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7 January 2017

Health Implications of Long-term Exposure to Electrosmog
The Competence Initiative has released another brochure in English.

Karl Hecht: Health Implications of Long-term Exposure to Electrosmog (English edition 2016)

"The review findings by Hecht—which disappeared into the government archives as soon as they had been submitted and which we are now making available to the public in this brochure in its most comprehensive form to date—are based on the assessment of 878 Russian studies between 1960 and 1997. To pretend as if there were no connection between microwave technologies from the past and those from today is like burying one's head in the sand. This tactic is well illustrated by the current politics regarding radar victims and the increasing group of persons with electromagnetic hypersensitivity."

(Olle Johansson, associate professor
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm
Bluetooth Spreading Like a Virus?
Bluetooth is the best-selling wireless technology in the world. Billions of radios have been made and sold. Now Bluetooth is ready to add to that impressive outcome with the announcement of its latest version Bluetooth 5.
How appropriate that they use the word "strain"—like an unwanted virus that spreads to cause illness or worse—as this new iteration of Bluetooth RF covers greater distances, faster, heftier, more intact, and usually accompanied by an older strain.

eNodeB - What are they?

These "smart cells" - cellular micro-antennas installed on all power grid poles located near populated places and precursors of 5G - deployed by Telus, spread like a plague across Canada ... A threat that might be even bigger than "smart" meters. And the infamous Death / Health Canada obviously does not control any of that! 
The range of small cells is 100-150 meters - 500 feet. Uses about 120W. Operate on two frequencies: 1900 MHz - UMTS - 3G technology - and 2100 MHz - LTE- 4G technology. 
Cancers and cases of electrosensitivity will multiply at lightning speed !!
Ces "smart cells" - des micro-antennes de cellulaire installées en douce sur tous les poteaux du réseau électrique situés près de lieux habités et précurseurs de la 5G - déployés par Télus se répandent comme une plaie partout au Canada... Une menace peut-être plus grande encore que les compteurs "intelligents". Et l'infâme Mort/Santé Canada ne fait évidemment rien pour contrôler cela!  
Range of small cells is 100-150 meters - 500 feet. Uses about 120W. Operate on two frequencies: 1900 MHz - UMTS - 3G technology - and 2100 MHz - LTE- 4G technology.
Les cancers et les cas d'électrosensibilité vont se multiplier à une vitesse foudroyante!

Check this map and zoom in to see the wireless systems in your neighbourhood:
It is quite scary, specially when you consider that it does not include smart meters, cell phones, cordless telephones and other wireless devices.

Most of North America is now extremeley irradiated by cancer-causing microwaves.  According to there are now over 7 million cellphone antennas worldwide and over 300 millions Wi-Fi emitters. And there is no end in sight to the exponential expansion of these death arrays. Greed and short-sightedness are leading us directly into oblivion!


Defeat NIMBYs With pCell's Wireless Antenna Disguised as a Wire

An antenna that can slip into a standard cable without calling attention to itself.  What's more, these devices can sit right beside each other within the cable.

Smart electricity meters, of which more than 100m are installed across the world, are frequently "dangerously insecure", a security expert has warned.
also video of entire speech

The meters are designed to treat their owners as attackers: you are your smart meter's adversary, because if you could control it, you could use it to ...
Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors
Interesting patent from 2001/2003.  Several other similar patents are listed at the bottom of the page.
A method for manipulating the nervous system of a subject located near a monitor, the monitor emitting an electromagnetic field when displaying an image by virtue of the physical display process, the subject having a sensory resonance frequency.

Krakow's citizens to be trained to measure exposure to EMFs
Krakow, Poland leads the world in responsible control of EMFs
By John Weigel

