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1 March 2014

Baseball Players, Tennis Players and Police Officers Developing Cancer and Dying from Exposure to Microwave Radiation from Radar Guns
The radar is aimed at the pitcher from behind home plate and at times, in center field aimed at the catchers to get the velocities off of the bat. It is used on almost every ball that is pitched and caught, whether it be at practice, spring training or during regular season, a radar gun is in operation aimed directly at the pitcher.

W.H.O. Knew: The Elephant in the Room

An excellent article about the World Health Organization's failure to call for precaution when using wireless devices and recommend avoidance of exposure to radiofrequency radiation in their World Cancer Report 2014.  They did call for prevention of obesity and physical inactivity, neither of which have ever been listed as carcinogens:

This is an important article that you should consider distributing widely to the press, politicians, environment groups, health professionals etc.
Do you know where the WiFi/Bluetooth Microwave Antennas are on your child's iPad?
When a child holds an iPad in portrait mode on his lap or against his chest the RF radiation is penetrating his internal organs.
The Dangers of Quebec Smart Meters - Newspaper Notice

As of Tuesday through Thursday , the following advertisement is published once in 22 neighborhood newspapers (including 2 English ) on the island of Montreal , in the classified section on reddish background :


Many health problems have been reported ! If you let them install a meter at home, you may regret it ! Do not be fooled !

Discover the TRUTH to

Jean Hudon

Harmful Dangerous Dumb Meters
Quebec - a strongly worded statement to the Régie and to Martine Ouellet.

I moved into a 2nd floor flat just over 3 months ago without checking 
whether or not this rental unit had a smart meter. I discovered that 
it did soon afterwards. It was then mid October and I was quite 
involved with unpacking while still getting outdoors quite alot. By 
mid November I noticed that the ambient environment in the apartment 
was possibly affecting me in that I felt that it weighed 'heavily' on 
me and that I had to consciously put effort into staying focused, 
organized and motivated. By the end of December I knew that I was 
being 'run down' by excessive electro/magnetic smog because of the 
following symptoms I experienced:

Heaviness in the upper part of my head; a 'signal to sound' type of 
ringing in the upper part of my head; nausea; dizziness;  weakness in 
my arms and lower legs; weakness in my lower back; weakness of my 
bladder; an inability to experience 'refreshing' sleep; an inability 
to feel 'in harmony' with my body while at home; an inability to 
meditate while at home; an inability to think clearly and freely while 
at home; a loss of a general sense of belonging to the natural 'order' 
to which I've always identified throughout my life (ex: time, season, 
the realization of goals 'in time') ; loss of my sense of security in 
my home (fundamental privacy) ; a general condition of anxiety etc.

The above listed symptoms have become common place to my natural 
person for more than 2 months now to the point where I feel quite 
confused about what measures to take to ensure my personal safety and 
physical survival. I've repacked all my belongings yet I can't make a 
move because I lack the sureness and stability I've always depended 
upon. 3 months of living in a duplex with 2 smart meters has resulted 
in my being financially broke because I can no longer access my 
natural creative abilities for my own personal use and development - 
my health and well being seem to have been 'hijacked' by the dictates 
of the State and corporation in their obsession with the radio 
frequency spectrum. It's as if State and Corporation are intent on 
using it as a means to corner their citizens in the sanctuary of their 
home residence and denigrate them to a level of cheap chattel more 
surely prone to indebtedness.

In conclusion, I feel grave injustice has befallen me (and others now 
and to come) at the hands of State and I believe that this could have 
been avoided if the State obeyed the Laws and principals it committed 
itself to uphold.


Lost Research Opportunities

Industry Treads Water; Conflicts Abound

Regular readers of Microwave News are aware
of our common complaint that nothing ever changes.

We decided take a close look at why and how this
happens. Here we focus on what we thought would
be a "breakthrough" research paper. Yet, this was
another dead end.

See how industry stacks the deck
with a helping hand from the anti-EMF
establishment. Read our latest post at

Louis Slesin


Naperville City Officials: Deceitful Or Inept

Lame excuses included, unusual weather conditions, unstable energy market, sluggish economic recovery, goofy usage patterns, global warming, global cooling, global existence, all kinds of excuses from city officials.

Is it the pills or is the EMF Exposure that is Causing Cancer and Death?
What they are failing to tell us is that people lose sleep because of EMF exposure ,so they take sleeping pills.
Science indicates that the EMF exposure is causing sleep loss and also cancer.
Robert R
Personal Health Testimony Regarding the Health Effects of Smart Meters and DTE's Radio-Off Opt-Out Meter
A major smart grid conference, yet these 'clowns' don't even mention or acknowledge the harm and adverse health effects that smart meters are causing.

It is worth noting how far the "smart grid" has fallen in terms of public acceptance that now a major US utility has courageously come out and rejected "smart" meters,  complaining loudly about a state mandate even as state utilities commissions- driven by a corrupt association with the smart grid industry- continue to blindly push "smart" meter programs that have shown themselves to be a waste of public funds, a waste of energy, and a threat to our health, safety and privacy.

Halting Smart Meter Installation in Massachusetts and Beyond
Activist groups in at least 31 states oppose smart meters due to cost, security, safety, privacy, greenwashing, customer choice, and health concerns. In 2011, radio frequencies (RF), including microwaves like those emitted by the three wireless networks utilized in smart metering, were declared a class 2B possible human carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

As of last Friday the ombudsman had received 4,381 complaints, by far the most on a single government organization in the almost four-decade history of his office.  And as a result, two senior Hydro One executives have just quit.

Ontario Citizens, It is Now Time for Action
If you have any kind of complaint about smart meters in Ontario, now is the time to send the information to the Ontario Ombudsman.  You should also ask Hydro One (or other utility), to provide restitution for any expenses they have caused you and compensate you for any harm caused 
If you have been harmed because of the negligence, stupidity or criminal actions of Hydro One or any other Ontario electrical utility company, it could be both a civil and a criminal court matter.
Martin Weatherall

The committee, set up to look into electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation issues on orders of the Allahabad High Court, has recommended the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to "conclusively determine" sensitivity of EMF radiations.

Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule
If you have good community support, these ideas may help with your EMF health concerns.

Tips for Raising Awareness

KEEP pointing friends and neighbours to the SCIENCE demonstrating the evils of wifi, particularly if they have children.  Quote Martha Herbert of Harvard Medical School.  Every neighbour cabled is a tiny victory.

WRITE to your local papers and local headteachers, about wifi in schools and public places and the health dangers thereof.
Point out that Lloyds has refused Public Liability insurance to telecoms companies since 1999.  They were ahead of the game in 1913 when they stopped covering asbestos companies.  Ask people what insurance companies know that we don't.

WRITE to your council, your MP/congressmen about electrosmog, citing its role in cancer, diabetes, thyroid disruption and obesity, and the related costs.

POST facts, facts and new research on your facebook page or website.  Share it with friends.

Note - The constant drip of water goes some way to wearing away the hardest stone.
"For evil to flourish it only wants good men and women to do nothing".
WiFi in Schools Australia

The Dangers of Wireless Radiation

Excellent video which explores the implications of children using wireless devices such as iPads, at home and at school.

The video includes an explanation of SAR values, a real life test of iPads vs iPhones and ARPANSA's practical advice on how to reduce exposure from mobile and other wireless devices.


Lots more information at -
Telus Withdraws Cell Tower Application

Nanaimo residents and a supportive city council have resulted in Telus withdrawing its application for a new cell tower.




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