Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cell Phone Brain Cancer? / Zero Conception in the Homezone / Phone Masts and Wireless Computing / Microwave Cooking: Risk to Your Health

This excellent video was recorded on US nation-wide television earlier tonight:


Cell Phone Brain Cancer?

Airtime: Tues. Dec. 22 2009 | ndard e) ET

Debating whether cell phones can be linked to brain cancers and whether the government should force telecom companies to put cancer warnings on cell phones, with Lloyd Morgan Central Brain Tumor Registry of the U.S.; Andrea Boland, (D-ME); Stewart Fleishman, MD, Continuum Cancer Centers of NY and NBC's Brian Mooar.

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Zero Conception in the Homezone

The quality of the male sperm is supposed to decrease for years now. Already in 1992, Carlsen and his colleagues asserted this due to the evidence they found for a decreasing sperm count and volumes of ejaculation over the previous 50 years. A study for New Zealand men verified similar results last year.

Others counter: It's all not that bad… Those who consider rather methodological problems responsible for the supposedly dwindling manhood and even talk about a myth. Sperm crisis? What crisis?
And while this controversy about sperm counts and –volumes continues evidences mount that oxidative stress from mobile transmission devices threaten the little baby-makers – namely when the cell phone is carried around in the pants pocket or on the belt. In the middle of the decade, a Hungarian study caused a riot. It was published in 2005 but was already introduced during the congress of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in 2004. Back then the Hungarian researcher Imre Fejes had examined 451 men and interviewed them about their cell phone using habits. Fejes was particularly interested in the sperm count and their motility. He was able to show: The longer the test persons carried their turned-on cell phones around attached on or around the belt, the more the number of sperms decreased.
According to the "Welt" (newspaper in Germany), the former ESHRE president Prof. Dr. Hans Evers commented the results with the following words: "Perhaps cell phone users in Hungary have a particularly stressful life or they come from a different social class than the 'non-cell phone users'."

Sperms suffer from oxygen stress

Here the reference to stress is basically right. But most likely this stress does not bother the "cell phone on the belt carriers", but their sperm. Two studies point in this direction, both published in the last few weeks. In Australia, 22 healthy young men, average age 24.1 years, donated their sperm for the sciences. Researchers exposed their prepared and cleaned sperm to an electromagnetic radiation with a frequency of 1.8 GHz and specific absorption rates of 0.4 W/kg to 27.5 W/kg over night. Afterwards the sperm showed a significant reduction of motility and vitality. On the other hand, the mitochondrial production of reactive oxygen species – oxygen-containing molecules like super-oxides and peroxides which are very instable and highly reactive, increased. They are capable of damaging cells by oxidative stress. In addition, the number of DNA nicks increased significantly under the electromagnetic exposure.
This result is supported by similar findings in the USA. There 23 healthy and nine infertile men gave their very best. The sperm was separated and one portion each was exposed for one hour to an electromagnetic radiation complying with the one radiated from a cell phone in standby-mode. The second portion was for control purposes. Here as well, under radiation the reactive oxygen species increased while the sperm motility and vitality decreased.

How far off the testicles should the cell phone be?

The Australian authors of the study appear to be alarmed by the results of their studies. They fear that especially the high rate of DNA nicks in the sperm might have negative consequences for the health of the children if their fathers frequently carried their cell phone in the pants pocket or on the belt during the time of conception. They strongly advise men against carrying their cell phone anywhere near the beltline or even worse – below. The Americans take that less dramatic. They have realized correctly that their in-vitro study can be transferred only partly to the "real world". Usually there are several layers of cloths between cell phone and testicles. Further studies are now supposed to clear what protection the cloths actually provide. Whether the mobile communication center inside a man's pocket and the little toddler in his arms exclude each other – the future will have to tell.

Zero conception in the homezone


Professor Roger Santini in France reported on 530 people who were exposed to mobile phone mast antenna radiation and described 18 of their symptoms, ...


Microwave Cooking, Microwave Convenience Food: Risk to Your Health

Friday, December 18, 2009
Recently reported in Breaking News on Supplements & Nutrition there seems to be a trend in ethnic and natural foods for convenience over health benefit.Convenience and healthy eating trends are driving demand for microwave packaging in the US, which is forecast to climb seven per cent annually to $2.4bn in 2013, according to a report from US analysts, the Freedonia Group.

Read Complete Article: Health and convenience boosting microwave packaging, report
What I believe is important is to first understand more about the impact a microwave cooking and your health.

William Kopp who has written extensively on the impact of microwaving food and how this can effect health notes that

* Microwaved meats contain d-nitrosodiethanolamine, a well-known carcinogen.

* Cancer-causing agents are created in the protein-hydrolysate compounds in milk and grains.

* The molecular composition of proteins and natural sugars is unnaturally altered.

* Even brief exposures of raw, cooked or frozen vegetables to microwaves enhance the production of alkaloids (such as caffeine, morphine and strychnine) that are harmful to the human body. (MY NOTE/ x-ref: "Steamers")

* The availability of vitamin complexes A, B, C and E, and essential minerals is vastly reduced.

* The microwaves in the food bind with atmospheric radioactivity, creating additional harmful radiation.

People who consistently rely on microwaved food can suffer from:

1.) hormone imbalance

2.) damage to the electrical functioning of the nervous system

3.) a disruption in the cellular membrane electrical potentials

4.) significant loss of vital energy

5.) a higher-than-normal percentage of cancerous cells in their blood serum

6.) Researchers have even detected significant levels of disruption in alpha, delta, and theta brain waves. "Because of the disarranged brain waves," Kopp points out,

7.) "negative psychological effects also result. These include loss of memory and the ability to concentrate, suppressed emotional threshold, deceleration of intellective processes and interrupt[ed] sleep episodes."

Kopp concludes that in the short term, "microwave oven radiation disrupts the electrical field of the body, which in turn affects functioning on biological, chemical and physiological levels. Being within just a three foot range of a microwave oven will expose you to these dangers."

(MY NOTE/ N.B.: Applies also to cell phone, wi-fi et al)

Other health impact may include elevated cholesterol, obesity, increased white blood cell count, decreased numbers of red blood cells, and creation of foreign compounds.
While you may think you need these convenience foods, studies showed that the difference in prepared meals v. microwave meals is about 5 minutes.
Isn't your health worth an extra five minutes?