KRAKOW -  The International Forum on Protection from Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution subtitled "Right to Information for Citizens" learned Monday in the 16th Century Krakow Hall of Sessions that responsible government, professional scientific advice and citizen participation can address the runaway explosion of electromagnetic radiation that is causing disease and death to as many as 200 million worldwide.
The two major initiatives addressed the issue of inappropriate zoning issures surrounding the location of communications masts and a program where electromagnetic monitoring equipment is to be made available to citizens to allow them to measure levels of electromagnetic radiation.
 In talks by both Stawomir Mazurek, Under Secretary of State with the Polish Ministry of Environment, and Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, whose brief as head of the Supreme Audit office argued for transparency and tight zoning regulations. Both men noted dedication to avoiding the opportunity for corruption.
 "Without access to information, we can neither fight threats nor avoid them," said Prof. Jacek Majchrowski, historian, who opened the forum.  Majchrowski is the first Polish mayor ever voted in by popular ballot. . "Protection against the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields is a very hot topic." He said. "2016 seems to be a breakthrough in this field, including - thanks to the enormous commitment of the social side, thanks to activists, as well as the local government of
 Majchrowski also noted that for several years Krakow (as in the rest of the world) residents protested location of new stations of mobile telephony and increasing power antennas, thus being exposed to increased emissions of artificial electromagnetic field (EMF). Starting in 2012, the councillors of the City of
Krakow passed three resolutions on the issue to the highest authorities of the Republic of Poland and then took concrete action. A budget has been allocated for the purchase of modern equipment to measure electromagnetic fields. A Municipal Centre for Dialogue has been established where citizens can visit and discuss how they are being affected by electromagnetic radiation.
 The Forum Initiative was spearheaded by two women, City Councillor Marta Patena, a secondary school teacher, and Dr. Barbara Galdzinska-Calik, vice president of the James Clerk Maxwell Institute and an expert on EMFs. Patena and Galdzinska-Calik are also participants in the drive for a European Citizens' Initiative to limit radiation exposure from the multitude of sources of microwave radiation.
 According to Cllr, Patena, "The forum is the first of a proposed annual - and therefore regular - meeting  in Krakow City Council, which will be presented with corrective action and innovation to improve the standard of living of the inhabitants of Krakow due to electromagnetic fields.
"Keep in mind," said Patena, "that the public has a right to full information about the state of the environment in which he lives. This ensures a number of legal instruments: EU and national, including the Aarhus Convention, the Directive of the European Parliament on public access to environmental information, the Environmental Protection Law and the Constitution, in particular  Article 74 Everyone has the right to information on the state and protection of the environment."
 Patena's explanation is in direct contradiction to the response of municipalities and governments around the world, making
Krakow a frontrunner in addressing the issue of harm from electromagnetic / microwave communications emissions.
Dr. Galdzinska-Calik holds a PhD in economics with postgraduate studies in the field of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety. She stands at the front line as the link between citizens and government in twice-monthly consultation sessions with people who are concerned about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on their health.  Her involvement parallels the experience of British activist Eileen O'Connor ! "We lived in a place with three big BTSs & neighbours  were dying. We survived, but our daughter has become EHS." A BTS is a base transceiver station which is the hardware for wireless communications, cell phones and the GSM (Global System for Mobile communication).
 For her, the purpose of the forum is simply "to Inform and to show Krakow's activities concerning EMF pollution."

 Expert testimony in support of Krakow's activities was provided by Sissel Halmoy of Norway as president of the International EMF Alliance. Halmoy to the group, "In 1985 I was hospitalised for 14 days in an emergency unit, a  total collapse with unknown condition". She was diagnosed with a virus infection of the brain. After three months she returned to work and immediately suffered a severe headache and it was discovered that her office was built over an electrical transformer. "It was not a virus infection of the brain. It was radiation sickness," she said. "I was 'lucky', my doctor couldn´t help, but my boss was an electro engineer. He understood and he helped me."

The International EMF Alliance (IEMFA)            is supported  by more than 50 independent and empirically-based scientific experts on living processes – with a multilevel, multidisciplinary health focus and     collaborates  with more than 100  leading life-science institutions    and non-governmental organizations worldwide.   ,
 Further scientific evidence was provided by Prof. Olle Johansson, of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, and Prof. Dr. hab Wlodzimierz Klonowski.
 Prof. Johansson discussed The Adverse Health Effects of Modern Electromagnetic Fields from Wireless Telecommunication and Prof. Klonowski discussed Non-thermal Interactions of EMFs with Organisms.

For further information (in Polish) regarding the Forum visit:,48,komunikat,o_zanieczyszczeniach_polami_elektromagnetycznymi_podczas_miedzynarodowego_forum_ochrony_srodowiska.html
Comment to newspaper
Avoid the Wi Fi Radiation

I complement the village for installing fibre optic, but why would you want to blanket the entire village with a carcinogen (Wi Fi microwave radiation) which damages DNA, changes blood composition, causes depression, causes sleep disruption, is linked to many different cancers and many other serious illnesses?

Why not attach all residencies to the safe fibre optic system and advise citizens to avoid wireless radiation?

