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Melanoma and EMR / Woodlands school wi-fi / Radiation dangers / New FCC Ruling on Cell Towers is Further EMR danger to the United States

Melanoma and EMR
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 08:53:18 +0100 [08:53:18 CET]
From: Örjan Hallberg <>


At the end of the Valberg report one can read the following:

It is reassuring to note that radio and TV broadcast stations have 
been in operation for 50 years, and health statistics have not 
demonstrated adverse health consequences.

According to the results I have found since I started to look into the 
possible effect from broadcasting radiation, there are lots of strong 
indications of strong and clearly demonstrated adverse health 
consequences. Se e.g. my summary Facts and Fiction about Melanoma on:

Brgds Örjan
Very Truly Yours
Philippe Hug
Chairman of ARA


Computer engineer backs father's decision over Woodlands school wi-fi

A COMPUTER engineer has backed a Lydiate father's decision to take his child out of school after Wi-Fi laptops were installed.

Phil Hughes, of Church Lane, feared his daughter Serena's health would be risked if she was exposed to emissions from the 50 new wireless laptops.

And IT expert Ron Baxter of Rowan Lane in Skelmersdale claims Wi-Fi in schools CAN cause problems for children.

Phil, 58, and his wife Rosa decided to remove her from Woodlands Primary School in Formby.

Ron, whose clients include Asda, said: "Many medical experts now claim that radiation from wireless Wi-Fi routers can cause health problems, particularly for children.

"Professor Leif Salford of Lund University Sweden is concerned about children being affected because, he says, they are more vulnerable as their skulls are thinner and their nervous systems are still developing."

In 2007 government adviserSir William Stewart, chairman of the UK's Health Protection Agency, called for a review of Wi-Fi at schools.

Ron added: "Health studies have shown that constant exposure to Wi-Fi routers can cause headaches, depression, sleep problems, skin rash, behavioural problems in children, and can increase cancer risks.

"It is therefore absurd that the government is still actively promoting the installation of Wi-Fi in schools.

"Children are being exposed to potentially harmful radiation at school, yet there is no real need for Wi-Fi in the classroom, it's just a fad."

Ron said laptops can be easily connected to the internet using cables, which provide a "faster" and "more secure connection" than Wi-Fi.

Education professionals' union Voice is sceptic about an Health Protection Agency leaflet that implies there are no health risks for children in using Wi-Fi and renewed its call for a full scientific investigation to establish the facts about the long-term effects of using Wi-Fi.

Philip Parkin, general secretary of the union said: "Just because a few laptops have been tested and found to have no immediate effects, doesn't mean there might not be long-term effects on developing children."




Radiation dangers (Australia)

Thursday November 19, 2009

According to the Cancer Council, there are health concerns associated with exposure to electromagnetic energy.

Dr Ross Walker joins TODAY to tell us what this means for the every day mobile phone user.

A 10 year study involving 15 000 participants on the connection between mobile phones and cancer is due to be released by the end of the year. According to Dr Walker, the study will either show a slight or definite trend towards brain tumours.

A similar study was previously conducted in Sweden, which showed a 250 percent increase in brain tumours.

While various studies offer conflicting findings, some suggest mobile phones are safe to use while others highlight the potential dangers affiliated, everybody must be aware of all risks involved. After all, 20 years ago doctors were prescribing cigarettes to calm the nerves...

It might be too difficult to quit using your phone all together, but Dr Walker suggests that we should limit our use and use hands free as often as you can. Hands free does not include blue tooth and ear pieces, but rather utilising the loudspeaker.



Hi All

When I read about the actions of the FCC (below), I have to wonder if they are playing a 'sick' game with Al-Queda the terrorist group, to see who can kill more Americans.  It may take a few years, but it seems that the FCC will win hands down.  Surely they realise that they have a responsibility to read scientific papers and understand what the health effects of electro magnetic radiation will do to citizens of the USA?  Why would they risk the lives of so many citizens for a dangerous technology that is ultimately doomed to failure?

Martin Weatherall


New FCC Ruling on Cell Towers

This ruling makes it even more important that we diligently contact our national, state, and local officials with information regarding the dangers of exposure to radiofrequency radiation. Below the forwarded message I have pasted information on how to do that most effectively. Please do so and help make our voices heard.


Begin forwarded message:

From: "Doug Loranger" <>
Date: November 18, 2009 9:46:24 PM CST
Subject: New FCC Ruling on Cell Towers

On November 18, 2009, the FCC issued a ruling on the wireless industry's
petition to (1) issue a 'shot-clock' determination deeming all cell tower
applications approved if a local government does not reach a final decision
within 45 days for co-location and 75 days for new tower applications; (2)
overrule Federal Court of Appeals jurisdictions under
which once a single wireless carrier provides service in an area there is no
effective prohibition of wireless services by denying the application of
another carrier; and (3) preempt local ordinances that treat every wireless
siting request as requiring a variance.

The good news is that the FCC appears to have only agreed to a modified
version of (1). I say 'appears' because I have not yet seen a written
version of the FCC's decision and I am relying solely on my interpretation
of what transpired at today's hearing.

The bad news is - well, you will have to view the video of the FCC
Commissioners themselves in action to fully appreciate where they are coming
from and the context in which this ruling was made.

Under the FCC's ruling, a wireless carrier may now file a lawsuit in federal
court if its application has not been approved by a local government in 90
days (3 months) for co-locations and 150 days (5 months) for new tower
applications. However, under the FCC's ruling the
application is not automatically deemed granted after those deadlines.
Instead, the courts are to treat each case according to the specifics
involved and make any rulings accordingly, which presumably would mean
courts have the option of sending the application back to the local planning
authority to give them more time to process it.

For those who wish to view the FCC Commissioners' deliberations today, here
is the link:

Please use the attached brief, but thorough outline of the full scope of the public health threat posed by exposure to high frequencies, from electrical pollution and from transmitters, to educate your legislators and other professionals concerned with public health about the threat and the solutions. High frequency exposure from both sources is increasing dramatically as increasing numbers of highly electrically polluting devices are marketed and wireless technology proliferates. It is time to speak up.

Public health will only receive the protection it deserves if we make enough noise. We need to build on the awareness raised during the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing on the Health Effects of Cell Phone Use in Washington DC on September 14, 2009.

The attached document is titled "Public Health Threatened By Rapidly Increasing Exposure To
High Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation." Please bring or send it to your congressional representatives and senators. Please also send it to the President. If you can send it very soon with a brief (approximately one page) statement of your experience (if you have been made ill) that would be good, otherwise send it without. A followup phone call would not hurt, but is not absolutely necessary. A version that can be copied and pasted can be found at

Please pass this on widely.

Below are links to contact the White House and your congressional representatives and senators:

It would be good to send it in to the health, the environment, the telecommunications, and the energy staff people at each congressional office, since all are involved.

Please also send a copy to your state and county health department and other professional organizations that ought to be concerned about public health.
They can enact zoning rules that will minimize wireless infrastructure. They can also choose wired options for reasons of public health, but only if they know about the public health threat wireless technology poses.

The price is high if we don't make ourselves heard. Transmitting meters and wireless broadband are coming nationwide, as are compact fluorescent light bulbs. Please take the time to send this to your congressional representatives and senators now. And pass it on widely. It is time we were heard.

I will be sending on other information to share with your congressional representatives and senators from time to time. It is important that you do so. On average, people need to see something new 7-10 times before they act on it. It is, therefore, essential that you ALL send in the information, many voices will be heard better than one.

Thank you,


P.S. For more information about electrical pollution, radiofrequency sickness, and action opportunities, visit