Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dundee Leukaemia risk for school / Pub bans mobile phone use / LED light bulbs not electrically polluting / Funds to study cell phone safety / EMF workshop

Dundee Council ignore Childhood Leukaemia risk for school

Power Watch News

Dundee Council are planning to build large new primary school and nursery alongside high-voltage overhead powerlines. Despite the advice from both the UK Department of Health SAGE Process report, the Health Protection Agency and the Westminster Parliamentary Cross Party Inquiry Report (see below) into developments close to powerlines, Dundee Council rely instead on information gained from mis-interpreting an electrical industry "Fact Sheet". They have decided to build the new school and nursery right next to the powerlines when they have another site, well away from the powerlines, that would cost the same to develop and meet all their non-financial requirements.

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Pub bans mobile phone use

By Tom Kelly
Last updated at 8:33 AM on 02nd September 2009

A pub has stopped drinkers from using mobile phones as part of a crackdown on 'antisocial customers'. Staff at the Court Inn in Durham order patrons outside if they want to make calls. Landlord Harry Walker brought in the rule after getting fed up with the racket from customers talking on their mobiles. 'It makes for a very anti-social atmosphere when people use their phones,' he said.

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Good News for Energy Efficiency and Health:
LED light bulbs are not electrically polluting

LED light bulbs are not electrically polluting, are highly energy efficient, and won't break and contaminate your house with mercury. According to Dave Stetzer, President of Stetzer Electric, none of the LED light bulbs he has tested thus far have radiated high frequencies or put high frequencies back on the wiring. This makes LED lights the best choice thus far for energy efficient lighting.

See for more information about the health consequences of exposure to electrical pollution and the hazards of compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Please pass this on widely. Everyone should be aware of the hazards of compact fluorescent light bulbs and the safe energy efficient alternative
September 2, 2009 4:00 AM PDT

Researchers seek funds to study cell phone safety

Are cell phones safe? For years, studies have provided conflicting conclusions. Today, there is still no clear answer. But experts agree on one thing: more research is needed to find out the answer.
Marguerite Reardon has been a CNET News reporter since 2004, covering cell phone services, broadband, citywide Wi-Fi, the Net neutrality debate, as well as the ongoing consolidation of the phone companies. E-mail Maggie.
Please note the educational-credit, certificate-granting, October 23-25 Toronto EMF workshop,
It will be held at the Travelodge Hotel - Toronto Airport, which has low EMF. 
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