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Videos of the International Expert Conference on Cell Phones and Health / Ills of Mobile Phone Radiation / British Columbia, Canada / New Zealand

Hi All
I was recently very lucky to be able to attend the International Expert Conference on Cell Phones and Health, September 13 - 15, 2009 in Washington.  Many leading scientists from around the world were speakers and they provided powerful evidence about the harm that radiation from cell phones can cause.
Excellent quality video recordings were made of the presentations and these recordings are all available for you to view.  I hope that you will take the time to watch them and get to know the scientists who are involved in this most important research. 
The links to the videos are all listed below.  I hope that you will start with the overview by Dr. Devra Davis, who arranged the conference, spoke at the Senate hearing and has done much to bring this crucial topic to the attention of Government and the news media.
Martin Weatherall

International Expert Conference on Cell Phones and Health

September 13-15, 2009, Credit Union House, Washington, D.C.


Sponsored by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, National Research Center on Women and Families, The Flow Fund Circle, The Environmental Health Trust and other private foundations.

Thanks to Diana Zuckerman - National Research Center on Women and Families, Judy Katz - Katz Creative, Office of Senator Arlen Specter, PA, Credit Union House, Elizabeth Kelley - International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety, Julia Heemstra and Jennifer Kotlewski - Environmental Health Trust.

Complete list of videos from the "International Expert Conference on Cell Phones and Health: Science and Public Policy Questions." Click here for the agenda.



Overview and goals of the meeting - Devra Davis, PhD, MPH - Video

Overview of research and policy issues - Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, STUK, Finland - Part One Video ; Part Two Video ; Part Three Video

Comments on seaching for mechanisms of harm for radiofrequency signals - Ronald B. Heberman, MD, University of Pittsburgh - Part One Video ; Part Two Video ; Part Three Video

Session 1: Dialogue on Modeling Exposure: Chair: Frank Barnes, PhD, University of Colorado, Chair of National Academy of Sciences Committee on Cell Phone Research Priorities

Mobile phone radiation absorption into the brain of children and adults - Om Gandhi, PhD, University of Utah, Salt Lake City - Part One Video ; Part Two Video

Reliability of the radiation calculations in current studies - Niels Kuster, PhD, IT'IS Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland - Part One Video ; Part Two Video ; Part Three Video

Session 2: Mechanisms and Animal Studies: Chair: Henrietta Nittby, PhD, Lund University, Sweden

Search for mechanisms of cell phone radiation-induced biologic effects - Frank Barnes, PhD, University of Colorado, CO - Slides;  Part One Video ; Part Two Video

Evidence for Cellular Stress - Heat Shock Protein Activation - Martin Blank, PhD, Columbia University, NY - Part One Video ; Part Two Video

Recent Findings on genetic damage at non-thermal levels - Wilhelm Mosgoeller, MD University of Vienna Cancer Institute, Vienna, Austria - Part One Video ; Part Two Video ; Part Three Video

National Toxicology Program plans for research - Michael Wyde PhD, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - Part One Video ; Part Two Video

Session 3: State of the Art Review: Chair: Wilhelm Mosgoeller, MD

Evidence for cancer-related effects - Henry Lai, PhD, University of Washington, Seattle, WA - Part One Video ; Part Two Video

Evidence for non-cancer effects - Leif Salford, MD, Lund University, Sweden - Part One Video ; Part Two Video

Methodological limitations of existing epidemiologic studies, future research needs and policy implications - Siegal Sadetzki, MD, MPH, Head, Cancer & Radiation Epidemiology Unit Gertner Institute, Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Israel - Part One Video ; Part Two Video ; Part Three Video

The view from the American Cancer Society - Michael Thun MD, Vice President, American Cancer Society - Part One Video ; Part Two Video ; Part Three Video

For select coverage of the first Senate hearing on this topic in a quarter of a century, convened by Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania click here.


Daily Champion (Lagos)

Nigeria: Book On Ills of Mobile Phone Radiation Launched

Grace Nnamezie

7 November 2009  Lagos.


Speaking at a book presentation last Thursday, the Commissioner who was represented by Mr. Kayode Ogunleye commended the grand stride of the author Mr. Eric Edrems on the successful completion of his book entitled: Hazards of Mobile Phone Radiation.

He further described the author as a worthy citizen who contributed immensely to sustainable development in our society by giving the greatest number of happiness to the greatest number of people through his book.

The book which focuses on the danger of mobile phone radiation to the health, also went further to suggest possible ways of preventing them

Although the health risk mentioned in the book are quiet revealing and scary, the author has started that the book is not aimed at raising panic in anyone, rather it is focused at educating the people on how well their phones can be placed so as to avoid such radiation hazard which emittes from their mobile phones.

