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15 July 2016

The Doctors TV Show - Allergic to Wi Fi?
Aired 12 July 2016 - Can you be allergic to Wi-Fi? Chemical electromagnetic-sensitivity expert Dr. Lisa Nagy joins The Doctors to increase awareness about this very real condition.
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Thank you 'The Doctors' for reporting this important subject.

I suffer from this condition and I know of many other people who also suffer. Besides being called Electro Hyper-Sensitivity, it is also known as Radio Wave Sickness and Microwave Sickness and was first reported in a German Scientific Paper in 1929 when the exposure was from AM radio transmitters. The condition became more well known during the Second World War when aircraft radar technicians became ill from microwave radiation transmitted from the equipment that they were working on.

There are thousands of scientific papers which show that electro magnetic radiation causes serious biological effects and it is linked to many illnesses including several different cancers. A good place to learn more about the many adverse health effects can be found in the Bio Initiative Report This is a report by nineteen scientists and ten medical specialists who have researched masses of scientific reports.

Other sources of good information can be found at , , ,

Martin Weatherall

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History of chemical sensitivity and diagnosis


1Environmental Health Center – Dallas, 8345 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 220, Dallas, TX 75231, USA

Corresponding author: William J. Rea, MD, FACS, FAAEM, Environmental Health Center – Dallas, 8345 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 220, Dallas, TX 75231, USA, Phone: +214/368-4132, Fax: +214/691-8432

Citation Information: Reviews on Environmental Health. ISSN (Online) 2191-0308, ISSN (Print) 0048-7554, DOI: 10.1515/reveh-2015-0021, July 2016


Histories of mold, pollen, dust, food, chemicals, and electromagnetic field (EMF) sensitivities are the major categories of triggers for chemical sensitivity. They are tied together by the coherence phenomenon, where each has its own frequencies and identifiable EMF; therefore, they can be correlated. The diagnosis of chemical sensitivity can be done accurately in a less-polluted, controlled environment, as was done in these studies. The principles of diagnosis and treatment depend on total environmental and total body pollutant loads, masking or adaptation, bipolarity of response, and biochemical individuality, among others. These principles make less-polluted, controlled conditions necessary. The clinician has to use less-polluted water and organic food with individual challenges for testing, including dust, mold, pesticide, natural gas, formaldehyde, particulates, and EMF testing, which needs to be performed in less-polluted copper-screened rooms. The challenge tests for proof of chemical sensitivity include inhaled toxics within a clean booth that is chemical- and particulate-free at ambient doses in parts per million (ppm) or parts per billion (ppb). Individual foods, both organic and commercial (that are contaminated with herbicides and pesticides), are used orally. Water testing and intradermal testing are performed in a less-polluted, controlled environment. These include specific dose injections of molds, dust, and pollen that are preservative-free, individual organic foods, and individual chemicals, i.e. methane, ethane, propane, butane, hexane, formaldehyde, ethanol, car exhaust, jet fuel exhaust, and prosthetic implants (metal plates, pacemakers, mesh, etc.). Normal saline is used as a placebo. EMF testing is performed in a copper-screened room using a frequency generator. In our experience, 80% of the EMF-sensitive patients had chemical sensitivity when studied under less-polluted conditions for particulates, controlled natural gas, pesticides, and chemicals like formaldehyde.

Sore head? Just blame it on your smartphone: Nearly half of us suffer from 'technology hangover' due to overuse

Technology overuse leaving us with headaches, sore eyes and
Some 45 per cent admit too much technology leaves them exhausted,
And 26 per cent say they feel drained after looking at a screen for too long

American scientist thinks he's found a 'sixth sense' in humans
But no one has yet been able to prove that that subconscious awareness of magnetic fields exists in humans — until now. Joe Kirschvink of the California Institute of Technology thinks he might be the first person to confirm that humans also have what he calls this "sixth sense."
"The Faraday cage is key," Kirschvink told Science. "It wasn't until the last few years, after we put the Faraday shield in, that we went, 'Wait a minute.'"

Clinical EMF Health Testing

A key feature of this testing methodology, is that within the whole band of RF radiation, we can test isolated, specific frequencies and signal power intensities for highly detailed identification of impacts. 

