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W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

16 May 2014

R.S.C. Conflicts, anything goes except Non-Disclosure
Earlier this month, a panel of the Royal Society of Canada
released a report on Health Canada's proposal to revise its
RF exposure limits.

The original chairman of the RSC panel, Daniel Krewski
of the University of Ottawa, resigned last summer in the
midst of a controversy over his and other panel members'
possible conflicts of interest.

We looked into what happened. One lesson to be
drawn is that when it comes to such conflicts, anything
goes except non-disclosure.

Read our new story at:

Louis Slesin

Your Smart Phone Is Making Birds Stupid

A new study by scientists in Germany has shown exposure to so-called "electrosmog" adversely affects migratory birds' biological navigation systems.


Talk show host Sherry Pittman interviews Dr Rhoda Alale

Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale, PhD, RN has been named a Distinguished Research Group Health Disparities Fellow (RGHD) in Resident at The Center for Health Equity and Urban Science Education (CHEUSE) at Teachers College, Columbia University.
Every home must be tested for chemical and electromagnetic pollution, especially for dirty electricity (linked to many diseases such as autism) with a Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter, says Dr Allale

Sun's activity triggers lightning strikes
The new research shows the opposite effect. "We expected to see a decrease in lightning rates with the solar wind stream but what we actually saw was an enhancement.
Searching For a Golden Cage 

Finally, after 2.5 years of work this video on which I worked with my friend, the photojournalist Nadav Neuhaus came out. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first EHS is in the US mainstream media:

We hope that this breakthrough into mainstream US media will be followed and continued.

I conditioned working on this video that the "other side" would not get to respond. However, while in the video we were successful in achieving it, without our knowledge, Time added an article full of inaccuracies and which unfortunately repeats the false slogans which have been implemented by the industry and on which even many scientists who are allegedly on our side repeat, not because they are true but because they do no bother to learn the topic.

Nevertheless we are happy with the result.

I added a DONATE option to my blog . In the past couple of years I have been working non stop on the Israeli Supreme Court Wii-Fi case which I finance, on bringing the issue to the media in Israel and in the US and this movie is another fruit of these efforts. However this work exhausted my financial resources. I hope that you will help me to continue and do this work by donating.

EHS Fight Back will continue and fight to ensure that this topic will no longer be ignored.

Thank you,


Dafna Tachover Esq. (NY, Israel), MBA
EHS Fight Back

Metabolic and genetic screening of electromagnetic hypersensitive subjects as a feasible tool for diagnostics and intervention.


 2014;2014:924184. doi: 10.1155/2014/924184. Epub 2014 Apr 9.


Growing numbers of "electromagnetic hypersensitive" (EHS) people worldwide self-report severely disabling, multiorgan, non-specific symptoms when exposed to low-dose electromagnetic radiations, often associated with symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and/or other environmental "sensitivity-related illnesses" (SRI). This cluster of chronic inflammatory disorders still lacks validated pathogenetic mechanism, diagnostic biomarkers, and management guidelines. We hypothesized that SRI, not being merely psychogenic, may share organic determinants of impaired detoxification of common physic-chemical stressors. Based on our previous MCS studies, we tested a panel of 12 metabolic blood redox-related parameters and of selected drug-metabolizing-enzyme gene polymorphisms, on 153 EHS, 147 MCS, and 132 control Italians, confirming MCS altered (P < 0.05-0.0001) glutathione-(GSH), GSH-peroxidase/S-transferase, and catalase erythrocyte activities. We first described comparable-though milder-metabolic pro-oxidant/proinflammatory alterations in EHS with distinctively increased plasma coenzyme-Q10 oxidation ratio. Severe depletion of erythrocyte membrane polyunsaturated fatty acids with increased ω 6/ ω 3 ratio was confirmed in MCS, but not in EHS. We also identified significantly (P = 0.003) altered distribution-versus-control of the CYP2C19∗1/∗2 SNP variants in EHS, and a 9.7-fold increased risk (OR: 95% C.I. = 1.3-74.5) of developing EHS for the haplotype (null)GSTT1 + (null)GSTM1 variants. Altogether, results on MCS and EHS strengthen our proposal to adopt this blood metabolic/genetic biomarkers' panel as suitable diagnostic tool for SRI.

Leslie's Story of Meter Removal
"When enough people remove the smart meters from their homes,
DTE's resistance will crumble."

