Thursday, January 28, 2010

Victim support site / EMFs and hybrid cars / WHO/OMS SCANDAL

Victim support site

To All

I have set up and will do my best to moderate this new site for support for the victims of wireless technology.

Here are the links to this group site.

Robert (BEAR) VanEchaute

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Note - Robert has suffered the effects of EMR for several years and now is here to assist others!


Electromagnetic radiation emission from hybrid cars

In August 2009, the Walla Hebrew-language Web site reported on a study that claimed electromagnetic radiation emission from hybrid cars exceeds safe levels as recommended by the Environmental Protection Ministry. The radiation comes from the intense electric charge travelling from the battery in the car's rear to the engine in front. Importers assailed the study, but in December 2009 experts agreed that the cars generate hazardous levels of radiation. Their report was not made public, but sent to Toyota and Honda importers for their comment. Off the record, the importers claim the ministry inspectors are unprofessional. The ministry says it is still collecting responses and will formulate an opinion in February. (Daniel Schmil)

Note - I have tested only one hybrid vehicle and the EMF levels were lower than many gasoline powered cars.  If you are planning to buy any modern car, you should check all passenger and driver areas with a good gauss meter.  Martin


Flashback WHO/OMS SCANDAL  (video UK-FR-DE-SP-IT-NL)

Note - same story as yesterday but hopefully the link will work.  The English information is written below the video screen when playing.