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17 January 2016

NCRP Pressured CDC To Remove Cell Phone Safety Advice
The NCRP was the driving force behind the removal of cautionary advice in a CDC fact sheet on cell phone use. Senior officials at the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements pressured the Centers for Disease Control into deleting the cautionary language in August 2014.

Cancer Warning: Scientist Warns Against Cell Phones In Bra, Back Pocket, Raises Tumor Chances, Infertility, Other Ailments

Dr. Devra offered concrete examples that supported her stance on the dangers of cell phone use. One case involved a young woman who was diagnosed with cancer of her breasts after carrying a phone in her bra for years.
Electro Hyper Sensitivity in Switzerland

Ways exist, however, to alleviate the suffering of electrohypersensitive persons.  An intoxication by heavy metals [see text below] could be the cause in certain cases.  But according to Anton Fernhout, it is necessary to try to provide places that are less exposed to non-ionizing radiation, such as the apartment building in Zurich which is exclusively for environmentally harmed persons.  It must be noted that there exists practically no white zone in Switzerland.

Original article in French:
* Important *
The first municipal government that has stepped forward to implement this plan, is the City of Tarragona Municipal Government (Tarragona is a major city 100 kilometres south of Barcelona). In the plenary session held last November 30th, the "Institutional Declaration of support for people with Central Sensitivity Syndromes" was approved, which consists of a concrete programme of measures. This is a historical step.
Central Sensitivity Syndromes (CSS) include Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Fibromyalgia (FM) and Electrohypersensitivity (EHS).
Wallis and Futuna: Mast spat threatens new mobile network
Homeowner Atalemo Vakamua has threatened to cut the service completely by chopping down the transmitter, which he says was installed on his land without his permission, French Overseas TV reports. "All my family met and we decided to cut down the mast," Mr Vakamua tells the TV, adding that all the other residents of his village support him.

Driverless cars get potential new testing ground in Stratford, Ont.

Stratford, a city of about 31,000 people 150 kilometres southwest of Toronto, has been quietly building a connected city over the past decade. And today, it has roads that talk to street lights, signals that talk to cars and an industrially reliable wireless network that allows all those systems to feed data back to the tech companies operating there.
International EMF Alliance
This is an excellent source for EMF videos
Hydro One pulls plug on wonky smart meters in rural areas
The utility, which was ordered by its provincial masters to install the devices, admits it has decided to manually read roughly 36,000 meters instead of counting on the wireless technology.
Malfunctioning meters were among several issues that caused a customer relations nightmare for Hydro One in 2013 and 2014.
"They never thought this through," said Tabuns. "They never thought it through on the big scale and they never thought it through on the small scale."

Dumb meters? Dumb Liberals

It's that the cost of installing 4.6 million ended up being almost $2 billion, double what the Liberals said it would cost.
Nickel Belt New Democrat MPP France Gelinas said that is good news for the hundreds of residents who have appealed to her in recent years, complaining about hydro bills that were way out of whack.

BC Hydro inflated claims of smart-meter benefits, NDP critic says

BC Hydro provided the public with misleading financial information in order to justify spending more than $1-billion to install smart meters across the province, claims NDP energy critic Adrian Dix.

LADWP reaches $44 million overbilling settlement

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power settled a class-action lawsuit Monday brought on by about 1.6 million customers who were excessively charged during the rollout of a new billing system in 2013.

The ZigBee companies got a nice lift from smart meters around 2010, but that was mostly a regulator-driven initiative, versus consumer-driven.

Nest Thermostat Glitch Leaves Users in the Cold

The Nest Learning Thermostat is dead to me, literally. Last week, my once-beloved "smart" thermostat suffered from a mysterious software bug that drained its battery and sent our home into a chill in the middle of the night.
But this isn't just about the Nest. This points to a larger problem with so-called smart devices that we are inviting into our lives: Small glitches can cause huge problems.
Global Union Against Radiation Battles WiFi from Space
The group says the "harmful pulsed microwave radiation" violates human rights conventions due to the "serious biological effects and involuntary nature of the exposure."

