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29 March 2014

Legal action against the Italian Ministry of Health. 
We are all being dosed
An association has taken legal action against the Italian health ministry for not doing enough to inform the public about the health risks of using mobile phones.
Electro Magnetic Waves Make Me ill

This article on Godeliève Richard, EHS, recently appeared in a Swiss magazine.  Godeliève is Co-Director of a Swiss-American theater company which is finalizing a play, Innocenzo (after Innocenzo Marcolini),  that will reach out to persons of all ages, raising awareness of the risks related to electromagnetic radiation and digital addiction.  The play will be presented in both English and French-speaking countries at theaters, festivals, schools and events about the subject.   


Translated article on Godeliève in English :

Original article in French :


Piti Theater link to Innocenzo -English :  French :



Lauraine M H Vivian and Olle Johansson

In January 2013, thirty year old James Lech a MIT post-graduate student became the first person to be diagnosed as suffering with electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and registered for medical disability in South Africa. He is categorized as permanently disabled and receives R800 (US $74) per month. Unlike in Sweden where he would claim various accessibility measures, Lech will remain confined to his in-law's middle class suburban home in Cape Town, from where he is able to walk in a limited route when healthy enough. Outside of this he is affected by competing electromagnetic fields and suffers the possibility of his bodily systems 'shutting down'. Lech's diagnosis was made by two government doctors who reviewed his medical records, extensively examined him, and diagnosed him with an array of ICD clinical diagnoses to best medically describe EHS. This came after numerous doctors stated that they recognized that he was suffering severe dysfunction but did not believe in EHS. Lech's case raises two fundamental questions.

The first is a misplaced scientific focus on the development of wireless technology over and above proper scientific evaluation of its effect on human populations. In this respect it is pertinent that people's observations that they are affected by EHS be validated rather than understood as a question of belief and that medical scientists behave ethically and remain open to investigating the possible cause of the ailment.1 The second question is related to the unseen consequences of the current denial of the impact of EHS on people given that 3-10% of people in the developed world are believed to suffer.2 Technologies based on various artificial electromagnetic fields, such as microwaves, are increasing incrementally and public health infrastructure that could ameliorate harm remain inadequate in developed world settings and certainly failed Lech in this South African developing world context.

1. Panagopoulos DJ, Johansson O, Carlo GL. Evaluation of Specific Absorption Rate as a Dosimetric Quantity for
Electromagnetic Fields Bioeffects. PLoS ONE 2013;8:e62663.
2. Bogers RP, et al. Design of an ecological momentary assessment study of exposure to radiofrequency
electromagnetic fields and non-specific physical symptoms. BMJ Open 2013;3:e002933. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2013-002933.
Written consent has been obtained from Mr James Lech to publish this letter.


    Children in Japanese city banned from using smartphones after 9pm

    The technology curfew move reportedly aims to discourage children from spending an unhealthy amount of time on electronic devices such as smartphones as well as reduce on-line bullying via instant messaging apps.

    Dr. Martin Pall & Dr. Paul Dart, M.D. Oregon House of Rep
    Smart Meter dangers interview with Mike Mitcham

    Mobile tower radiation clips sparrows' wings

    Radiation from mobile towers is not only taking a toll on human health but is also blamed for sparrows vanishing into thin air.


    "I shouldn't have to pay an additional fee to stay on the grid that is already in place," Carter said. "I shouldn't be forced to pay an additional fee to maintain my health. And I refuse to pay an additional fee to keep my privacy."


    A senior administrator for Halton's public school system is recommending board-wide filtering of its Wi-Fi network.

    The suggestion follows at least a couple of incidents in schools where elementary children accessed pornographic websites.


    France's Orange hit by new wave of suicides

    Orange is now the name for what used to be known as France Telecom, a huge telecommunications firm that was hit by a wave of suicides.

