Friday, June 19, 2009

Interphone study flaws / Norwegian documentary / B.C. Police Chiefs want cellphone driving ban / Constant radiation: threat to children

Powerwatch Breaking News: 18/06/2009

Interphone study flaws, DECT phone radiation ignored.

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Hi Martin,
Some time ago Robert Riedlinger asked me if I had heard a radio interview with Victoria (and formerly Vancouver) Police Chief Jamie Graham being interviewed about the dangers of driving while talking on a cellphone.  Chief Graham said that he wasn't aware of any scientific documentation on the issue and would be open to it if it was sent to him.  I called police information and got his email address and sent him several published studies (which showed both handheld and handsfree increased risks) and other pertinent documentation.  It's good to see that they are paying attention.
Yet another one...

Gullbrandsson A, Johansson O, "Ständig strålning hot mot våra barns hälsa" ("Constant radiation is a threat to our children's health", in Swedish), Sundsvalls Tidning 14/6 2009

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