Project Loon Balloon takes out power lines in Washington state


Google Loon Wi-Fi balloon creates panic in New Zealand


Return of incandescent light bulbs as MIT makes them more efficient than LEDs

Researchers at MIT have shown that by surrounding the filament with a special crystal structure in the glass they can bounce back the energy which is usually lost in heat, while still allowing the light through.

The Autoimmune Epidemic: Bodies Gone Haywire in a World Out of Balance

This article from 2008 which is very relevant today.  Section 8 of the BioInitiative Report (and the rest of the BioInitiative Report) may go a long way to explain why there is an autoimmune epidemic.

The microwave syndrome or electro-hypersensitivity: historical background.

Microwave generating equipment first became common during World War 2 with the development of radar. Soviet bloc countries reported that individuals exposed to microwaves frequently developed headaches, fatigue, loss of appetite, sleepiness, difficulty in concentration, poor memory, emotional instability, and labile cardiovascular function, and established stringent exposure standards.
Class Action Lawsuit in Quebec Against Hydro-Quebec, Videotron, Bell, Rogers, Telus and many other defendants

Request for Financial Assistance

Considering the failure of federal, provincial and municipal levels of governement to protect the population against increasingly excessive exposure levels of microwave emissions and low frequency electromagnetic fields from powerlines, amongst other sources, there is an urgent need to establish a clear judiciary basis to claim compensations for the harm done, especially to people with electrosensitivity symptoms, and to steer the regulatory agencies towards stronger health-centered, as safe as possible exposure standards. A class action lawsuit is the best instrument to achieve this at this stage. Also, in case an out of court settlement is eventually sought by the defendants, this lawsuit, if properly undertaken, executed and supported, would also set a strong bargaining position to obtain satisfactory remedies.

But considering the formidable resources these defendants can muster to maintain the status quo that has so much benefited them so far, it is imperative that as many people as possible from the affected population pool their support to help finance this class action lawsuit. Although no additional details can be provided at this point, as per the regulations governing this form of judiciary action, regarding the specifics of this case, be assured that considerable efforts went into devising the best possible course of action to eventually achieve success, hopefully within a 5 year period once this case is certified and hearings begin.

We know our opponents will throw everything they can at us to prevent this from going ahead, yet we trust that the 1211 concerned citizens from Quebec who signed the mandate* to support Mr Charles O'Brien's effort represent only the tip of the iceberg of the support we can actually receive to help finance the considerable logistical effort required and the detailed scientific demonstration to be done by expert witnesses of the absolute validity of the claims to be submitted to the court, certainly up to the Supreme Court of Canada.

If you believe the time has come to put an end to the political and regulatory laissez faire environment that has been so detrimental to the health and peace of mind of a growing percentage of the population of Quebec, and are willing to provide financial support of any size - all contributions, small or large, will be most welcomed - please use any of the following methods to channel your support to this vital cause.

If you prefer to mail a check, please send it at Recours collectif, P.O. Box 84, St-Sauveur-des-Monts, Qc, J0R 1R0 and make your check payable to PACE inc. (which stands for Planetary Association for Clean Energy - It is a science-based organization, founded in 1975, whose expertise is recognized worldwide).

If you prefer to use your credit card or Paypal, please do so through the Donate button at

If you would rather prefer to call PACE to make your donation, you may call their office at (888) 639-7730, preferably during day time (otherwise you will need to leave your contact information on their answering machine so someone may call you back), stating that you call in the context of this request for financial support for the class action led by Mr Charles O'Brien.

A receipt for tax purpose will be provided for donations of 25$ and more. Obviously, no guarantee can be provided as to the likelihood of our success. Yet all donators will be kept informed in priority on the details and evolution of this case as soon we have secured the confirmation that the court has agreed to hear it.

I sincerely thank you for your upcoming support that will be an invaluable contribution to the eventual success of this class action lawsuit from which everyone will then greatly benefit.