    An Electronic Silent Spring
    Here's another newer nicely laid out EMF website

    Wi Fi - Induced Erectile Dysfunction?
    I took Viagra and I took Cialis and it didn't have any effect on me. And that's because…your problem is in the brain not below the belt," he said

    Changes in the way a man's body responds to dopamine levels.
    I became real anxious, irritated, I couldn't focus on anything…I even had insomnia where I couldn't sleep," said Deem. (Symptoms of microwave sickness)

    Jane Thompson, who has a smart meter installed in her Stevenage home, said: "It does feel that the house is now possessed by an ancient spirit that wants to steal from me."


    Electromagnetic Radiation and Epilepsy

    It may well be that directly induced currents and consequent electrical interference are a primary cause of epileptic seizures in some people, especially where the frequency of the imposed signal corresponds to trigger frequencies for the individual's epileptic characteristics.


    Limit Wi-Fi in schools, group to urge public board

    Waterloo Region District School Board
    Brathwaite maintains her son, who attends Highland Public School, experienced sleeplessness immediately after Wi-Fi was installed at their west Galt home.

    "He began grinding his teeth at night and clenching his jaw," she explained.

    She soon discovered Kymani's anxious behaviour disappeared when she turned off Wi-Fi. Symptoms returned when the router was turned back on.

    "I found that, lo and behold, it was in direct correlation."

    Continued -

    "If you put iPads in every kindergarten class, you're going to cause a public health disaster," said Rodney Palmer, of Collingwood. "When they put the Wi-Fi in my kids' school, my kids got sick."

    Stephanie Brathwaite said she was shocked to go online and read dire accounts of wireless dangers, ranging from headaches to irritability and cardiac symptoms. She said children are "essentially being used as guinea pigs."

    Comment -

    These people are called Trustees, but how can they be trusted with the safety of children when they ignore the considerable body of science and ignore the precautionary principle?

    Martin Weatherall

    Santa Fe School Board

    I will be doing exactly the same with the Santa Fe School Board on Monday night. 

    In response to the constant, relentless response from administrations of all kinds to concerns about evidence of adverse health effects that the "evidence is conflicting", I say the following.   Dr. Henry Lai's 2006 evaluation of 260 studies revealed that 70% of studies NOT paid for by the industry indicated health risks, and  I always add the context that a 5% incidence would be considered "statistically significant".  

    This is in addition to the 2,300 studies that the US Navy already had in 1973 that demonstrated so much evidence of harm they were purposely classified in 1976 to "protect the industry".  Then we have the evidence of 1,500 studies assembled in the 2007 Bioinitiative Report and the 1,800 studies in the 2012 report. 

    Certainly this litany of evidence is enough to be "precautionary"?

    John McPhee
    Childhood Injury Prevention Coordinator
    New Mexico Consumer Product Safety Commission Designee
    New Mexico Safe Kids Coalition Coordinator
    Office of Injury Prevention
    Suite 1100, Runnels Bldg.
    IBEB – ERD – DOH
    1190 St. Francis Blvd.
    Santa Fe, NM  87505

    Canadian Teacher Foundation

    Oct 2013 in a letter from Canadian Teacher Foundation to Royal Society of Canada, the CTF says that of 3800 teachers surveyed. 31.5% agreed that precautions to limit exposure from WIFI in schools should be taken.  
    "We propose a prudent approach to the use of Wi-Fi, especially where children are present.

    Our poll of teachers clearly indicated that pedagogical needs could be met in schools with an approach that limits exposure to Wi-Fi"

    Pls also see detailed document:


    The Canadian Teachers Federation (CTF) is a national alliance of provincial and territorial teacher organizations that represent nearly 200,000 elementary and secondary school teachers across Canada. As part of our role, we not only advocate for teachers but for students in their care as well.

    Health Canada has established a level they consider as safe for public exposure to Wi-Fi radiation. This public exposure level is used by Industry Canada when determining the safe level of exposure in the workplace. Our concern is there appears to be varying viewpoints as to the potential danger of exposure. We recommend that a more prudent approach be taken especially in workplaces such as public schools where children are required to be present for a significant amount of time.