Also speaking at the event, Mr. Christian Wogu, who chaired the occasion, drew the attention of participants on the duality of life and on the fact that there is always evil in good. He commended the author for not chosen to be at the rear and just take about the problems of GSM radiation, but has painstakingly proven himself to be a young man with exceptional qualities through the well concentrated research displayed in the boo k.

"It is not contestable that mobile phone has contributed greatly to us. It has made business thrive, conferences successful, etc. Mobile phone has done quiet a fortune to our nation. It has eased traveling and made loving easier. However, for it to continue to serve us better, we must heed to the caution made available in this book." He said.

Similarly, the book reviewer, Dr. Boniface Oru also noted that although the author highlights basic hazards caused by mobile phone, he did not stop there as he proffers solutions to them. According to him, the quest for safety, good health of mind and body are the brain behind the book.

The book can be better described as a highly informative and resourceful material that addresses issues and provides solutions to mobile phone radiation as it affects all categories of user.

It is often not sufficient to embrace the benefits of mobile phones only, while we shy away from its inherent dangers.

While speaking on the need to support the effort of the likes Mr. Eric Edrems, the public relation officer of the Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals, Mr. Odutola Akinlade has described the book as a safety measure, hence a must read for everyone . "Getting this book is not an extra cost. Its just like getting the helmet which every safety conscious person will not hesitate to have."

As part of the highlights of the event, the Life Mirror Theater further thrilled the audience with an illustrative drama presentation, which drove home the points and health risk raised in the book.



British Columbia, Canada 

Dear Dr. Stanwick,
Sometime ago I wrote to advise you of recent scientific studies that confirmed that prolonged exposure to radiation from FM transmitters was highly dangerous. I also asked you to help me and my neighbours, many of whom had bizarre illnesses which may be associated with living as close as 30 meters from these transmitters. You responded that radiation problems were a Federal issue and not anything you could get involved with.
Later when I sent information about WiFi in schools being dangerous to children, you provided a response from Randy Ross of BC Radiation Centre (who helped write Safety Code 6 in the 1990s) saying that Safety Code 6 is safe. Subsequently you advised the school board which had asked you for information that there was no reason for letting me meet with members because WiFi was safe.
Now I am sending a recent report on TETRA, (Please see the attachment). This is a communication system which currently is being tested in Canada. An expert is reporting that prolonged exposure to this radiation is causing cancer among firemen and policemen in the UK. I am asking that you, at the minumum, take whatever measures you can to allow the officers and responders who would use this equipment to know of the potential harm.
Many countries around the world have taken measures to limit exposure to non-ionizing radiation from radio, TV, and cell transmitters, WiFi and other wireless technology. Many ban WiFi in schools and reduce exposure limits from other wireless sources to mere fractions allowed in Canada. Health Canada continues to ignore the scientific studies which, as the least, calls for use of the precautionary principle. Obviously, we cannot depend upon the federal government to protect us. 
According to the Canadian Constitution health is the responsibility of the provinces, not the federal government. It falls to the province to take the precautions necessary to prevent further harm. I ask you to demand, on our behalf, that the health department employ the Precautionary Principle at least in the case of TETRA. It is not too late to prevent this technology from being used in British Columbia.
And should you wish to see more studies confirming the dangers from radio, TV, cell or WiFi radiation, I would be happy to provide them. The rest of the world is using safer technology while Canada continues to allow its citizens to suffer the consequences of inaction. British Columbia could lead the way for the rest of Canada by implementing precautionary measures. And by so doing, it would be fulfilling its duty to protect the health of its citizens.
Sharon Noble
Chair, CAUSE



New Zealand


Dear Ministers 

Even if you are not concerned about the effects of cellphones on kids brains, you may be interested in their effect on male fertility! 

This study is one of hundreds which identify adverse "biological effects" from low level exposure RF EMR (radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation). 

The New Zealand standard (NZS2772:1 1999) does not recognise the possibly of EMR causing and long term biological effects (it protects only against the short term heating/microwave oven type effect). This is despite the potential for long term biological effects from RF EMR now being established beyond any doubt and despite the now ignored advice in the MfE/MOH National Guidelines for Managing the Effects of Radio Frequency Transmitters that exposure should be avoided where possible.  

Other countries have emission limits 100 time more stringent that New Zealand's.  The governments of other countries and many international experts have issued warnings that children's exposure to RF/EMR should be minimised.  

Why is New Zealand unnecessarily exposing its children to EMR. Think of the long term public health and environmental consequences if the research is correct. Why cant best international practice and a more precautionary approach be adopted? Why is the government not informing our residents of the risks so people can make their own decisions about the exposure they and their children are prepared to accept? Why are all the usual community participation rights for environmental legislation excluded in the case of EMR – despite the enormous public concern and the increasing knowledge of the longer term risk form even low level exposure?  

I look forward to your advice as to what action you are taking to address these concerns.

As always I'm very happy to discuss. 


Sue Grey LLB(Hons), BSc, RSHDipPHI and concerned mother of three