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16 December 2014


Documents Show Navy's Electromagnetic Warfare Training Would Harm Humans and Wildlife

Pall said he sees the entire regulating system as flawed, and there is ample scientific evidence to back his perspective.

"We know the claims that you only have to worry about heating effects are false; there is no question on that," he said. "All the assurances of safety are based on that assumption. So this whole thing is of great concern."

According to Pall, there is ample evidence of biological effects from EMF radiation that are "extremely worrisome." These include cellular DNA damage that causes cancer and infertility, "and both of these have been repeatedly reported to occur with low-level exposures."

Electromagnetic Hypers-Sensitivity and Human Rights
For those who suffer from the effects of EMFs and wireless radiation, the attached document may help you in your fight for safety and justice.
See the attached new document discussing EHS and human rights by Isaac Jamieson.

Mental health care needed by 1 in 6 Canadians

An estimated 600,000 Canadians have unmet mental health issues, survey suggests

Why do the medical authorities keep ignoring the fact that wireless radiation has major neurological effects and may be a significant reason why so many people are suffering mental health issues?
Notice the different headlines of two TV stations owned by cell phone companies (the same report as above)

Most Canadians feel positive about their lives: mental health report

Most Canadians have good mental health, feel positive about life: report
Canada - Mental health in the military

Statistics from the military show that 128 members of the regular forces and 32 reservists have committed suicide in the past decade.

A Statistics Canada survey released earlier this year suggests nearly one in six full-time members of the Canadian Forces experienced symptoms of mental health or alcohol-related disorders over several months in 2013.


Bell Canada (Cell Phone Company) makes $1M donation to mental health in Alberta

Cope told Calgary's business elite that mental health issues are the single largest cause of both short and long term disability claims in Canada.
Ontario's Auditor General (AG) released a scathing report on the province's electricity sector, particularly its rollout of the smart meter program, which it says was a rash decision that has, to date, cost more than double original estimates – and counting – and failed to produce any tangible benefits to ratepayers.
Few benefits from $2 billion smart meter program, auditor says

Ontario's $2 billion smart meter program hasn't delivered value, says auditor-general Bonnie Lysyk

Smart-meter fiasco brings out the worst in Bob Chiarelli

Ontario's $2-billion smart meter program missed goals: Auditor

Smart Meter installation cost Ontario nearly double original projection: AG


World's first medical study of smart-meter health complaints

Self-reporting of symptom development from exposure to radiofrequency fields of wireless smart meters in Victoria, Australia: a case series.

The participants' symptoms were the same as those reported by people exposed to radiofrequency fields emitted by devices other than smart meters. Interestingly, the vast majority of Victorian cases did not state that they had been sufferers of electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS) prior to exposure to the wireless meters, which points to the possibility that smart meters may have unique characteristics that lower people's threshold for symptom development.

Rollout of hated UK smart meters delayed again

In October consumer rights group Which? warned that "without immediate action the cost of the smart meter rollout is in danger of spiralling out of control", adding that "consumers will foot the bill"
European EHS Hearing

European associations defending the rights of EHS people regret we cannot personally participate in this hearing, because we have had knowledge of it with very little lead time, and we have not been directly notified by the organizing committee.

See the important attached letter:
This news headline seemed to be very incorrect, but not being a scientist, I did not know why they had made such a big mistake. 
Prof. Olle Johansson was kind enough to explain why this research had come to such a wrong conclusion!
Here is his brief explanation:

The obvious mistake is that they have taken one tiny piece from a 50,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, and based on it told us what the final image looks like.  Flavoproteins are just one group of proteins, there are so many other proteins, polypeptides, peptides, carbohydrate molecules, lipids, biogenic amines, amino acids, etc., etc., etc., so to be able to say anything one needs to check an additional huge number of molecules, and a huge, huge, huge number of their interactions, etc., etc., etc.

So, in essence (and maybe the scientists are not to be blamed but the Telegraph journalists/editors), the correct headline and article should have been "Mobile phones unlikely to harm human flavoproteins, scientists find"...?! 

Also the subheading is odd.  There are no "key proteins", all molecules are "key"; the ones that are not, evolution has already rid us of.  So "A single group of proteins in the human body are completely unaffected by the magnetic fields of mobile phones, scientists have found" would have been appropriate.

Finally, why was only so-called weak magnetic fields (WMFs) chosen?  Why not expose the molecules to the entire spectrum of an intact mobile phone?  Were they afraid that they then might have found something??

Olle Johansson, associate professor
The Experimental Dermatology Unit

Department of Neuroscience

Karolinska Institute

171 77 Stockholm


44 Reasons To Believe Cell Phones Can Cause Cancer

"On the cellular level, a multitude of studies found the type of damage from high frequency electromagnetic fields which is important for cancer initiation and cancer promotion."