I am writing this letter in hopes of reaching out to everyone who is thinking about taking the smart meter off their home.  Do It!
If you have respect for or love yourself, love your children, love your grandchildren, or love your wonderful pets, don't even think about it again—just DO IT!
I took the smart meter off my home in January of 2013. DTE has not turned off my energy or done anything in the negative. The only "harassment" I have experienced from DTE is an occasional phone call or letter. They told me after I pulled the meter off that they'd shut off my electricity—I ignored them. Occasionally, Joseph McCormick, the head of their smart meter department, calls, and I tell him, "Joe, you're never going to put that meter put back on my home!"
DTE put the smart meter on my home in July of 2012. In the days, weeks, and months that followed, I experienced horrible insomnia, memory loss, headaches, and feelings like I was going crazy. I didn't know the meter had been installed (I hadn't even heard of smart meters), and I couldn't understand why I—who had always been a great sleeper—suddenly couldn't sleep anymore. That was my first sign that something was wrong. I began talking to my friends about it, and one of them said, "Do you have a smart meter?" That's when I learned what they were. I called DTE and found out the meter had been put on my house in July—at exactly the time I became unable to sleep.
My now 17-year-old son Drew was diagnosed at age 14 with juvenile diabetes. Once he began taking insulin, his blood sugar levels (A1c's) were perfect. He is a patient at Mott's Children's Hospital. After the smart meter went on our home (Drew's bedroom being four feet from the meter), Drew's blood sugar levels shot up from 6.8 to 9.5—a very dangerous level! I didn't have to think twice and immediately pulled that damn meter off my house! Love beats out fear.
I took my meter off in January of 2013. Drew had an appointment with his endocrinologist less than a month later, and by then his A1c's had dropped back to an almost normal range. Three months later, they were normal again. I am enclosing  a
chart of Drew's A1c's from Mott's Hospital showing his levels before, during, and after the smart meter. You can see the effect removing the smart meter had on his levels.
I believe health is our only true wealth. 
When enough people remove the smart meters from their homes, DTE's resistance will crumble. It takes you!  Stand up for your rights—your right to health, your right to protect your children and loved ones.
I believe that 30 people all taking off their meter within the same week will turn the tide!  I am never going to allow a smart meter to be put on my home again—never! Won't you stand with me? It's not really all that scary once you do it. In fact, it feels quite good!

Caroline's Story of Meter Removal

"No smart meter will ever touch our home again."
On the fence about whether to remove the smart meter from your home? So were my husband and I. But the continued deterioration in the health of my family,  especially mine, led us to take the only safe option—replacement of our smart meter with an analog. This was well over a year ago. I truly wish we would have removed it sooner. The consequence: There's been periodic pressure from DTE to opt-out. We have our electricity. More importantly, we have our health back.
When confronted with a difficult situation, we think of all sorts of reasons to justify our non-action. But by now, you've read the science: Wireless technology is a ticking time bomb, a carcinogen. You know that there are thousands of people suffering immediate effects. You know, the system's only concerned with the bottom line, not your health—that's for sure. No one in power is looking out for you. You have to look out for yourself, for your family. I sure hope anyone who is experiencing severe health effects, or even minor effects, realizes their health is so much more important than being bullied into living with a smart meter.
I also hope that anyone who is seemingly not experiencing health problems, but who has a smart meter on their home, will carefully consider the long-term havoc this meter could wreak on their health, especially on their children's.  
The smart meter is installed
Life can change in a heartbeat—literally. That's what happened for me. We didn't know a smart meter had been installed on our home until reading a small notation on the bottom of the electric bill sent to us nearly a month after the meter was installed. Was I worried? Just the opposite— I was excited, having heard only great things about them.
My only worry at the time we received that bill (unrelated, I thought) were recent changes in my health. A few weeks prior to the receipt of our electric bill (but very shortly after, I later learned, installation of the smart meter), I had awakened with a racing heart. It happened again a couple days later and continued to occur every day when I awoke. I couldn't figure it out. Was I having bad dreams? Soon, I began noticing irregular heart palpitations during the day. There had been more and more over the last two weeks. And also insomnia, headaches, ear pain, difficulty hearing, flu-like symptoms, numbness, excessive flatulence and abdominal pains, and rashes, to name a few. My children soon began to complain of some of these same symptoms. I thought it was a bug, and that the problems with my heart were a separate issue.
While on my computer one morning, some time after we had received the bill with the notation informing us that a smart meter had been installed, I decided to learn more about the meters. DTE hadn't left nor sent us any instructions. I was mildly surprised to find that the meters work wirelessly. And then—I came across an article warning of health problems. Curious, I clicked the link, and my life turned upside-down. There before me was an exact list of my recent health problems, my family's health problems. My heart—thinking back to the notation on our billing statement—had begun acting funny just days after the installation. I was shocked to my core when I continued my search, finding more and more articles; person after person reporting these same symptoms where smart meters have been deployed. I also felt relieved at maybe having found the source. But it seemed crazy. We—my family and I—had been using wireless technology for years. How could these meters be any different? How could they truly affect people's health like this? So began my crash course on EMFs, microwave technology, and electrohypersensitivity.
Into the second month after installation, my husband was back to work, the kids were in school. They seemed a bit better, but I was feeling worse. I decided to conduct an experiment and drove off into the country, away from any smart meters. After a while, the ringing in my ears and my headache diminished, my heart calmed. What also diminished and vanished was any lingering skepticism that had remained: It was definitely the meters causing these health problems.
I called DTE. I wanted them to know their meters were dangerous. It didn't matter who I spoke with, like robots on repeat I heard the following: "They're as safe as cell phones. No, they cannot be removed." So frustrated, I began calling a few times a week, hoping to get through to the right person, someone who would listen and help.  My  request was simple: Allow us an analog meter. They refused.
We were in a living nightmare, my health continuing its rapid downward spiral. My heart thumped like a fish on dry land. The constant ringing in my ears was now accompanied by popping every few seconds, as if changing altitude. I began seeing flashes of light when I closed my eyes. One more month—that was our plan. We'd hold out for the opt-out program that DTE assured us was coming. (We were completely unaware of the fact that both the smart meter and the opt meter would expose us to dirty electricity.) 

