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9 August 2011
Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?
A new EMF documentary, "Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?", was recently released and shown on television in New Zealand.
It is an excellent documentary, the picture quality is very good and the story is full of important information that is very interesting.

It was great to see several people from New Zealand, who have been fighting EMF issues over the years and many international experts who are interviewed.
David Ironside is the film maker and more information can be found at his web site:
Review of the documentary by emfacts :


UK Powerline EMF Study

Following the Swiss national study significantly associating AD with living close (within 50 metres) [Huss. et all, 2008; Residence Near Power Lines and Mortality From Neurodegenerative Diseases: Longitudinal Study of the Swiss Population] we are looking to contact people in the UK who believe this may have been a problem for their relatives. Please email:  with any information and contact details. Many thanks.



Ridiculing Green Party stance 'sad'

But even a good journalist is not perfect, and Fletcher just doesn't get that there is a serious health and environmental discussion raging right now about the effects of the electromagnetic radiation from wireless technology, such as cellphones, ...



Kindle Dangers  
Received Question Re Kindle: Kindle is only an issue as far as RF is concerned when it is downloading from the internet. If that functionality is turned off, the only remaining issue is the low frequency fields as you would have from any gadget like this. We do need to be asking questions like—does it make sense to keep an item like this—or PDA, that we also use for information storage—touching our body for long periods? Personally I would rather be touching the earth, where the earth’s electrons support the body physiologically, instead of for long periods being exposed to disruptive man-made frequencies. A small amount of exposure may be insignificant, but in today’s day and age when it is hard to avoid these kind of exposures, the total amount and chronic nature of these exposures is where we are getting into trouble. The Blackberry, when last I checked, had levels of magnetic fields that were above the level shown in research to cause miscarriage—and people lie around with items like this on their body or next to them on a bed. I don’t know how high the magnetic field from the Kindle gets, however this is something you could easily check with a gaussmeter ( If you can, I recommend you curl up with a real book at home or in school, and keep the Kindle for exceptions perhaps when traveling!

Camilla Rees    2:28pm Aug 8


  Please see the attached images from the U.K. Radiation Research Trust's 'Save the Male' Ad Campaign
Congratulations to the Radiation Research Trust on getting these posters educating men about fertility risks from cell phone radiation disseminated in men's bathrooms in the U.K.!!

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