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5 August 2010

Worth watching these short EMR videos from Clint Crisp.


Begin forwarded message:

From: "Clint Crisp" <>


Early Onset Alzheimer's

Over the last few years I have noticed the high percentage of radio and television 'personalities' who have developed cancer and other serious illness.  There is good reason to believe that being exposed to strong amounts of electro magnetic radiation in their workplaces may be responsible.  The story linked below may be another indicator of the link between EMR and serious illness, this time Alzheimer's.  Martin


Wi Fi Non Consent Form

Effect of Gulf Spill on Coastal... From: The State Newspaper ... Wi-Fi is a relatively new technology, promoted by the industry, ... administrators and other parents, that such networks endanger health and violate the assurance that a ...


Wrote this in response to Anne-Marie Lenko's letter which referred to Safety Code 6 and the WHO. Ms. Lenko appears to be a colleague of Michelle Herlihy, one of the proponents of the Wi-Fi implementation:

I have no idea if my letter will be published given the content and the fact that the Peace Arch News is a sponsor of the "Wi-Fi on the Beach".

Link to Lenko's letter here:

My letter:

Marie-Anne Lenko is fundamentally correct in her assertion that Wi-Fi concerns should be directed at those who regulate electromagnetic emissions. The unfortunate truth is that Health Canada is wilfully ignoring the sea of red flags around this issue. The Safety Code 6 Ms. Lenko refers to allows for a one degree increase in the temperature of our flesh over a six minute period. It does not deal with the constant 7x24 non-thermal (non-heating) exposures from cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi and cell towers that we deal with in the real world.

Regarding the World Health Organization's (WHO) stance on exposure to wireless radiation from cell phones, wi-fi, etc: Whistleblower Barry Trower, a retired British military scientist in microwave and stealth warfare has reviewed the WHO's database of studies on health effects from electromagnetic radiation and is "bemused" by the fact that 80 percent of the WHO's studies show deleterious health effects. Yet for reasons we don't understand, the WHO continues to give the thumbs up to Wi-Fi, cell towers and cell phones.

I am 12 year senior I.T. Support Tech who has installed hundreds of Wi-Fi networks. After personally experiencing health effects from wireless microwave radiation and also looking at the reams of scientific literature on this issue I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that we have a monumental health issue on our hands that is only going to get worse as time goes on if nothing is done to reduce our exposure. Our bodies have simply not been able to adapt to the enormous increase in man-made wireless radiation over the last 25 years.

From a technical and biological standpoint, thousands of peer reviewed, published studies have documented health effects at levels far below those of conventional Wi-Fi networks, cell towers and cell phones. As a network tech, I can tell you that even when Wi-Fi networks are in standby mode and are not transmitting any email or web browsing data, the beacon that advertises the name of the network that allows computers and other devices to connect to the network, transmits at full power - this is why almost all who are Electrohypersensitive (EHS) feel ill even when in the presence of a Wi-Fi network that is in standby mode.

Not a week goes by that I don't meet or am approached by at least one person whose health has gone South because of exposure to wireless technologies, which include cordless home phones, cell phones and Wi-Fi. Poor and broken sleep, ringing in the ears, headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, rashes, many cases of heart arrhythmias - this cluster of symptoms have the majority of our health professionals dumbfounded. Those who are EHS are the proverbial "canaries in the coal mine" and as time goes on more and more people will become sensitive. This is not simply a case of a few sensitive people – we are looking at up to 35 percent of the population that is already sensitive, based on the number of people experiencing the "cluster" of symptoms associated with this condition. Most of them have not connected the dots and realized what is causing their symptoms, and when they are away from the various sources of radiation, they quickly recover and feel better.

Since we cannot rely on Health Canada and the World Health Organization to advise us, it is up to municipalities and especially schools to "do the right thing" and exercise the precautionary principle by removing wi-fi and other wireless technologies, even if it appears to be a temporary "step backwards". I doubt that local business and our education system will grind to a halt.

Finally, the beach has historically been the place to "unplug" and enjoy the sun and surf. Given how much we all use computers and cell phones on a daily basis, wouldn't it be nice to get away from them, at least for a while?