There came a day when I just didn't think I'd get to see the next. I went to the ER, and spent the night away from home. Back in my own bed the following night, I urinated on myself (incontinence, I have since learned, is a not uncommon effect of smart meters).
I was so angry—at myself, at DTE!
How absurd that I had even subjected myself to this torture!  
Even more ridiculous, that I continued doing so!  
Chancing death—
literally, with my heart problems—
because I was afraid to remove a DTE smart meter!
Our smart meter was removed and an analog meter replaced it the
very next day. 
My beautiful children, my loving husband, and I lived with a smart meter two months too long. Did our health problems disappear? For my husband and children, yes, entirely. For myself, I originally thought so, but some of the problems have resurfaced with exposure to other wireless devices and my parents' opt-out smart meters. It's not near the intensity experienced in the last weeks of the smart meter on our home. Still, I wonder—even though my children and husband seem to be fine will there be long-term effects on their health? What will the long-term effects be for myself?
Analog meters are available on the internet. Jerry Day has a website offering analog meters at Switching the meter is a simple matter, as seen by the many videos available online: Pull it out and plug the new one in. People do it themselves, or hire someone to do it. The danger can lie in the exposed connection and any contact between the four metal plugs and a person, as well as the large  wires in the box. So, be careful. Here's a video of the removal of our own smart meter.
If only I had I known how severely myself and my family would be affected, no smart meter would have ever touched our home. No smart meter will ever touch our home again. Placing a smart meter on any home is nothing short of intrusion, physical assault, and manslaughter, if not attempted murder. This is not an extreme view, but fact. I'm a wife and mother---one who originally thought smart meters were just fine--and I will protect my family. This travesty must stop.
Change doesn't occur without being initiated. It is my firm belief that it takes a village--not even a whole village. I'll leave you with this quote, "If not us, who? If not now, when?"

I sure hope anyone who is experiencing severe health effects, or even minor effects, realizes their health is so much more important than being bullied into living with a smart meter.

Taking an iPhone to bed 'prevents children sleeping'

A study conducted by the registered Charity, Tablets for Schools, which is industry funded has released a study analysing 2,200 teenager responses to their wireless gadgets and smart phones!

40% of the teenagers admitted to feelings of addiction.

The report recommends several 'safe' ways of using the technology, use a wind up alarm clock not your phone; switch off  all devices 30 minutes before bed; switch off your device while you are studying.

(comments not intended to be exhaustive only meant to prompt you to conduct your own reading into this important news release which was front page and lead editorial in the  Daily Telegraph on Friday on 9th May and featured on BBC Radio 2 at 6.30 pm and possibly other radio and TV features).

