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18 March 2016


EMFs Promote Cancer in Massive Animal Study

Microwave News - Italians Seek "Reevaluation" of EMF Safety

Once again, power-frequency magnetic fields have been found to act as a cancer promoter.

Eighteen months ago an international team led by Elisabeth Cardis in Spain showed cancer promotion in workers exposed to chemicals and extremely low frequency (ELF) EMFs. Now an Italian team has found essentially the same promotional effect in animals exposed to ionizing radiation and ELF EMFs.

Rats, which received a single low-dose of gamma radiation early in life and were exposed to magnetic fields for their entire lifetime, developed higher than expected rates of three different types of cancer: Breast cancer and leukemia/lymphoma, as well as an extremely rare and obscure tumor, called malignant schwannoma of the heart.

The new study, which was carried out at the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna, Italy, is part of the most ambitious EMF animal project ever attempted.

The Elephant in the Classroom
Having worked for the Department of Defense as a conscientious servant of the public trust, I grew deeply disturbed as I uncovered more and more scientific studies disproving the common myth (perpetuated by the schools) that WiFi is "safe," research I undertook after my own children became sick.  I realized very quickly that school officials had not done their homework before rolling out this technology in our schools.
Children Rap Wi-Fi…594,309 cell towers blast neighborhoods

A high school student asked the Montgomery County Board Feb. 9 how it could allow virtually every classroom to have Wi-Fi connected computers at each desk "turning the school into a giant microwave" when the wired option makes this "simply unnecessary."

"I feel extremely uncomfortable going to school every day, supposedly a safe haven, and seeing my friends sitting directly under the transmitters," she said. "Renowned scientists all over the world have shown the possible side effects of radiation including brain cancer, tumors, blood/brain barrier deterioration and other effects," she added.

"It is a violation of the rights of students and teachers," she said.

The Kill Zones USA
Kill Zone USA, using stats of, says there are 594,309 cellphone towers equipped with 1,805,623 antennas "delivering relentless wave carcinogens to 321 million Americans.
McDonald asked Auger to make accommodations to protect her, including assigning her a classroom with outside walls and disconnecting the Wi-Fi in her classroom, but said her request was denied.
Forget Wi-Fi! - Internet By Light Is Coming

On Tuesday, tech and industrial titans alike expressed admiration for the new technology's potential. Phillips, the world's leader in light bulb manufacturing, expressed interest in licensing and expanding on the technology. Apple has plans to integrate the wireless protocol into their iPhone7, due for release
The American Cancer Society 2016 report
The American Cancer Society (ACS) 2016 report says on page one that about one of every 4 deaths in the USA are from cancer now (see report below). Also, 1 of every 2 males and 1 of every 3 females have a lifetime risk for cancer (page 2 of the report below). They cite particularly tobacco, alcohol, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, poverty, and age as some of the risk factors for cancer in general. See their ACS 2016 report at --
Cancer risks like tobacco and alcohol rate a Group 1 for human carcinogen (cancer) risk according to the World Health Organization (WHO) IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer). Other cancer risks can relate to occupational and environmental exposures, such as nuclear power plants, Superfund sites, and increased populations bringing an increased risk for pollution in general. Monsanto Roundup herbicide is a Class 2A carcinogen with WHO IARC, now used with farming and GMO foods. Also, electromagnetic radiation is rated a Group 2B carcinogen for radiofrequency/microwaves by the WHO IARC, and electricity (ELF magnetic fields) rated as Group 2B as well.

There seems a serious need to reduce cancer risks of all kinds for public health.

 Lucinda Grant

The False Smart Meter Narrative And Lessons From St. Louis Radioactive Clouds

Question authority, now. There is nothing smart, sustainable, informed, or ethical, about smart meters.

Nobody in Israel claims responsibility for WiFi
According to a TV program today, and a Knesset committee meeting two days ago, it is clearer than ever, that nobody in Israel is responsible for WiFi.

The head of radiation branch in the Ministry of Environment (Dr. Ghelberg) said that "The WiFi for us is out of the field completely. That is why I don't have radiation measurements methods for this, I have no equipment to deal with this issue.  I also wrote to the Ministry of Education, that the WiFi is their own initiative. The Ministry of Environment did not request publishing guidelines because in order to do this, it means that the responsbility is mine".

Reporter:  You said that you don't want your children or grandchildren to sit in a classroom with WiFi.
Dr. Ghelberg: Yes Absolutely. Therefore the recommendation of the Ministry of Environment was and still is, that where you can get along without wireless communication, but with wired communication - do wired. 

Reporter:  So why are there wireless networks in schools, and not wired? 
Dr. Ghelberg: This is an excellent question. I don't have an answer. It's not that I don't have a good answer, I don't have an answer at all.

A special Knesset Committee for Children Rights met two days ago about the WiFi crisis. To the meeting arrived concerned parents and experts. One of the parents told that he had noted, that there is not one agreed way to measure WiFi in schools. He communicated alot about it with the Ministry of Environment.  The Ministry of Environment does not guide professionals who are authorized for measurements on how to measure WiFi., so each one measures WiFi radiation in schools however he likes. The result?  Not even one problematic result was found from WiFi in schools.  Everything is just fine!