Jean Hudon
Cofounder et webmaster
Coalition québécoise de lutte contre la pollution électromagnétique
Member of the Organizing Committee for the campaign Je garde mon compteur !

NOTE: Except for a very small administrative fee necessary to process and mail your receipt, your donation will go towards exclusively supporting this class action lawsuit. PACE's charitable number is 11925 1379 RR 0001. Please make sure to indicate the name and address of the person or corporation to whom the receipt must be issued.

* To review the initial request of support for the mandate given to Mr Charles O'Brien, click HERE.

A French version of this Request for Financial Assistance is available HERE.
NASA, Navy, Air Force Report Harmful Effects from RF Radiation.

NASA Report, 1981
A NASA report published in April 1981, titled "Electromagnetic Field Interactions with the Human Body: Observed Effects and Theories," discussed EMF and microwave RF radiation caused to humans. Effects of microwave radiation reported: headaches, sleep problems, neurological symptoms, cardiac symptoms, memory problems, increased cholesterol, gastritis, ulcers, increased fasting blood glucose, irritabiity, inability to concentrate, apprehension, and cataracts (clouding of posterior part of lens in those caused by microwave radiation instead of anterior clouding as seen with regular types).  Information for the NASA report was collected from over 1,000 written sources that "included journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, books, abstracts, and news items,"

Navy Report, 1971
On October 4, 1971, the Naval Medical Research Institute published a research report,"Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena ('Effects') and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation," which was a compilation of over 2000 references on the biological responses to RF microwave radiation.  It lists well over 100 negative biological effects caused by RF microwave radiation - here's a partial list from their report: corneal damage, tubular degeneration of testicles, brain heating, alteration of the diameter of blood vessels, liver enlargement, altered sex ratio of births, decreased fertility, sterility, altered fetal development, decreased lactation in nursing mothers, altered penal function, death, cranial nerve disorders, seizures, convulsions, depression, insomnia, hand tremors, chest pain, thrombosis, alteration in the rate of cellular division, anorexia, constipation, altered adrenal cortex activity, chromosome aberrations, tumors, altered orientation of animals, birds and fish, loss of hair, and sparking between dental fillings.

Air Force Report, 1994
A June 1994 US Air Force document, titled, "Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Biological Effects and Safety Standards: A Review," acknowledges the non-thermal health effects.  Stated in its abstract, "It is known that electromagnetic radiation has a biological effect on human tissue."  The introduction of the report states that "researchers have discovered a number of biological dysfunctions that can occur in living organisms" and that "exposure of the human body to RF/MW [radio frequency/microwave] radiation has many biological implications" that range from "innocuous sensation of warmth to serious physiological damage to the eye," and added that "there is also evidence that RF/MW radiation can cause cancer." Biological impacts: "damage to major organs, disruption of important biological processes, and the potential risk of cancer," among many others which include "mutagenic effects," "cardiovascular effects," negative effects on chromosomes, and notes that "Soviet investigators claim that exposure to low-level radiation can induce serious CNS [central nervous system] dysfunctions."

What's interesting is that these reports from US government agencies all document negative health effects from microwave RF radiation at levels below thermal thresholds, and they were all published before the 1996 Telecommunications Act was passed by Congress.  Section 704 of the TCA disallowed siting decisions for cell tower facilities based on health considerations as long as they don't exceed FCC's limits, which are thermal.  The only valid reason for rejection allowed by the TCA is aesthetics, so many cell tower facilities are camouflaged so that people would not see them. This is why cell towers are on school property and next to schools and residential areas, and you don't even know they are there.  How could this happen?  The 1996 TCA was passed after $50 million dollars in political contributions was made (p. 115, Zapped, by Ann Louise Gittleman, )  Since then telecom continues to obtain legislation in their favor, first with 6409a of the Middle Class Tax Relief Act which allows for colocations and approval of an additional 20' to a cell tower, then with AB 57 passing in California which allow for automatic approvals of cell tower applications if they are not processed within a certain time (150 days for new towers, 90 days for colocations) that they are submitted, and now they are lobbying to remove proof of significant gap from the 1996 TCA and replace with capacity. 

