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1 August 2011
How Smart Meters can cause autism and cancer
I wrote this article in support of many people in California who are already suffering serious health problems from their new smart meters. It is currently on the Front Page of the August Newsletter of MCS-America at
Please feel free to share it with all who already are, or shortly will be, affected.
Parents Appeal Cell Towers at Schools
A group of Montgomery County parents say the county's Board of Education violated state law by renting public school property to cell phone companies for cell towers.
The Globe and Mail Mon Aug, 1st

The Latest Danger—'Smart Meters'

Dr Mercola July 9th, 2011
If you are interested in attending an EHS support group or information session in Toronto, on Tuesday, August 9/2011 from 7PM-8:30 please contact Veronica Ciandre @ 416 839-7544 or send me an email at iamascending@gmail.com
Dear Premier Clark and Mr. Colemen,
At the link www.dtechsepm.com under "smart meters" are interesting facts about the limitation of these meters to identify pre-meter power divergence which attributes to 96% of power theft. The Ontario Energy Board confirms this:
         "Theft of power may be detected more easily if it involves meter tampering. However, theft accomplished by tapping conductors before they reach the meter would not be detected by smart   metering."  Ontario Energy Boards "Smart Meter Initiative" Working Group
According to the founder of dTech who has studied power theft in depth, only 4% of power theft occurs at the meter. Without further expensive infrastructure investments theft at the conductor cannot and will not be detected.
This is the second article I've sent you which refutes the entire reason for this billion dollar program.
I ask you, Premier Clark and Mr. Coleman, were you aware of this fact? How can you justify continuing with a program for which there is absolutely no business case?
I look forward to receiving a response.
Yours truly,
Sharon Noble
Chair, Citizens Against Unsafe Emissions
818 Bexhill Place
Victoria, BC
I have made a number of updates to my website, www.electricalpollution.com.  

I have made several updates to the Solutions page and Smart meter page, including instructions on how to shield transmitting meters while you work on getting them removed.  I have also included links to the press release from Maine and information about filing a complaint with the NY State PSC (non-New Yorkers can do this as well.)   I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to file complaints - it took 40,000 complaints from Katrina victims to get the issue of contaminated building supplies to get attention.  I know that there are probably that many people out there, but you all have to do your bit and file complaints or no one will know what happened - or care.  Our numbers are our strength.

NYS State Public Service Commission - Even persons who are not residents of NY State can file a complaint with them about AMR, transmitting, or "smart" utility meters. This can be done by emailing them at: secretary@dps.state.ny.us with "Smart Grid Case # 10E0285 Complaint Dangerous "smart" Meter" in the subject line or by filing a complaint at http://documents.dps.state.ny.us/public/MatterManagement/CaseMaster.aspx?MatterCaseNo=10-E-0285 using Case # 10-E -0285

I have added information that might help with getting a doctor's letter requesting that the transmitting meters be removed.  There is even a simple sample letter which will, of course, need customizing.

I have added a link to the parent-run website dedicated to getting WiFi removed from schools due to the health hazards it poses for children.  http://www.safeschool.ca 

I hope that you find this information helpful.  

Best, Catherine
Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

For your information.

Best regards,
Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega
Member of the Buergerwelle Germany (incorporated society)
Protectorate Union of the Citizens and Initiatives for the Protection against Electrosmog

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Next-up News Nr 1760

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