But the same parent also noted, that of thousands reports of WiFi measurements, the Ministry of Environment only checked a few. In the affidavit to the Supreme Court however, Dr Ghelberg wrote that he had approved the measurements that he was presented with, and that the results of measurements were done on the MOE's mind.  It was also mentioned in his affidavit to the Supreme court- that the radiation levels are so low that WiFi installment and  use are exempted in the law. 

The representative from the Ministry of Environment who was present in the Knesset meeting explained, that the reason there is not one agreed way of WiFi radiation measurement, is because the Ministry of Environment exempted WiFi from authorization in the Non Ionizing Radiation Law.
The reason - because WiFi has very low levels of radiation.

So it means that the low levels in which biological effects are already documented, are exempted by law.

Interestingly the first thing the MOE expert said to activists who came to meet him, asking for his help with WiFi, was that WiFi was exempted by law. He also said, that he knows this for sure, because he is the one who wrote it in the law.

Comparison of the Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Exposure: Wireless Smart Meter to Wireless ERT Meter
See the attached Pdf document
Environmental Health Trust
Many good links to scientific information
But the PUC's majority said the agency is duty bound to hear evidence the meters may violate the utility's legal obligation to provide safe service. The PUC said that its ruling was narrow, and that the Van Schoycks will have the burden to prove Peco is responsible.

Diane Van Schoyck said the couple has experienced a buzzing noise and difficulty sleeping since the meter was installed last year. She also said the signal from WPST, a Trenton Top 40 radio station, is audible in her electrical outlets and from the refrigerator.

"It's wrecking my life," she said Thursday. "I can't wait to get this meter off my house."

Stop  Smart Meters Montana
Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness
Smart Meter Dump
I know a gentleman that says he sleeps soundly, except EVERY MORNING at EXACTLY 3:28am he awakens to urinate. I asked him, "Do you think it's your bladder awakening you exactly at 3:28pm every night?" He had a puzzled look on his face. He doesn't realize that the smart meters communicate to each other, then they send their info to a Level 5 smart meter. A cell call is automatically dialed and the utilities' DATA IS DUMPED to the GRID. This awakens people; it disturbs their circadian rhythm.
And now, water meters with an RF module are being installed without notice to you.
Please, if you have a smart meter, consider asking for an analog meter and the Budget Billing program.

Victoria, Australia smart meters health damages case study published


What to know to protect yourself

That's the view of Samantha Heath, CEO of London Sustainability Exchange, who told ELN: "I think that smart meters don't necessarily assist people in reducing the amount of energy they use because they're not designed in that particular way and there are going to be apps for the tech-savvy that they will use it but a number of people will not want to know exactly how much energy they use because they're scared.

'2.1 million households' hit by late bills from energy suppliers

More evidence of incompetent energy suppliers.  They obviously should not be trusted with smart meters and all the pitfalls and dangers they will cause.
There is absolutely nothing in Section 10 which permits the FCC to preempt any state law or regulation. To the contrary, Section 10 is limited to the FCC exercising forbearance only over its own implementation of certain portions of the Communications Act.27
Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D., retired U.S. Government scientist, urges libraries in a special paper to set an example of safe technology by converting to wired devices.
Mobile phones are 'cooking' men's sperm

Fertility experts have advised men to avoid keeping their mobile phone in their front pocket or on their lap as it can significantly reduce their sperm count and impact fertility.


World Health Organization confirms that wi-fi and cell phone radiation are Class 2B carcinogens.

Tracing Dangerous EMFs
Karl Riley is author of Tracing EMFs in building wiring and grounding (

When a client called me from his house on a charming 1940s style drive in Greensboro, NC last summer, I came to investigate high fields in his house (5 - 20 mG all through), I found that it was net current from triple-tiered power lines curving through this dense neighborhood. 9 hot conductors in all, with one neutral far below. All houses along the drive were affected, some even more than his. His wife could no longer sleep in the house, but slept "like a baby" in a house further back.

3 sets of lines, 2 of them primary distribution; one fed a shopping center a couple of miles away; another fed a State university campus, also a couple of miles away. The third set was local. The high net current was clearly due to the unbalanced currents in the hot conductors. A set of 3 phase conductors in a distribution line relies for balance on the neutral, which automatically carries the balancing current for the phases, and hence balances and helps cancel the magnetic field.

In this case 9 conductors were accompanied by one neutral, far below. To be effective, a neutral conductor must be located close to the hot phases. The ideal relationship is seen in lines that are kept in a diamond configuration by spacers that hold the 4 lines about 8 inches apart (called the Hendrix configuration).

In addition, neutral current was bled away from these lines since the conductor was connected to the neutrals from other sets of lines whenever they shared the same pole. Hence a huge "net current field" which extends far beyond the boundaries of any balanced field because it weakens very slowly (directly with distance), whereas the balanced field weakens fast, by the square of the distance.