The dangers of wireless radiation can be studied here - a comprehensive scientific report that has been produced by nineteen EMF specialist scientists and ten medical experts.
More Wireless from Space
After the explosion in September of one of its rockets, SpaceX is now ready to get back into the business of sending payloads to space, the company announced on Monday, with its next rocket headed to orbit as soon as Sunday.

The next SpaceX launch is to carry a 10-pack of satellites for Iridium Communications, which provides communications services including satellite telephones through a constellation of satellites. Iridium is looking to replace the surviving 65 original satellites with 70 new satellites, each about the size of a Mini Cooper car.

"They're essentially digital meters that have a 1-watt radio in them, and they can communicate with the utility," he explains.  
Comment to newspaper 

Smart meters emit strong pulses of microwave wireless radiation. Across North America, in areas where smart meters have been installed, many people have reported very serious adverse health effects. Some people have had to leave their homes because of the harm caused to their health.
The community needs to conduct research into the known and well researched health effects of microwave radiation, before they allow this danger into their community. is a very good place to learn about the health effects. will give you much more information about the dangers posed by smart meters.


People who believe smart meters are harmful are doing their own thinking

This is in response to the lady who seems to think that the people that think smart meters harm people are uneducated. You know, you're their living lab rat, lady. You'll be the proof one way or another. In 20 years, let me know how you fair from that test. I'll just pay to keep it shut off on my home. I didn't want it anyhow. Why don't you read the California (Prevention publication), or how about those doctors from prestigious universities who use words like "harmful," "questionable," oh oh, and that big one: "carcinogenic!" Hmmm. Is that person educated enough for you? Oh and I forgot, you work for DTE, don't you? Good luck! You may need it. I'm not uneducated, but then I'm not brainwashed either. I'm inquisitive, and I do my own damn thinking. Thank you.


"Technology becomes your Achilles heel if you don't do the right things," said Nuno Medeiros, information systems officer at Portugal's power distribution company EDP Distribuição.

In October, residents of two apartment buildings in eastern Finland were left in the cold for about a week after a hacking attack disabled computers controlling heating and warm water systems. In 2016, Israel and Turkey reported hack attacks. In 2015, hackers infected the workstation of a Ukrainian utility company with malware, triggering an hours-long blackout affecting about 80,000 people in the western part of the country. Ukraine reported that another wave of hacks caused blackouts in Kiev last month.

The utility is a key life-line of the country and its economy. Security breaches can potentially be catastrophic and destabilize the operation of the utility, including the loss of revenue, damaged reputation, and diminished brand value.
Staff at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio have recommended approving a request from the electric utility to skip mandatory in-person power cut-off notifications to hostile customers.

Cell Phones, Brain Cancer and Public Health with Katie Singer

Personal fitness coach, Ryan Munsey of, interviews Katie Singer about why and how to reduce your household's exposure to screen-time and man-made electromagnetic radiation.

Sweden Implements Inventive Plan to Recycle Christmas Trees

In the construction industry, the extremely low thermal conductivity and ability to absorb water makes biochar outstanding for insulating and regulating humidity in buildings.22 Biochar also efficiently absorbs electromagnetic radiation, making for a healthier interior environment.
As biochar is an excellent absorbent material, it may even be added to mattresses and pillows to absorb perspiration and odors, and shield against electromagnetic radiation. The insulation qualities help reflect heat and reduce heat build-up during the summer months.
Links between Multiple Sclerosis and Exposure to Electro Magnetic Fields?
I have had a very interesting realization and insight. For several years, I have tried to help and support a family with an electrohypersensitive 34-year old daughter in Germany, and now I begin to see the light. During the Christmas holidays I have continued my work for them, and we are currently trying to put more and more pieces of their biomedical jigsaw puzzle together.

The daughter's history goes like this: At the age of eight (in 1990) she developed a claimed sensitivity to the family's computer/computer screen, later followed by the wireless indoor DECT phone, the mobile phone bought around 1995, and other household installations. Her parents did, however, not believe her at all and tried to get her to let go of these "wrong ideas", they even scolded her and treated her harshly due to her "imaginations". She then learnt to hide her electrohypersensitivity, but at the age of 16 her problems had escalated to such a level that it became impossible to continue doing so. She was acutely admitted to the high school nurse who referred her to a university medical doctor who, in turn, examined her and concluded that she had developed an early form of an "atypical MS", however not presenting the typical initial symptoms of MS (such as tingling, weakness in arms/legs, reduced (or loss of) balance, thinking problems, blurred or double vision, lack of coordination/clumsiness, numbness), but rather skin rashes, cutaneous heat sensations, redness, itch, pricking pain, concentration capacity reductions, short-term memory dysfunction, and irregular heart palpitations. She was admitted into a medical treatment program - including i.a. retarding medicines and cortison - as well as physiotherapy, which all, to the physicians as well as her parents surprise, had no or very little effect on her symptoms.

