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6 August 2010

Cell Phone Radiation: Facts & Health Risks you should know

The recent studies and debates have made to prove one simple fact again and again that higher the growth in technology, greater is its harmful effects. A well known and widely used example is the Cell phones. It seems that besides the extreme benefits of cell phones, they have a simultaneous or parallel link that is directly proportional to harmful effects too.

Cell Phone Radiation: Facts & Health Risks you should know

But it is a quite natural truth that the cell phone companies are never going to accept the flaws of their side. There are still harsh debates going on between the two sides. The ill effects caused by cell phones are proven, though there are still people who argue and justify that the cell phones have none other than positive aspects alone.

Over the two years of time continuous experiments are ongoing to reveal the shocking truths about the radiation hazards of cell phone radiations to the world. One of the basic ideas that cause extreme danger to the biological system is that actually these cell phones operate on amplitude modulated signals.

Since these signals operate on lower frequencies it results in generation of heat that deteriorates the calcium layer of the brain. This depletion of the brain membrane leads your one and only brain to drastic changes that will ultimately destroy the brain function for sure.

Apart from this primary hazard there are still loads of harmful effects that queue up regarding the impacts of danger. Since these communicative bodies have become one of the inseparable parts of our daily life it is very essential for everyone to be aware of the ill effects that alarm your health. The upcoming hazardous effects of cell phone radiations are damage to visual parts like retina, deterioration of white blood cells, muscle disorders, rashes, radiation from the cell phone can cause DNA damage and impair the DNA repair process.

The cell phones interrupt the proper functioning of cardiac pacemakers. The radiation from the cell phone increases the risk of brain dysfunction, tumors, cancer (oncogenesis), autism, attention deficit disorder and neurodegenerative disease.

In children, the mobile phone radiation causes behavioral and psychological problems. Even "Blue tooth" or "hands free" are in no way inferior to the harmful radiation factor. But everyone have a pseudo belief that these accessories will help you stay away from the radiation hazards from the cell phones. Well the truth is not so. It actually magnifies the nature of the radiation because the headset serves as an antenna to receive all electromagnetic waves within the limit of the user.

Though pages and pages we read or volumes or volumes of information they hear, people are very rare to accept or believe. Of course usage of cell phones are unavoidable nowadays but absolutely can be minimized to some extent. Exposure from the cell phone towers have also resulted in cardiac arrhythmia and palpitations.

With no surprises this can be the major reason for the steep increase in the number of people witnessing ill effects like Alzhiemer, autism and attention deficit disorders in recent statistical analysis. The fact is that several studies have already shown that cell phone radiation has effects considered harmful to the user, and the customers need to know of this so that they can take proper precautions to protect themselves.


Race for mayor begins

August 5, 2010
Jeff Heuchert

A second candidate has thrown their hat into the mayoral race in Stratford. Martin Weatherall has filed his papers and will vie for the city's top spot in this October's municipal election.

Weatherall believes the single biggest issue in this election is the risk the city's residents face from exposure to electro magnetic radiation, in particular, microwave radiation from wireless devices.

He notes the recent push for a city-wide Wi-Fi system and the installation of the new smart metres, both of which he says emit strong levels of microwave radiation, has greatly increased the danger to Stratford residents.

"Electromagnetic radiation is probably going to hurt more people in the next few years than anything else around. It's probably the worst environmental problem we face," he adds.

Weatherall, co-director of Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution, a Canadian, non-profit organization, says he made up his mind to run for mayor after he took his concerns to city council last month, where he presented information he says is based on thousands of scientific reports which document the serious health effects from exposure to such things as cellphones, radios and power lines.

The city has done nothing to stop implementation of these systems or find a safe alternative, he says.

"This is very dangerous for the whole environment of the city. It could affect animals, birds, even plants and trees," adds Weatherall.

If elected, he says he would do everything possible to make sure the city's residents are aware of potential risks so they can take action to protect themselves the best they can. 

He would also like to see the city do away with wireless Internet access in some of its public buildings, such as the library and arena.

"Kids are going in there to play sports," he says, of the Rotary Complex, "they shouldn't be subjected to strong microwave radiation."

Weatherall served seven years with the British Royal Navy and two years as a British press photographer. He served 28 years with the Toronto Police Service, first as a uniformed officer and later as a crime scene investigator.

He notes he has experience representing the public, having been elected to the  Toronto Police Association.

Now retired, he moved to Stratford in March of last year. 

Weatherall says he would bring a common sense approach to municipal politics.

"I've dealt with emergency situations throughout my career. I've dealt with situations that need long-term thought (such as) major investigations."

Weatherall says he is also concerned about the city's long-term debt and high property taxes. He adds that he will also encourage development of new sustainable industries and work to ensure empty factories become productive again.


EMFs in Cars

I recently posed a question about car EMFs, to Alasdair Phillips of Powerwatch UK ( ) he kindly supplied this knowledgeable answer and allowed me to pass this information to WEEP readers:

Hi Alasdair

Have you any idea what they are talking about when they state the Earth's magnetic field is 500mG?

This is from a Consumers Report story about car EMFs.


(We can't say whether the EMF levels we measured have any significance to people's health or not. Even the highest reading we got, 30 mG in the Cobalt, doesn't seem that high in the grand scheme of things. The Earth's magnetic field, to which all of us are subject, has a strength of 500 mG--many times what we measured in any of our cars.)


Reply from Alasdair:

Hi Martin

The 500 mG figure is reasonable for the Earth's geomagnetic static (DC) field. The Earth's static geomagnetic field varies from about 300 mG on the Equator to about 600 mG as you get close to the poles. Europe is typically about 500 mG (50 microtesla).

That does not really relate in any way to the a.c. ELF time-varying magnetic field that they were measuring in the cars.

Worse than that, they only measured at the driver's position.  Often the batteries are in the trunk/boot to spread the weight load and the cables run up the centre of the car close to the front passenger's seat and then under the rear seat.  So they should have mapped out where the cables were for each car and where the magnetic fields were for each car.  Near the driver's foot, ELF magnetic fields are usually dominated by magnetic fields from the rotating front tyre (see link below).

Worse than that, they only measured ELF magnetic fields and they do not specify which meter they used and what its frequency response was.  Some meters only measure around 50 to 60 Hz.  That would have been useless.

Some go from about 30 Hz to 1 or 2 kHz.  That would be much better.

Some hybrids have significant levels up to over 20 kHz - which require a VLF meter.

As frequency increases the equivalent magnetic field decreases:

100 mG  at 50 Hz induces the same as

50 mG    at 100 Hz

25 mG    at 200 Hz

12.5 mG at  400 Hz

6.25 mG at 800 Hz

3.12 mG at 1600 Hz

1.56 mG at 3.2 kHz

0.76 mG at 6.4 kHz

0.38 mG at 12.8 kHz

0.19 mG at 25.6 kHz

So it is very important that the testers understand what they are doing!

Some much better information is available here, though they don't address the ELF/VLF issue:

I hope this helps.

Best regards



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