More Wi Fi Madness;topic=1295.0

Title: Getting Away From It All....WiFi In Parks

Post by: WoodNCanvas on July 21, 2010, 11:22 AM

Originally posted on my blog, ,

but thought worth repeating here:

This morning  CBC Radio News reported that WiFi is available at the Pinery Provincial Park here in Ontario. The Pinery Provincial Park is located near Grand Bend, Ontario, on Lake Huron. It is described on the park website, 

as follows:

Pinery's natural features are staggering – 2,532 ha (6,330 acres) in size; over 757 plant, 325 bird and 60 butterfly species to name just a few groups; a globally rare Oak Savanna ecosystem; freshwater coastal dunes; habitat for endangered species; and the largest protected forest in southwestern Ontario.

The recreational opportunities in Pinery are equally diverse – 10 km beach; 10 nature trails; 38 km of ski trails; canoeing, kayaking and hydrobiking; fishing; cycling; and one of the largest year-round interpretive programs in Ontario.

The facilities within Pinery are also impressive – wheelchair accessible general store and restaurant; laundromats; firewood; picnic shelter; rental shops for canoes, kayaks, hydrobikes, bicycles and cross-country skis; Savanna Shores nature gift shop; and year-round Visitor Centre featuring nature exhibits.

The many amenities within the park offer flexibility and convenience – 3 campgrounds; with a total of 1,000 campsites including 400 electrical sites and many pull-through sites; 10 youth group sites; trailer sanitation station; flush toilets and showers; and 12 yurts with heated tent, bunk-beds, electricity, BBQ and picnic shelter provided! There is so much to do at Pinery that you will have no trouble finding activities to occupy your time, whether your stay is for one day, one week or even a month!

So Pinery is hardly a wilderness park….in fact it is fairly close to such urban centres as Sarnia, Windsor, and London….and its sand beach is famous….but WiFi in a provincial park? That doesn't make much sense….I admit that I love to spend time on the Net as much as anyone….but really….when somebody is away on holidays and camping out….trying to experience the great outdoors…do we really need to be able to get on our computers that bad? The CBC report said that this is only the first of several provincial parks that will have WiFi access….now granted WiFi is only available near the Visitor's Centre apparently at Pinery….but as the province gets more "coverage" for things such as cell phone and satellite TV….and these devices become more technically advanced….one can only imagine the day when you might find the following scenario:

Somewhere in the "wilds" of Algonquin Park….on a backcountry canoe route…two figures are crouched around the glowing campfire….no make that the glowing portable TV….busy on their portable laptops. John the stockbroker is busy trying to catch up on the latest market trends….Bill the teacher is sending in his daily trip report to one of the Internet canoeing based forums he frequents. Half way through his data entry, Bill's cell phone rings, with a ringtone from Dan Gibson's Solitudes. Soon Bill is in full conversation ordering a delivery pizza for the next night's meal….with delivery guaranteed in a day or the pizza is free.

Bill: "That's right….we'll be on North Tea Lake….on the first island….yeah the one with the great beach. The deluxe with double cheese. But no anchovies. Tomorrow night at six sharp. See you then."

John: "Was that Algonquin Outfitters?….are they delivering the pizza?"

Bill: "Yeah. But they said it might be an hour late….depends on how busy that last portage is. Are you having trouble getting a signal for your computer?….I keep losing the dlink signal….might have to try my external antenna….really don't feel like climbing a tree."

John: "No I'm fine….almost as fast as at home….nothing like keeping a check on those stocks. And I thought these huge old pines might block out my signal. Or the rocks would. But they've done a great job setting up this WiFi throughout the park."

Bill: "Yeah…good to stay connected. I think they plan on wiring up every other tree by next year."

John: "Just wonderful. And it's great to get away from it all, isn't it?"

Perhaps a bit far fetched….but then one of the problems many camps have today is trying to get kids to disconnect….to not use cell phones or the computer….some camps ban such devices….or limit the times allowed for use….some report the kids bringing more than one cell phone (in case the first gets confiscated)….or even kids texting from one cabin to another.

So I find this report of WiFi in a provincial park somewhat incredulous….maybe it would be better if we "reconnected" with the outdoors instead. Mother Nature has her own signals….her own messages….far better than any on the Net….or on Twitter. All we have to do is to take the time to listen.

Paddles up until later then….and here's hoping you get away from it all….even just for a while.

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