Even though doctors, scientists, and various groups have made about 1000 submissions asking the FCC to revisit limits since 2012,  little has been done by the FCC. ( Proceeding Number 13-84 on the FCC web site.   You can see the 1000 submissions here, ) Tom Wheeler, ex-President of the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) and FCC chairman since 2013, has done nothing but to promote the wireless industry since his appointment by President Obama after Wheeler bundled $700,000 in political contributions to Obama (bundling is a process of consolidating political contributions without having to identify the actual contributors)  Comcast and Verizon contributed about $1 million to Obama He approved $5 billion for school Wi-Fi , fined wireless companies paltry amounts ($50,000) for exceeding FCC's thermal limits, and made changes to the Telecom Act to encompass wireless internet in March 2015 (after Net Neutrality passed) when wireless internet was not included in the 1996 TCA prior to that.  Tom Wheeler is now helping Verizon to implement 5G   and pushing higher speeds by fining AT&T a record $100 million in June 2015 for not providing speeds as fast as advertised   

Cell towers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, laptops may all be FCC compliant, but understand that FCC compliance only means that there is not enough microwave radiation from it to cook you (i.e. cause a thermal effect).  FCC limits do NOT protect you from all health effects that are orders of magnitude below the thermal threshholds as found in peer reviewed studies.  FCC compliance is limited only to preventing heating effects.  The FCC limit is 1000uW/cm2 for 30 minutes for cell towers and Wi-Fi.  In areas near cell towers and Wi-Fi routers, my measurements show 0.1-1 uW/cm2.  However in areas more than 1500 ft from cell towers and without Wi-Fi routers closeby that value can be down to 0.0003uW/cm2 as it is in my backyard.  So when 3rd party RF measuring firms submit a report that says a cell tower facility or school environment is FCC compliant because it is only 1/10,000th of the FCC limit, it is true, sounds good and gives the layperson a sense of safety, but he does not realize that this value that is 1/10,000 of the FCC limit is already 1000 times higher than areas far away from a cell tower or router, and this is a chronic exposure 6 hrs/day, 5 days/wk, 40 wks/yr for kids in school.  Realize that this is the "safety" standard which our government is using to protect our children and all citizens.

You can read more on the FCC in Captured agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is dominated by the industries it presumably regulates written by NormAlster, Cambridge, MA:  Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University.  2015.  

Lesson from History of Tobacco
The tobacco industry knew since the '50s that tobacco caused cancer. But they funded scientific research that was intended to obfuscate its effects on health for decades. This has been done by, on the one hand denying the existing evidence, whilst on the other demanding absolute proof of causation and calling for more research. This research, much of which has been covertly funded by the tobacco industry, is designed to look at other causes of cancer and to water down the evidence linking smoking and disease. For example, the industry statements are peppered by fudging comments such as "unresolved" and "inconclusive.," Nothing has been "statistically proven", no "scientific causality", and no "conclusive proof". Sound familiar? 

The mobile telecom industry is about twice the size of the tobacco industry, which means the telecom industry is even more powerful.  The tobacco industry generated sales of $500 billion globally and $35 billion profit in 2012  The mobile telecom industry has generated almost $1 trillion revenue globally. 

In 1985, Dr Lennart Hardell, was one of the few scientists who said that Agent Orange was carcinogenic while Monsanto denied such claims (In 2013, Agent Orange (made by Monsanto) was determined to increase chance of prostate cancer by 52%. Veterans from the Vietnam War were exposed to it. Agent Orange was used to spray large areas in Laos and Vietnam to clear forests in order to build bases. One million Vietnamese suffered disabilities or health problems as well as birth defects in children. ) He is an oncologist and professor of oncology from Sweden who served on WHO IARC (World Health Organization Int'l Agency Research for Cancer) when it classified microwave RF radiation as 2B possible carcinogen in 2011.
Here's a video by Dr. Lennart Hardell, talking about the hazards of wireless radiation."



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