Monday, May 18, 2009

Philip Parkin speaks up against WiFi / Publicity campaign in Barcelona

From Powerwatch UK

Philip Parkin speaks up against WiFi

Philip Parkin, general secretary of "Voice: the union for education professionals", has spoken out in a comprehensive interview covering a number of controversial areas of the existing education system. The first four questions were based on the proliferation of WiFi in UK primary and secondary schools and whether the rollout is appropriate in the light of existence evidence and understanding of the science on similar technologies. In response to these, Philip covered the most relevant points from the point of view of concern over the uncertainty of whether a risk will be present, and if so what sort of prevalence and severity the increase in risk is likely to be.

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- BARCELONA (Spain) Publicity campaign in Barcelona: Health YES, Relay Antennas NO.
Taking the information into the street. Giving out documents and getting people to sign petitions.

- WHO: make the truth known

- Associated Press: "WHO criticized for neglecting evidence"

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- EHS in distress: Following the categoric refusal of the planning application for the White Zone Health Zone in France (dossier in progress), on 1 June 2009 a temporary emergency refuge will be made available, entirely free of charge. Only a few places available. Those who are EHS have to provide their own accommodation (caravans in aluminium sheet or camping cars). NB: this is not a White Zone strictly speaking, but a low-radiation zone.

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