At this moment in time (around the year 2000), I was contacted by the parents, and they slowly started to reconsider her "imaginations", especially since her "atypical MS" became much better only when she was rid of the EMF exposure, and they slowly realized that their daughter - all the time since 8 years of age - may have been dead right in claiming her sensitivity to electric installations, such as the computer screen and mobile phone. By shielding their home - which was completed at her 20th birthday in 2002 - as well as allowing her to spend all possible time away from our modern society, her situation gradually became better and better, and now - at the age of 34 - she copes quite well with her electrohypersensitivity, and is about to get a new job and a new place of living in 2017. So hopefully it will end in brightness rather than in darkness.


The interesting thing with her medical history is that the wrongly proclaimed diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) normally should have been based on demonstrating evidence of inflammatory-demyelinating injury within the central nervous system that is disseminated in both time and space. Diagnosis is made through a combination of the clinical history, neurologic examination, magnetic resonance imaging and the exclusion of other diagnostic possibilities. Other so-called "paraclinical" tests, including the examination of the cerebrospinal fluid, the recording of evoked potentials, urodynamic studies of bladder function, and ocular coherence tomography, may be helpful in establishing the diagnosis for individual patients, but are often unnecessary. Differential diagnosis in MS must be guided by clinical presentation and neurologic localization. While the list of conditions that can mimic MS clinically or radiologically is long, in clinical practice there are few conditions that truly mimic MS on both fronts. A positive test for a putative MS "mimic" does not unto itself exclude the diagnosis of MS. Typical symptoms of MS include discrete episodes ("attacks" or "relapses") of numbness, tingling, weakness, vision loss, gait impairment, incoordination, imbalance, and bladder dysfunction. In between attacks, patients tend to be stable, but may experience fatigue and heat sensitivity. Some MS patients go on to experience, or only experience, an insidious worsening of neurologic function and accumulation of disability ("progression") that is not associated with discrete relapse activity. Progression accounts for most of the long-term disability in MS. Diagnostic criteria for MS have evolved over the past several decades, with each revision impacting the apparent prevalence and prognosis of the disorder - the result has been to encourage earlier diagnosis without compromising accuracy.

But the existence of an "atypical MS" improving itself in EMF-reduced exposure situations is not known to clinical science, but may be an important suggestion about something completely different in it's own right (cf. below).


As pointed out by Mary Redmayne and myself in our paper Redmayne M, Johansson O, "Could myelin damage from radiofrequency electromagnetic field exposure help explain the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity? A review of the evidence", J Toxicol Environ Health B Crit Rev 2014; 17(5): 247-58. doi: 10.1080/10937404.2014.923356, from our literature studies a picture began to emerge in RF-EMF-exposed cases namely a greater risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) in a study subgroup; and physical symptoms in individuals with the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity, many of which are the same as if myelin were affected by RF-EMF exposure, giving rise to symptoms of demyelination (thus mimicking MS). Overall, evidence from in vivo and in vitro and epidemiological studies suggests an association between RF-EMF exposure and either myelin deterioration or a direct impact on neuronal conduction, which may account for many electrohypersensitivity symptoms.


So the final obvious questions, based on the above-referred case of electrohypersensitivity/"atypical MS" must be: 1) can artificial (and natural?) EMFs be one of the causes of MS (up till now there are no acknowledged causes of MS described); and 2) are there actually MS patients that are not, but rather are victims of EHS, thus with an environment as the 'patient' to be successfully 'treated' ... instead of a person?