    In September 2013, the CTF undertook an on-line survey of teachers in Canada. We received over 3,800 responses from classroom teachers currently working in Canadian schools. The survey explored three main areas: how Internet is accessed in school and how that access affects pedagogy; information provided by school boards regarding the use of Wi-Fi in school; and, teachers' perceptions regarding the safety of Wi-Fi.

    Internet Access in School

    The vast majority of teachers reported that their school had access to either a hard-wired connection or both a hard-wired connection and a wireless connection. Only 8.5% of respondents reported they only had access to a wireless connection. When asked which access they would prefer, a majority of respondent teachers (76.6%) preferred access to both a wired and wireless connection.

    In terms of the use of internet for instruction, the majority of teachers agreed that, if wireless was present in the school, it was used by both teachers for direct instruction of students and by students for educational purposes on devices that could not connect to the Internet by a wired connection. This being said, the majority of respondents also agreed that the educational objectives could be met with a wired connection (54.1%) and/or with a wireless connection that could be turned off when not in use (79.3%).

    Communication with the School Community

    One major concern expressed by teachers who responded identified the lack of communication around the use of Wi-Fi technology in the school. Some 58.3% of respondents stated that very little or no effort has been made by employers to inform and educate teachers about the presence and safety of Wi-Fi in school. An even greater percentage of respondents (70.2%) reported little or no effort was made to educate parents. Teachers were not aware of parent communities expressing concern about Wi-Fi in schools. Only 7.3% of respondents indicated they had heard concerns expressed by parents.

    Teachers' Perceptions regarding the Safety of Wireless Technology
    Respondents were asked the extent to which they were concerned regarding the potential health risks related to the use of Wi-Fi in schools. Approximately one-third of respondents were at least somewhat concerned. The more telling response arose, however, when teachers were asked if precautions should be taken to limit exposure of Wi-Fi to students and teachers. Some 31.5% agreed that precautions to limit exposure should be taken, 30.1% disagreed and 38.4% did not know. There is a lack of education on the issue.

    Conclusions and Recommendations

    The CTF is concerned about the lack of definitive research regarding the adverse health effects of Wi-Fi radiation. Decisions regarding exposure to Wi-Fi should be based upon sound science. Given the relative "newness" of broad Wi-Fi coverage and the difficulty in controlling variables in this type of research, we propose a prudent approach to the use of Wi-Fi, especially where children are present.

    Our poll of teachers clearly indicated that pedagogical needs could be met in schools with an approach that limits exposure to Wi-Fi. For example, many schools use a mobile cart of laptop or tablet computers. That cart could include a wireless access point that is powered on when necessary and turned off at other times. Schools could continue to be "hard wired" and wireless internet access could be provided as needed. Of those teachers who indicated they were not concerned at all about potential health risks of Wi-Fi; one-third thought that at least some precautions should be taken to limit exposure. 

    That Safety Code 6 include a recommendation for prudent use of Wi-Fi whenever possible including the recommendation to limit consistent exposure in schools by turning off wireless access points when not in use. 
    That Safety Code 6 exposure thresholds be based upon both thermal and biological effects of exposure to Wi-Fi 

    Also evident in our polling was the fact that teachers and school communities have not been informed regarding the implementation of Wi-Fi and any inherent potential hazards. In the absence of a definitive statement regarding the safety of Wi-Fi that addresses concerns raised through social and regular media, teachers are rightly concerned for their personal safety and the safety of the children in their care. 

    That the Expert Panel recommend an education program regarding the relative safety of Wi-Fi exposure and that appropriate resources be developed to educate the public regarding ways to avoid potential exposure risks of Wi-Fi access points and devices. 
    Dept. of Interior attacks FCC regarding Adverse Impact of Cell Tower Radiation on Wildlife

    The Department of Interior charges that the FCC standards for cell phone radiation are outmoded and no longer applicable as they do not adequately protect wildlife.