New guidelines for treating tinnitus, or ringing in the ears

More than 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. Experts say it's the most common service-related disability among U.S. military veterans. Yet many people remain unsure what can be done about it.
It is not surprising that US military vets suffer what is often called tinnitus. 
They are subjected to very high levels of electro magnetic radiation in the form of radar, military communications and there own personal wireless gadgets. 
It appears that wireless radiation is a cause of the condition and continued wireless exposure makes it worse.
Microwave hearing may be a better way to describe the condition.
No Direct Link ?
Comment left with newspaper:
The expert panel reports no direct link between radio frequency radiation and health.  Maybe they should look at the thousands of scientific studies which show that RF has very significant biological effects on people.  Several studies show great increases of cancer in those who have been exposed to wireless radiation in the past.
The bio Initiative report has examined many scientific studies and explains that certain illnesses can be caused by wireless radiation exposure.
The report can be viewed on the Internet at
Letter - cellphone towers carry big risks
Our constitutional, civil and human rights have been taken away in section 704 of the Federal Communications Act of 1996, when government succumbed to industry pressure and facilitated the rollout of radiation-emitting antennas nationwide before conducting an adequate independent public health risk assessment.

Health effects of living near mobile phone base transceiver station (BTS) antennae: a report from Isfahan, Iran.

Shahbazi-Gahrouei D1, Karbalae M, Moradi HA, Baradaran-Ghahfarokhi M.

1Department of Medical Physics and Medical Engineering, School of Medicine, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences , Isfahan , Iran.


BACKGROUND: In recent years, by tremendous use of mobile phone telecommunication, a growing concern about the possible health hazards has increased greatly among public and scientists. The mobile phone exposure has been shown to have many effects upon the immune functions, stimulating hormones, mammalian brain, sperm motility and morphology, and neurological pathologies syndrome. The aim of this study was to find out the psychological and psychobiological reactions of the people who are living near mobile phone base transceiver stations (BTS) antenna, in Isfahan, Iran.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A cross-sectional study on 250 randomly selected inhabitants (133 women and 117 men) was performed in October 2012 till November 2012. The inhabitants were requested to complete a standardized questionnaire that focused on the relevant psychological and psychobiological reactions parameters. A computer program (SPSS version16.0, Chicago, IL) was used for statistical analysis using the Chi-square test with Yates correction. All the data were tested using a criterion level of p = 0.05.

RESULTS: The results showed that most of the symptoms such as nausea, headache, dizziness, irritability, discomfort, nervousness, depression, sleep disturbance, memory loss and lowering of libido were statistically significant in the inhabitants living near the BTS antenna (<300 m distances) compared to those living far from the BTS antenna (>300 m).

CONCLUSION: It is suggested that cellular phone BTS antenna should not be sited closer than 300 m to populations to minimize exposure of neighbors.

EMF Refugee
Research and Treatment European Group
The content of this website is the result of several years of clinico-biologic research efforts to diagnose and treat patients with self-reported electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity (EHS) and/or hyper-sensitivity to multiple chemical products i.e. " Multiple chemical Sensitivity" (MCS)
In the 1950s special clinics were set up in Moscow, Leningrad and other cities in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to study an occupational disease termed as the radio wave sickness.
The filmmaker debuted his documentary, Mobilize, at SF State Monday to call attention to the potential health impact of cellphone radiation. Kunze said that the project aimed to bring awareness to the issue and change people's behavior.

Who is spending what on lobbying

In case you ever wonder why policy makers in the U.S. ignore the concerns of experts and medical professionals about the health effects of wireless radiation technology, follow the money.

Last year, the CTIA and the four largest wireless companies in the U.S. spent $46.8 million or $128,000 per day lobbying policy makers. Altogether, telecom and telecom-related industries spent almost $100 million or $270,000 per day.
Avoid unnecessary imaging during pregnancy

The FDA has just issued a warning on ultrasound. If you follow the links, you will see this is a warning for non-ionizing radiation due to potential tissue heating. ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) is called for.  See link and notice below:


When you're allergic to a substance, your immune system mistakenly believes it is dangerous and produces immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies in an attempt to neutralize it. Chemicals such as histamine released into your bloodstream during this process can lead to a battery of symptoms any time you eat the food (although symptoms may not appear until hours later).
This seems to be very similar to the allergic reactions caused by exposure to EMFs.

Electromagnetic pulse exposure induces over-expression of beta amyloid protein in rats.

With the developing and widely used electromagnetic field (EMF) technology, more and more studies are focusing on the relationship between EMF and Alzheimer's disease (AD). Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is one type of widely used EMF. This study aimed to clarify whether EMP exposure could induce cognitive and memory impairment, thus finding a possible relationship between EMP and AD.

CONCLUSIONS: The present results showed that EMP exposure can cause long-term impairment in impaired cognition and memory of rats, resulting in AD-like symptoms. This may be induced by enhancing oxidative stress and is related to autophagy dysfunction.

EMF Refugee
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