This is an abomination. Richard Stanwick has refused to acknowledge any of the studies showing the harm to children exposed to RF, and supports WiFi being put into schools. When parents have asked for accommodation to children who are sensitive, to allow some schools to maintain wired access, he has refused, saying that wifi is safe. Granted he is just following the proclamations of his boss, Dr. Perry Kendall who also refuses to implement the precautionary principle until he is "given proof", but a reward!!

I hope that parents will write to the Canadian Pediatric Society about this.

Is there such a thing as too much WiFi?
While most Western bodies have deemed the scientific evidence on
health effects inconclusive, many European jurisdictions are choosing
to err on the side of caution until more is known.


Pinto dismisses the claim for liability of a neighbor for "damage" with two cell phone base stations

MADRID , 17 Feb. (IRIN ) -

Pinto City Council has dismissed the complaint, filed in January 2013 , a neighbor called the liability of the Consistory, for damages resulting from the installation and operation of two Base Stations Mobile Phone located on the roof of the building located on Calle Joan Miró, 10.

As explained by the local government, this neighbor in its complaint sought compensation of 136,189.98 euros and has been dismissed after the technical reports and dictates about which states that " the Spanish State has exclusive jurisdiction to regulate the public domain radio " .

" The Central Government has issued Royal Decree 1066/2001 of 28 September, Regulation laying down the conditions for the protection of public radio , radio emissions restrictions and health protection measures , on a scientific basis is approved that supports " out.

This Royal Decree establishes the Inspection and Certification of Radio installations belongs to the Technical Services of the Ministry concerned .

During the investigation of this claim has requested a report to the Provincial de Telecomunicaciones de Madrid , which states that " mobile operators present at the Joan Miró are put into service and comply with regulations that ensures compliance with the emission levels in the area in relation to the provisions of Royal Decree 1066/2001 of 28 September. "

In the technical reports issued the judgment of the High Court of Valencia December 29, 2008 was also collected , which states that " a municipality can hardly have valid scientific reports in the Scientific Community results tell us that placing a cell tower falls within the rated control activities by municipal technical services " .

At this point, adds that " even be possible for a person or group of people could be shown to seriously affect , but would not be enough either to prohibit or to take general precautions against them."

" Take the case of peaches where allergy sufferers with its only touch have not alarming reactions and this has happened to us all cut peach or prohibit the sale ," reads the letter .


This neighbor Angel Martin J. takes time claiming the Consistory " responsibility" for what he considers " dereliction of duties " of the local authority to illness endured by his mother, ' electrosensitivity ' the waves, which was aggravated , he argues , by mobile phone masts locality .

Angel has always defended his " struggle" for everyone " is aware of the danger of the waves " of the mobile phone and wifi facilities , following the death of his mother on 28 November last year.

"This is a warning owners and social level," claimed a few months ago after saying that his mother suffered a painful condition that resulted in " Radiation feel a pain that seared the skin and throat ." That led her parents to move house nine times and having to sleep even in garages .

su madre sufría 'electrosensibilidad'
Telco towers posing 'health risks' to public

EMF secretary Ong Bee Lay claimed the towers posed a health hazard due to the electromagnetic radiation.
10,000 NYC payphone hotspots proposed

There is a pre proposal conference Monday at 10 a.m. in NYC at 2 Metrotech Center 5th Floor, Brooklyn, NY hosted by DOITT, NYC Department of Information Technology and Communications.

I RSVPed and then was told I couldn't attend because I wasn't a vendor and therefore couldn't show up for pre-proposal conference because it was only to make questions about the RFP- only allowed to participate in a public hearing AFTER they select a vendor after RFP process.  I protested saying said I DID have questions about the RFP- like whether this couldn't be done with wired kiosks and whether there were access and public health issues created by proposal; General Counsel called me back and that he understood the hypocrisy but that was the deal. 

I think we all know why that is wrong. (can't publicly question till it's a done deal!) I put some links about the proposed schemed below.  The public has until June 2nd to submit written comment to Wayne Kalish ; however there needs to be a hearing to see if this scheme even makes sense-- there is no opportunity to comment on a wired system.  This is a HUGE power grab. Look at the spec sheet- these involve "sensors"- they have RF emanating 85 feet- could make entry and exit out of apartments a problem- there is a surveillance aspect- and putting in money for permanent wireless infrastructure- hard to rip out.  What really needs doing is to check laws to see if  there is a process for turning over payphone real estate to some other entity...

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