Here is the article that was on the front page of this Sunday's Greensboro (NC) News and Record. It is available at
It tries to put the situation in terms the layman can understand, with a few technical misquotes, and also give plenty of space to Duke Energy's rejection of a need to do anything to reduce the fields. The effect of this article is yet to be seen.
FROM : Karl Riley <>
The Guardian Newspaper Screws Up Again
A normally responsible newspaper The Guardian, has chosen to ignore all the science from the last sixty years, which shows that wireless radiation causes serious biological effects and greatly harms those who are most sensitive to this geno-toxic pollutant.  If The Guardian is incapable of reporting EMF dangers responsibly, they should stick to fiction!  Their false reporting is endangering the health of millions!
EHS recognized by a French tribunal
Dear All,

Thank you very much for your interest and concern about electro hyper-sensitivity.
As a person with EHS, as an activist and as the first 'case' of EHS recognized by a French tribunal as impaired I wish to tell you a word about this important question : what is the best strategy to help people with EHS (and fast !) ? Impairment of disease ?
In my opinion, it is important to see three different aspects :

1/ the environment is polluted by EMFs and all beings on earth are impacted. No scientific doubt on this point.

2/ people with EHS GET sick in a specific environment, different from one person to an other. So it is at the moment impossible to establish a simple 'systematic cause>systematic consequence' scheme. We would lose time if we fight on this aspect at the political level as the lobbies use this difference of sensitivity to create a doubt. Time we don't have as so many people are suffering !!!
Each person with EMF sensitivities develops a specific nervous response to specific EMFs, at a specific moment probably because of several different factors (nervous over-excitability, high exposure, exposure to chemicals, PTSD, genetic factors – we don't know the cocktail yet because it has never been studied). Considering that, it is impossible to prove EHS is a disease. But it is easy to prove that the symptoms appear and disappear depending on the environment. For example, a very easy way to test me (only me as we all are different) : we discovered that if I touch the skin of a person who is using the metallic trackpad of a computer plugged with electric power (and a bad earthing), I can feel a strange sensation in my hand, if you unplug the computer, my strange sensation stops. This test is 100% sure. But only on me ! We tested it several times. People without MY EMF sensitivity can't feel the difference. So we can say that I have an immediate reaction to EMFs. In the example of the trackpad, it doesn't cause me a disability. But it simply proves that I do have a reaction to the changes of the environment. If it is so for me why not for other people with different frequencies and more serious symptoms ? As a consequence, EHS can be an impairment. Nobody can tell us the contrary.

3/ EHS as an intolerance is reversible, there are ways to use neuroplasticity to go back to the sensitivity one had before EHS appeared. There are cases of full recovery or real improvement. But it doesn't work with everyone, it takes time in a protected zone and it doesn't change the fact that the environment IS toxic when it is polluted by EMFs. People with EHS and 'normal' people with a consciousness should be able to choose the environment they live in. If EHS is recognized as an impairment, the states will have no other choice but to create protected areas where we would be able to live, impaired and not impaired, all together with bees, robins and tomato plants also physically stressed by EMFs (as proved by the research)!

Thank you for your time and understanding.
Be happy !
Marine Richard (France)


Från: Olle Johansson
Skickat: den 2 mars 2016 22:06

Dear Marine,

I am very, very impressed by your elegant summary, it is so right-to-the-point. If everyone could see what you have learnt - the very hard way - then they would only argue for a functional impairment recognition of electrohypersensitivity, and an immediate clean-up of the environment, as well as an immediate economic reimbursement for all cases of electrohypersensitivity.

As you point out, an impairment is - by definition - not defined by someone else or proven by certain tests. The impairment is always individual, personal, and private, and develops when in contact with an inferior environment. [N.B. Remember that functional impairments are only based upon each individual's impaired accessability to - and contact with - an inferior environment (cf. the UN), thus, there is actually no need for any "recognition" in local laws (cf. the UN).]

Accessibility measures are key issues for allowing electrohypersensitive persons, and others with functional impairments, to gain/regain their rightful independence. If such measures are allowed, then full recovery or real improvement will come. As you point out, it doesn't - however - work for everyone, it takes time in a protected zone, and it doesn't change the fact that the environment IS toxic when it is polluted by EMFs. Also, always remember that inaccessibility and discrimination are prohibited by law, so society must act.

I have always said that we should make it easy for us – by making sure to connect to all the UN texts, realize that it's the whole environment that must be accessability-adapted, and do not forget that such accessibility measures actually are 100% positive for everyone to share! People with functional impairments should have full access to the entire society, not just a small part of it. The human rights for all of us, regardless of functional impairments, are that we should live an equal life in a society based on equality. It's that simple.(I have never heard anyone voluntarily wanting to give up their human rights, so be sure not to have any country forcing it's citizens to it; it would be extremely shameful.)

I agree, it is impossible to prove electrohypersensitivity to be a disease ... since the sick and ill 'patient', with the 'disease', is the environment, not the person.

In deepest respect.

With my very best regards
Yours sincerely


(Olle Johansson, associate professor

The Experimental Dermatology Unit

Department of Neuroscience

Karolinska Institute

171 77 Stockholm

The Cable and Internet Company (Comedy - Non EMF)

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