Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reply to Stray Voltage Staff Discussion Paper

Hi All
Ground Current electricity (or stray voltage) is a little known and little understood major problem that is happening all over North America. It should be considered when ill health with symtoms of EHS occur but all no EMF and EMR can be located. I hope that you find this information interesting and helpful. A link to the Ontario Energy Board web site and further information is here -

Martin Weatherall

Ontario Energy Board
11 July 2008
File # EB-2007-0709
Dear OEB:

I have attached my written comments to the Board Discussion Paper on Farm Stray Voltage.
I apologise that my report is not in a pdf format but I do not have that capability. The comments are written in MS Word format and they are entitled - OEB stray voltage consultation reply July 2008 MW. Please advise me if you have any trouble converting the document to pdf or if you need me to send a hard copy.
I have also attached two documents which I refer to in my report - Kavet et al Contact Current and D. Stetzer testimony.

Yours truly