    Joel M. Moskowitz, PRLog (Press Release) - Mar. 24, 2014 - BERKELEY, Calif.

    The Director of the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance of the United States Department of the Interior sent a letter to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration in the Department of Commerce that addresses the Interior Department's concern that cell tower radiation has had negative impacts on the health of migratory birds and other wildlife.

    The Interior Department accused the Federal government of employing outdated radiation standards set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a Federal agency with no expertise in health.  The standards are no longer applicable because they control only for overheating and do not protect organisms from the adverse effects of exposure to the low-intensity radiation produced by cell phones and cell towers ...

    The press release is available at

    Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D.
    Director, Center for Family and Community Health
    School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley
    EMF Harm to Birds
    Study by Dept of Interior to FCC Feb 7th, 2014

    Study results have documented nest and site abandonment, plumage deterioration, locomotion problems, reduced survivorship, and death (e.g., Balmori 2005, Balmori and Hallberg 2007, and Everaert and Bauwens 2007). Nesting migratory birds and their offspring have apparently been affected by the radiation from cellular phone towers

    New Yorkers are hanging up cell phones and plugging into landlines   

    Some feel they are released from the pressure of having to constantly respond to others; even celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Shailene Woodley shun the cell

    Maple Ridge Smart Meter opponent calls police on installers
    Ron McNutt sent installers from Corix packing Tuesday, when neighbours asked them to install Smart Meters in a Darby Street townhouse complex.

    Nobody asserts that wifi in schools creates a heating effect, so why did the Minister commission a report that assesses the classroom radiation levels from wifi and BYOD only against the dated heating standard (NZS2772:11999)?

    Clearly her report answers the wrong question and proves nothing.

    The False Study and a False Newspaper Report
    False Information about Electric Pylon Safety
    Ireland - The Chief Medical Officer has confirmed he has no concerns about potential risks of electromagnetic radiation emitted from pylons.
    Pehaps he should have to live under them, then he may change his mind!
    Knesset Panel: Education Ministry acting to reduce radiation in schools (Israel)
    According to Koriat pre-schools and kindergartens have banned the use of wireless networks and in second and third grade classes use of the internet is restricted to one hour per day. Furthermore, in classes where teachers use computers as part of their lessons, a direct cable connection is encouraged as opposed to a wireless connection.
    Mobile towers are heating up the earth's climate!
    Charles Yost, staff at Dynamic Systems , Leicester , North Carolina, concluded from his research that " weather changes must be traced to electric forces , and not only on thermodynamic processes , gravitational waves and the Earth's rotation.
    Toronto Total Health Show - April 4th to 6th and others will present a great booth again this year "electroSMOG awareness" at downtown Toronto's Total Health Show April 4th to 6th. There will be plenty of handouts, tips, display items, and demonstrations. We answer lots of questions and meet a lot of people. It's very rewarding to reach out to people face-to-face … the personal touch really promotes deeper understanding.

    If you wish to volunteer to help at the show contact - Charlene

    EMF Presentation
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about Electromagnetic Radiation
    Dr. Magda Havas Sunday 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM, 205
    EM Radiation Surge to Hit Japan
    80 Million Smart Meters will be installed.
    France - Saint-Girons. L'aïkido passionne les enfants
    ...the testimony of Violette Gould, green belt, is eloquent: "Being electrohypersensitive, I was forced, four years ago to leave the school and consequently I lost the majority of my social relationships. My health has improved, I could come for this evening "open door" of school of aikido and since I practice this martial art with happiness and always with the same desire..
    Get off your cell phone
    This song "Get off your cell phone" is written an performed by an 11 year old.  Very good! 
    I came across it when looking for the fabulously amusing "Get Off The Phone Song" .   In case you haven't seen it yet, or wish to again - enjoy!
    PS No mention of the many EMR health effects in either song but there are also social consequences with the current plague.

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