Mobile phones, digital devices may harm your kid's attention span, report
Electromagnetic waves may affect the cognitive functions of very young children, whose bodies and brains are more sensitive to them than those of adults, the report finds.

The report calls for more work to be done on reports of cases of depression and suicidal tendencies due to overuse.

Exposure of children to radiofrequencies: a call for moderate and supervised use of wireless technologies

Moreover, unlike previous generations, children today are, for the most part, exposed to multiple sources of radiofrequencies from a very early age and even potentially from the in utero development phase. The expert appraisal work also showed that children can be more exposed than adults, because of their small size, their morphological and anatomical features, and the characteristics of some of their tissues.

Doctors Present Evidence of Wireless Radiation Impacts on Children

Published on May 3, 2016

The nation's leading experts on wireless radiation and human health impacts participate in a live press conference prior to their panel at the Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting in Baltimore. Featuring Dr. Devra Davis, Dr. Hugh Taylor, Dr. Martha Herbert and Dr.Catherine Steiner-Adair


Open Letter re: ABC Catalyst Wi-Fried Documentary, Australia.

Clearly vested interest groups want the Wi-Fried documentary removed.  However, removal is a form of censorship and censorship in a democratic country is a serious issue.
Celebrity chef Pete Evans is blaming Wi-Fi for health issues in his latest unconventional claim, telling followers he protects his family from electromagnetic fields at home.
"Maryanne is a journalist that is willing to tell the truth to help let Australians make wiser choices with the information she thoroughly investigates and shares," he writes. "I am proud to call her my friend, and what is happening to her at the moment is unfair on so many levels."
Petition to support Dr. Demasi:

Stop Media Censorship by ABC - Unfair Attack on Catalyst and Producer Dr. Maryanne Demasi
Independent studies have revealed that both the strength and frequency of smart meter pulses make them exceptionally threatening. The Center for Electrosmog Prevention, a California nonprofit group, estimates that one smart meter emits the radiation equivalent of about 160 mobile phones. Other studies have concluded that smart meters emit not 100 but 1,000 times the radioactive load of a typical cell phone.


Marion Bartoli scared she will DIE from mystery virus that requires her to shower in mineral water and not use her phone

Wimbledon star opened up on This Morning, appearing shaken and upset

She said: "Food, anything, contact with electrical things. I can't type on my phone. I can't have anything electrical on my skin.


Stephen Cleary (1936-2016)

An Insider Unafraid To Challenge the Microwave Orthodoxy

He detected a significant increase in the incidence of defects in the lenses of military personnel who had long-term exposure, a rare published report of an adverse finding.

Darkness dawns on the US as Wheeler's FCC moves the wireless sterilization agenda forward with 5G and Artemis full deployment

AB 2788 allows for placement of small cells in all public right of ways with no more local control.
Dear FCC Commissioners:

As an expert in RFR bioeffects, I know 5G is NOT the "national priority" that the wireless industry claims.  5G is for wireless video downloading.  The far greater national priority is the protection of the human brain - and every cell in the body - from the pulse-modulated, millimeter-microwave radiation that 5G uses - along with an unprecedented, intense density of infrastructure: antennas deploying radiation from every lightpole - and even more.

As far back as 1997, top public health scientists called halt to the PCS phone system in the basis of the biological plausibility of harm its pulsed centimeter microwave radiation would do to human health. (See attachments.)  Alongside that petition stood an official letter to the National Academy of Sciences from Harvard School of Public Health Professor and then Environmental Health Department Chair Joseph Brain ScD stating that the heavy density of antennas required even in residential areas would be harm human health.  But the FCC did not listen, and instead plunged our society deep into the predictable ADD/ADHD, dementias, headaches, sleeplessness, cardiac and blood-pressure problems, birth defects and cancer that pulse-modulated microwave radiation is known to cause.  And now, the far more intense density of 5G antennas literally everywhere would produce, if permitted, even more pronounced disability and debility, along with environmental devastation. 

The wireless "revolution", with its unnatural, pulsed microwave radiation deployed from every cell tower, not to mention home, school and office, has simultaneously devastated bird and bee populations, undermining the very potential for the growth of certain fruits, nuts and vegetables. Einstein said that, when the bees die, humans would have about 4 more years.