With my very best regards
Yours sincerely
(Olle Johansson, associate professor
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

Mystery 'Star Wars blaster fire' sound coming from the Northern Lights is travelling through power lines and getting people spooked

The comment below by a reader may help to explain why millions of people are suffering tinnitus and others hearing 'the hum'.  We know that electrical systems are acting like antennas and transmitting RF.  Its reasonable to believe that  home electrical wiring is also acting as antennae and speakers, bringing more RF pollution in our neighbourhoods and homes, and causing (unbearable) tinnitus type noise for many people.
Comment by Ben Hutchinson
It's a phenomenon called "auroral chorus". The aurora generates VLF radio waves, which are radio waves in the same range as audible sound, but because they are electromagnetic, you can't hear them directly (your ears pick up only mechanical vibrations, not electromagnetic waves). However, you can hear it if you have an antenna, an audio amplifier, and a speaker (no radio tuner required, because the signal is already in the audible frequency range). However, sometimes you can hear it when something else in your surroundings is behaving as an antenna, amplifier, and speaker. In this case, it appears to be the power lines. As they are very long (many miles in fact), they make great antennas, and the oscillating electric current induced in them from the VLF radio waves, is quite strong, so no amplifier is required to boost the signal strength. All you need then is a speaker to convert the electrical signal into mechanical vibrations (sound waves). It turns out, that the power lines can fill this role too. When the oscillating current from the VLF radio waves flows through them, the oscillating current generates an oscillating magnetic field, which causes the adjacent wires (power lines usually come in sets of three) to attract each other in varying amounts. As this force of attraction oscillates in response to the induced oscillating current, the power lines themselves will vibrate at this frequency, producing the sound waves you hear.
Jonathan Rouzé  Master's Thesis
An excellent paper written by Jonathan Rouzé as part of his master's thesis. You will find plenty of testimonials from electrosensitive people, helping people who are not aware of the magnitude of the difficulties that victims of this allergy to electromagnetic fields is becoming increasingly widespread. It is available (in French) at:

Top Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation News Stories in 2016


This scientist re-wires frogs to grow extra limbs. Could it work in humans?

To do this, Levin traverses the most infinitesimal of passages. Across the surface of each cell sit hollow proteins known as ion channels. Charged molecules (or ions) surge through these pathways, entering and exiting cells and changing cell polarities and voltage gradients (the difference in voltage across the body). Tiny gates inside the channels control flow, swinging open and closed based on certain signals; when enough gates open, ions flood the cell and change its charge. The cell passes information to its neighbors through another group of gated proteins called "gap junctions." By deploying such microscopic tools as neurotoxins, Levin easily opens or blocks channels, flooding them with ions or strangling them. In the process, he creates creatures that nature never designed and that few of us have ever imagined.

Wi-Fi Alliance® publishes 7 for '17 Wi-Fi® predictions

With more than three billion Wi-Fi device shipments expected in 2017 and more than eight billion devices currently in use around the world, Wi-Fi continues to have a major impact on everything from home networking to Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and the Internet of Things (IoT). As more people around the world rely on Wi-Fi each day for productivity and access to data, Wi-Fi is also playing a more prominent role in our expanding communications infrastructure.

China Continues to Lead Global Smart Electric Meter Market

In the coming decade, the second-generation smart meter market (replacements and upgrades) within these highly penetrated regions will begin to present significant revenue stream opportunities for product vendors and systems integrators, according to the report.

Healing Frequencies Will Replace Modern Medicine as the Cure to All Diseases

An interview with Dr. Stephen Tashiro on energy medicine and  FCT (field control therapy). What is it, and how it works synergistically with the human body in a new and positive approach to healthcare.
EMF Refugee
More False Information from Health Canada
Please find attached a response to your correspondence sent to the Minister of Health.  (HESA petition)

Thank you.

Health Canada

Swiss Council of States rejects rise to radiation limits

Tuesday 13 December 2016

The Swiss Council of States has voted against a motion to raise the upper limit on radiation transmissions from mobile radio antennas.  

The motion, which was approved by the National Council in June, was rejected by the state council by a margin of 20 to 19. Under the bill, radio antennas would be authorised to transmit a higher level of radiation in a bid to increase their capacity. 

The Swiss telecommunications association Asut warned that rejecting the bill would lead to the need for thousands of new transmissions towers to keep pace with the growing demand for mobile internet.

The campaign against the bill was based on health concerns raised by residents. By contrast, Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard argued that 90 percent of radiation exposure comes from terminals, rather than antennas, and cited WHO guidelines that higher radiation levels were within safe limits, according to Neue Zuercher Zeiting.

'Cell' is a 2016 horror movie about cell phones based on a Stephen King novel, that may focus more public attention on the ubiquitous but dangerous devices.

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