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Taming the Microwave Dragon / Culver City Residents Defeat Cell Site / EMR shark shields / Non Thermal Paper

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27 December 2010
Taming the Microwave Dragon  
December 26, 2010
As a scientist, who has been studying the biological and health effects of environmental contaminants since 1975, I am deeply disturbed with what I read in the scientific literature and what my own studies are showing about the harmful effects of electrosmog-a form of electromagnetic pollution generated by both wired and wireless devices.
My concern is for the health of future generations and for the quality of life of the current generation. My passion is to help those who have become ill and to protect those who are still healthy. This is a monumental task that relies on many like-minded, committed, truth-seeking individuals who are not willing to accept lies and are not willing to be victims of bullying tactics no matter who perpetrates them.


Culver City Residents Defeat Cell Site, Declare Victory, Donate Documents

Stop Sawtelle Tower, a group formed to oppose a cell site in a Culver City neighborhood, prevailed in its efforts and is now working to encourage Culver City to adopt a wireless ordinance like Glendale's, with protections for residential areas.
Although the group will discontinue its website, leaders wanted their resources to be available to other communities interested in how to oppose cell sites.
Stop Sawtelle Tower provided four key documents to Sunroom Desk, including its analysis of how to fight the application, its review of different candidate sites, a T-Mobile response to its objections, and its own reply to the T-Mobile response. All of these have now been uploaded to the Sunroom Desk Wireless Facilities – Issues and Links resource page.
Thanks to Stop Sawtelle Tower, congratulations on a successful civic effort, and best wishes on crafting a good wireless ordinance for Culver City.
Resources developed by Burbank and Los Angeles residents are also available via links or uploaded documents on the new Local Resources section of the page (scroll down past quite a few hearings and documents).


An Italian company has offered to set up in the resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, electromagnetic shields to protect the Egyptian coast from sharks. According to local media, shields giving off electromagnetic radiation will scare away sharks, keeping them away from the beaches, and, yet, would have no impact on vessels or disrupt the routine of holidaymakers.
   Such devices have already found application in the area of the coast of Australia and South Africa.
   In early December, as a result of shark attacks in Sharm el-Sheikh a 70-year-old tourist from Germany died, while four other tourists, including Russians, received injuries.


Non Thermal Paper
My sincere apologies, but I had to take down that original link I sent you and post this new one.  I received some typo corrections and so have now re-posted the link with the corrections.  My sincere apologies for the inconvenience if you tried the old link today and it didn't work.  This new one works fine and is an improved and typo-free (hopefully) paper!!  Also the old one no longer works, so please keep this one!!!

Some other good news, we have only just posted this paper the day before Christmas and have already received 4 new requests to assist in bringing legislation at the local and state level!!!  It is going to be a busy year!!!  ;)

Happy holidays, Liz

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