Sunday, July 20, 2008

Israel - safer recommendations

From Iris Atzman, Israel.
Today, both in newspaper and TV channels, Dr. Stelian Galberg head of radiation department of the ministry is warning the citizens not to sleep with the cell phone when it is being charged, not to sleep with a cellular phone as waking clock, to stay away from it (1/2 a meter).
Charging a cellular phone makes it like a transformer and EMF exposure can reach to 1000 mG. The exposure falls with distance so to keep 1/2 meter. I think Joanne Muller will be glad to hear that it is written black on white that the mobiles are not the only transformers we go to sleep with at night: also in some of the waking clocks and radio clocks there are transformers, and it is also recommended to put them a safe distance from the bed. Dr. Galberg said both on TV and to the newspaper that "sleeping near the transformer damages the production of melatonin, a hormone with high importance for the immune system. In order for the body to make melatonin in adequate amount it is recommended to sleep in dark and without radiation".
The minister of Env. Gideon Ezra, who supports distribution of maximum antennas "in order to lower radiation" added that "the public needs to know how to behave right and wisely in order to avoid this danger" he also guided the radiation department to add these guidelines to the website of the ministry. Leukemia and brain tumors were mentioned as the risk from 'sleeping with the devil' 2 mG is the recommendation in the house- "chronic exposure to above 2 mG causes two fold risk for brain cancer and leukemia"
TV reporters said (live broadcast) that they will not sleep anymore with the cellular, one told she puts it under her pillow but not anymore, one of the reporters mentioned Dr Sadezky's study on mobile phones saying the findings showed both benign and malignant tumors, and she went on to say that charging cellular phones near the bed causes risk of '2 and 3 and even 4' fold of getting cancer. Exceptional work of taking the subject seriously. What is the reason for this report? Dr. Galberg said that measurements of the ministry found that these are the real problems and not the powerlines. And that it comes as a result of questions from the public.
(Maariv 20/7/08 page 22 and channel 10 and 2)
More in the news today- the association Adam Teva Vadin (man nature and law) and the forum for sane attitude to the cellular, filed a lawsuit to the high court against the lack of implementation of the non ionizing radiation law. The law was supposed to be valid since January 2007 but radiation levels and distances from antennas were not added to the law by regulations. The lawsuit asks to prevent the cellular companies from adding more antennas until the regulations are regulated. The lawsuit claims that controversy between the communication minister and the Env. minister prevents the advance and that lack of regulations shows lack of consideration in the public and hard-hearted attitude. MP Ofir Pines said it is very sad that public organizations need to interfere in order to create cooperation between the two ministries. (Maarive as above).