The corporation wishing to deploy 5G, a horrific imposition of pulse-modulated millimeter microwave radiation upon every private and public  property in the US, would do great harm to human health and the environment, particularly to the more vulnerable of species and persons. Your duty is not to this corporation, Spectrum Frontiers, but rather to the people of the United States, to our lives and to all life.

I urge your NO vote on Spectrum Frontiers' proposition. NEPA review of the environmental and human health impacts of moving forward with 5G has been avoided, because FCC knows 5G could pass no NEPA test. FCC has acted egregiously toward Americans and the environment by promulgating rules for 5G while aware of its human and environmental harm. The knowledgeable scientific community stands within consensus that the existing FCC limits for wireless radiation do not protect the population from biological effects ( Even the original ASTM/IEEE Committee that set the FCC guidelines knew they were unprotective, because of the 120 studies chosen in 1991 to prove safety, 15 actually concluded harm to have occurred at exposure levels less than the guidelines'!  Indeed, some of these studies concluded harm at more than 10 times lower levels, proving harm rather than safety. So this quite well established. Moreover, in most every human-occupied structures, radiation levels in any case already exceed FCC limits, sometimes by many orders of magnitude. There is simply no room for even more intense - far more intense - 5G radiation, deployed from an unprecedentedly high density of antennas.

The National Toxicology Program recently release results, as previously demonstrated by other researchers, showing that radiofrequency radiation (RFR) both breaks DNA and causes cancer ( Furthermore, the literature on RFR in the extreme high frequency, millimeter, bands required for 5G concludes DNA breakages, serious cellular resonance effects, and other detrimental metabolic effects ( and http://www.stopglobalwifi/documents/2001_kositsky_et_al._-_ussr_review.pdf).

Non-industry-funded studies have consistently found links between RFR and various adverse biological effects ( These include serious neurological, cardiac, and metabolic effects, as well as the DNA breakage that leads to cancer and genetic defects ( 

Studies including those of the National Toxicology Program have shown wireless deployment to be a hazardous. According to FCC Chairman Wheeler, 5G is an infrastructure-intensive technology. It is in reality an infrastructural nightmare, one that will impair to some extent every person's (and animal's) sleep, cognition, metabolism and more.
I urge you to invest in safe, wired infrastructure rather than spending taxpayer money to saturate entire communities with hazardous radiation.

Please see "Wireless Technology Violates Human Rights" ( for more information about the very serious ways in which wireless radiation violates human rights.

Do NOT unleash another hazardous environmental pollutant upon your friends, family, constituents, animals, or plantlife. Vote courageously to protect living beings: vote NO on Spectrum Frontiers' 5G.

With gratitude in advance for your well considered vote for life,

Susan Clarke
Comment to Vancouver Sun
The people who have made ignorant and unfair comments aimed at persons who have been hurt by microwave radiation should read the thousands of scientific papers that have been produced over the past sixty years, which clearly show that microwave radiation causes very serious biological effects which are related to many cancers and other serious illnesses.
If they read (and could understand) The Bio Initiative Report , they could learn about the dangers that smart meters and other wireless devices pose to all of us.
Radio Interview
Just wanted to let you know, Sunday Barrie Trower and Ken Rohla will both be on our show talking about frequencies used against the public and potential countermeasures that can help us minimize the damage.  I thought you might want to share the announcement, so it is attached.  For those who want to hear it, the show is Sunday, 7/17, on  Those not near a computer can listen on 657-383-1002.

Best wishes,

Richard Sacks, Host
Lost Arts Radio
Independent holistic health scientist since 1965
Essene teacher and private health consultant

2THOUSANDARROWS - "Killer Waves"

Strong EMF music video with educational subtitles.

THAAD Radiation Fears Spark South Korean Protests

THAAD opponents express concern that exposure to the electromagnetic radiation from the system's radar could cause serious harm to nearby residents and could contaminate agricultural products.
Ontario patient ombudsman
Possible help for EHS who need hospital care!
The Newest Idiotic Use of Dangerous Microwave Radiation
No mention about the heath dangers of wireless radiation!
Email evidence shows a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) executive aided a Coca-Cola representative in efforts to influence World Health Organization (WHO) officials to relax sugar limits.
Is the same type of Government Corruption affecting the lack of wireless safety?

DNA Communicates via Electromagnetic Spectrum


Southfield art gallery owner survives Tesla crash


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