatively Impact Property Values

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