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22 May 2014


Health Canada's SC6 Myth Buster- BUSTED!

On Feb 20th, 2014 Health Canada quietly released a document on their website entitled "Busting Myths on Safety Code 6". Their attempt to instill public confidence in Safety Code 6 by using false and carefully worded claims was again repeated on their newly released 60 day public consultation web page posted on May 16th, 2014.

We believe the days are gone where the public will accept they are safe because Health Canada say's we are....Canadians want and deserve proof with an open and transparent review of the current evidence inclusive of the scientific research showing biological harm from wireless radiation at levels far less than Safety Code 6.

C4ST and experts from around the world have come together to provide the true facts around the specific points Health Canada addresses in their Myth Buster document.

Look Up

A classic video poem about anti social media.

WHO calls for stronger focus on adolescent health

Road traffic injuries, HIV/AIDS, suicide are top causes of death; Depression is number 1 cause of illness and disability

More signs of wireless radiation causing harm through depression and suicide.

Mental health problems take a big toll

Globally, depression is the number 1 cause of illness and disability in this age group, and suicide ranks number 3 among causes of death. Some studies show that half of all people who develop mental disorders have their first symptoms by the age of 14. If adolescents with mental health problems get the care they need, this can prevent deaths and avoid suffering throughout life.





Wifi fears: three-year study into health risks of mobiles to children's brains

Wifi and mobile phone use to be studied for potential health risks to
thousands of youngsters to determine if they damage young brains.

Thousands of schoolchildren are to be enrolled in a three-year study to
find out if mobiles and wi-fi are damaging their brains.

The study, which has been commissioned by the Department of Health and is
being carried out by Imperial College and the University of London, will
monitor the cognitive development of 11 to 14-year-olds.

Youngsters will be asked to install an app on their phones which will
capture the duration of calls, texts and internet use. Their brain function
will be measured in Year 7 and again in Year 9. ......




Smart Meter Installation Triggers Fire in Regina Home

Local fire department is fighting a fire that burst at a Glencairn home while SaskPower workers were installing a smart meter on Wednesday afternoon.
Boil the Frog Slowly
What a great analogy for what is happening in the world with (especially) wireless electrosmog
Kim Goldberg Radio interview on Refugium that ES, EHS and the ES/EMR-aware will especially relate to.  Sadly it will likely go over the heads of current non-sensitives, the unaware, and those in denial; as they simmer away oblivious and/or dismissive, and/or too poached, and/or addicted to think or care believing our governments would not be allowing such a thing to proliferate so extensively if it was so potentially/actually harmful...

At approximately 19:00 Ms. Goldberg relates the plight of electrosensitive persons
This Magda Havas video goes quite well along side, or alone.  I'd seen it before but it was linked on the side of the above page as "The Inconvenient Truth of the Wireless Agenda".  Worth a look, or another look.  Rather thought provoking.  I like how she uses the "flood" analogy.  Less than 8 minutes long.  Do share.

Comment on The Globe and Mail article, "Could WiFi in Schools Be Harming Our Kids?"

Following this paragraph are our comments on the Canadian newspaper's (The Globe and Mail) 11 May 2014 article,  "Could WiFi in Schools Be Harming Our Kids?":  Note they are quoting a spokesperson from Swisscom.
Short 1/2 cable show about Peter Valberg testimony for smart meter safety
Worcester, MA. 

Questions about the safety of radiofrequency exposure due to smart utility meter installations will not go away, despite dismissal by the City's Health report, and Mayor Petty asserting that health complaints are unsubstantiated. 

Activists have called into question National Grid's use of product defense firm Gradient at the Zoning Board meeting on May 5. HaltMAsmartmeters brings the story to the public on WCCA, the People's Channel. 

On May 5, "tobacco scientist" Peter Valberg testified as an expert on radiofrequencies for National Grid at the Worcester Zoning Board of Appeals on behalf of an application to mount antennas on a water tower on Goddard Memorial Drive. Who is Peter Valberg? Should MA ratepayers be financing the use of product defense firms like Gradient and Exponent in the debate over smart meters? Does Valberg's testimony provide assurance to Worcester residents about the safety of the smart meter pilot program?


Water protesters claim victory as meters removed

"I have no problem with a flat water charge because I think that is fair. I have no problem with a normal water meter, but I do not want a smart meter outside my home," she said.


"Electrosensitive: Outliers in a Wireless World"

This is an excerpt from a short film about people who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).
Cellphone use for half hour a day linked to tripled brain cancer risk, French researchers suggest
Using a cellphone for more than half an hour a day over five years can triple the risk of developing certain types of brain cancer, a French study ...

Smart Meters Kill Wifi, Not People

Here is a guy who can understand why his wireless devices are being affected by smart meters, but cannot understand how wireless radiation can cause adverse health effects.  He needs to look at some research, such as can be found at
How modern living has made people 'supremely arrogant' of importance of a good night's rest

Is IBM the force behind the Smart Grid?

This really surprised me!  I read the article below about Australia, and I wondered if IBM was behind the U.S. Smart Grid as well.  A quick search revealed that IBM is the force behind every Smart Grid on the planet.  In fact, they coined the term "Smarter Planet"! 
"The concept has been heavily pushed since November 2008 by IT industry giant IBM, starting from November 2008, when the company's then-chief executive Sam Palmisano first outlined the company's "Smarter Planet" agenda, which includes among its aspects, a push to implement smart grid technology."
"Smarter Cities serves thousands of cities around the world in all areas of management[24] including public safety, health and human services, education,[25] infrastructure,[26] energy, water, and environmental."
Then I found the Utilities Telecom Council:
"UTC members gain full access to UTC's Web site,, a clearinghouse of information for and about the organization, the utility telecom/IT industry, and our members."
"UTC has many experts on staff in the legal, regulatory, standards and research areas."
"Private Land Mobile Radio License"
"Microwave License Application"
"RF Compliance Studies"
"Microwave System Planning and Design"
"UTC estimates that 5% of revenue from membership fees will be allocable to nondeductible lobbying activities during the ensuing fiscal year."
"Smart Networks Council (SNC), UTC's operating unit dedicated to Smart Grid related activities"
"UTC advocates on behalf of its member utilities to ensure that lawmakers and regulators at the federal and state levels understand and address the unique needs of our members."
And this explains how we were all horribly injured in our own homes by harmful radio frequencies and microwave radiation!
Let's cut risks of using cellphones
This may reflect the fact that children and young people are especially vulnerable to the effects of electromagnetic radiation, because it can penetrate ...

Singing Plants at Damanhur 

Plants are intelligent beings that communicate.

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