Friday, January 1, 2010

SPREAD THE MESSAGE / Best of 2009 / reduce radiation by 4000 times / Malayan Sacrifice

Hi All

I hope that you all have room for one additional New Year Resolution - SPREAD THE MESSAGE about EMF and EMR.

The information that is now available and the news that reaches us every day clearly show the great dangers the world faces from electrical and electro magnetic pollution.  If this information is not reaching the right people, the impact is being wasted.  I encourage you to pass on important information to those who should be aware of it and who can make a difference.

Politicians, educators, news media, environmental organisations and community leaders should all be provided with the most important EMF and EMR news and information.  They should not be bombarded with too much, or less important, information, but they should be provided with strong knowledge.  Your actions may assist them to make correct decisions for the safety of everyone.

Do not forget to give information to your local clergy, councillors and business leaders, they all have families and concern for the safety of the community.  If you have trouble gathering the correct information to provide, please contact me, I will assist you.

Best wishes and HAPPY NEW YEAR

Martin Weatherall


Best of 2009  CEM EMF


Madridiano: "The first ruling will reduce radiation from relay antennas by 4000 times"


Malayan Sacrifice - for masts!

Here is another so-called expert (article below) that simply does not know what he is talking about.  He has the title Dr, before his name but his message is pitiful because it is not true.  This is another example of a person who should have conducted a simple internet search for: 'The health effects of microwave radiation'  or 'Cell phone mast studies'.

Martin Weatherall


Expert: Telecom towers safer than handphones

The Star Online > Nation

Thursday December 31, 2009

MUAR: Residents living near telecommunication towers have no need to fear as the electromagnetic radiation from these towers is lower than those from cellular phones.

Malaysian Nuclear Agency radiation safety and health division manager Dr Wan Saffiey Wan Abdullah said there was no proof that emission from the towers could cause illness to people nearby.

"We did not carry out studies on the effect of electromagnetic radiation on people but we adopted data used in the United States, Europe and China." he said during a dialogue with residents of Jalan Said Tahir near here on Tuesday night.

"These nations and the World Health Organisation accepted the fact that radiation from telecommunication towers is a lot lower than those emitted by handsets," he said.

Dr Wan Saffiey said people who were "electro-sensitive" to radiation from mobile phones, towers and wi-fi could become ill but their number was very small.

The people, he said, should also realise that certain sacrifices had to be made to achieve progress and telecommunication towers were needed for technology advancement.

He said the tower on a shophouse along Jalan Said Tahir was for the P1 WiMax mobile broadband service to serve residents in and around the town.

Residents had protested against the installation of the tower.

Earlier, Jalan Said Tahir resident association chairman Zaitun Lamat said the locals were worried that such a tower could emit electromagnetic radiation, causing them to suffer from the ill-effects.

She said the company involved in setting up the tower also did not meet the people to discuss the project.

Muar municipal council president Wahab Ridwan said the council had no problem with the construction of the tower as long as it followed all safety guides and requirements.

"The tower is necessary for high-speed mobile Internet connection service. We may not need such technology because we are old and do not understand what it is about but our children and grandchildren need new technology," he said.