Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Madrid, increased cancer near mobile phone antennas.

After Barcelona, Bilbao, Murcia, and so on ... MADRID !
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The Zarzaquemada residents are opposed to relay antennas.

25-02-2008 - MDO/ep - Photography : Juan Luis Jaén

- The association of Zarzaquemada residents, in Leganés, have asked on Monday the immediate suspension of mobile phone relay antennas active sites » in urban areas until there are research studies that conclude with certitude the harmless of those infrastructures.
- It was with these words that the association was asking to the local government (PSOE and IU) for “an urgent epidemiological research study” affording to evaluate with a much better accuracy the existing relation between the increased cancer cases generated in some city buildings closed to relay antennas sites. In this way, the association’s president, Juan Antonio Sánchez, recalled that some six conflicting points are still there in the city, with the one of La Mancha Avenue where 28 residents are asking the destruction of two relay antennas base stations after a 10 cancer cases in the same building.

- At the last meeting, the co-owners group decided to start a huge public awareness campaign and a cluster study where all suspected cases of sickness linked to the relay antennas will be listed.

- More, it was decided to urge on the local authorities “to draw up a municipal order in a way to bring under regulation and to control the relay antennas installations”, the association has started a signature collection and to be presented to the Mayor. A possibility “to proceed with many media public awareness demonstrations” is not discarded, said Juan Antonio Sánchez.

- In order to concentrate all mobilization and all information process, residents have set up an commission which will be gathered together at the Social Centre every Wednesday.

- “We want to draw a map with all the pathologies in the area”, said Sánchez. He was mentioning the Monegros, Roncal and Priorato streets as well as San Nicasio and Garrascal areas as main sectors hit by illness following the antennas installation.

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