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18 December 2010

Education, awareness best solution in avoiding electrical hypersensitivity

Published: December 18, 2010 10:00 AM

To the Editor,

Re: Wireless worries, Dec. 11.

As the subject of your story, I'd like to tell your readers why I spoke out about my electrical hypersensitivity and subjected myself to potential ridicule.

Judging by the responses I've had – phone calls, people recognizing me from your article and stopping to chat – there are many more people in my EHS boat.

Radio frequencies from Wi-Fi, cellphones, DECT cordless phones and satellite antennas hit me hardest and fastest, but dirty electricity from electronics and fluorescent lights and electromagnetic radiation from baseboard heaters, computer monitors, electric stove elements compound the problem. My vision blurs to double or triple, and if exposure continues, my eyes feel dry and tired, I develop insomnia and chronic fatigue with fibromyalgia, mood swings, memory loss and brain fog.

I know what caused my symptoms: I have mercury poisoning from 40 years of low-level exposure to dental amalgams, and a 1997 acute industrial strength exposure from a professional pesticide application – mercuric chloride.

Because there were no regulations forcing the exterminator to disclose what he'd used, my doctors had no clue. At 46, I was regularly expelled from medical practices because no antidepressant, anti-inflammatory or analgesic worked.

I'd been locked into a hell that few people escape sane or alive. Thanks to Dr. Cline, I'm still here to talk about it.

My high body burden of mercury has turned me into an antenna. Radio frequencies mobilize mercury causing symptoms of acute mercury poisoning.

To avoid exposure, I could probably move to a cave in outer Mongolia.

Ultimately, I must detoxify my body.

Detoxification requires chelation. Chelation is the only recognized treatment for heavy metal poisoning, and if I had been poisoned in an industrial setting, MSP would have paid for my in-hospital treatment and I'd have WCB for life.

Neither MSP nor private health insurance will pay for chelation because I wasn't diagnosed correctly and immediately. I've looked into suing the exterminator, but there were no regulations, hence no records. Medical records have been shredded.

My MPs, MLAs and several lawyers' best advice was, "Write a book."

I've made it my mission to educate people. We are unknowing and unwilling guinea pigs in a massive experiment: how much pollution can our bodies take before we collapse in chronic disease?

We can't fight it if we don't know about it, and we can't cure ourselves if our doctors don't support us – and they don't.

One neurologist told me that privately he agreed with me, but if he agreed publicly, he'd lose his medical licence for thinking outside the BCMA-endorsed box. Think of the Alberta doctors who've lost their licences for whistle-blowing and you'll realize he's right.

That leaves us – patients, clients, guinea pigs – to educate ourselves. I urge everyone to do that, immediately. Your very lives depend upon it.

Christel Martin
Nanaimo BC
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Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

for your information.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You!

Klaus Rudolph
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Omega-News Collection 18. December 2010

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