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7 July 2015

Federal Communications Commission - Captured Agency
New e-Book investigates industry influence on FCC actions and regulations
Captured Agency:  How the Federal Communications Commission Is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates by Norm Alster
Mr. Alster is an investigative journalist who has covered the FCC going back to the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The book is published by the Edmund Safra Center for Ethics of Harvard University.
'Allergic to ELECTRICITY'
50-year-old dons protective suit and veil to go outside as she claims Wi-Fi could kill her

Electrohypersensitivity conference debunks 'nocebo effect' theory

Several experts we interviewed in Brussels said the studies quoted by the WHO were designed to fail. First because it is very rare, even in EHS patients, that people can instantly feel EMFs. Second, because those studies, which are generally performed by scientists linked to the electrical or telecommunications industries, ignore the many types of EMFs and ways they provoke EHS symptoms minutes or hours after exposure. In fact, certain provocation studies showed changes in pupils, in cardiac rhythms, erythrocite (red blood cell) damage and impaired glucose metabolism in the brain after exposure to EMFs


Orson Welles' historic radio broadcast of alien invasion alarmed a nation. You should be alarmed, too. Because this threat is ongoing. Reduce your daily exposure now.
"I am 18 years old and electrohypersensitive"

WHO director Maria Neira denies link between EMFs and cancer

On the 24th June, María Neira, WHO Director, Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants invited by the Public University of Murcia (to which I belong as a PhD student) offered a short public talk. The the event was held at the European Parliament Building in Madrid on the 26th June. Neira denied there is scientific evidence linking EMF-health problems and EMF-cancer. She also visited the Public University of Cartagena.

I  enclose the links to the press news after her interviews:


I guess this senior World Health Organization official just forgot to read the scientific research!
Hydro-Québec has admitted that 500 of its smart meters have overheated
Give this a look!... And my comment has been authorized there but may disappear soon!

C'est la faute à Hydro-Québec, pas à nos socles! Pour tout comprendre, lire « Des compteurs intelligents qui prennent feu ! » à Le porte-parole d'Hydro admet que plus de 500 de ses compteurs ont surchauffé jusqu'ici et comme ils sont des spécialistes de la dissimulation (la transparence, Hydro ne connaît pas cela!), c'est sans doute beaucoup plus. Combien d'autres de leurs bombes incendiaires à retardement vont s'enflammer dans les mois et les années à venir? Comment peut-on dormir en paix avec un tel risque ? Déjà une dizaine d'incendies ont été causés au Québec par leur compteurs incendiaires. Il faut tous les enlever comme ils ont fait en Saskatchewan l'été dernier après 8 incendies déclenchés par ces compteurs - voir Ça presse d'agir avant qu'il y ait des morts ici comme c'est arrivé aux États-Unis avec des compteurs Landis+Gyr identiques (voir par exemple à ceux d'Hydro-Québec.

I've also prepared an audio version of the full report (thus including the introductory comments made when it was broascast in Quebec City.


ACC Confession: "More and more often" APS 'Smart' Meters Don't Work

Information & Perspective by Warren Woodward, Sedona, Arizona ~ June 21, 2015

Last April I made another Public Records Request of the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). I asked for all "smart" meter related emails and documents from January 1st, 2015 to the date of my request, April 28th.

Since the lawless and scandal-ridden ACC has so much to hide, what I received last Friday was mostly redacted. However, there were a few noteworthy unredacted email exchanges. Below is one such exchange.

This email exchange is between employees of the ACC Utility Division's so-called "Consumer Services" section. Mike Buck works there, and Connie Walczak is the manager of Consumer Services. The other people listed in the "To" heading of the emails are all Consumer Services workers.

Connie is explaining to Buck and the others that "more and more often" APS's "smart" meters are not communicating, that the problem can "go on for months," and so APS is estimating customers' bills as a result.

This news is not without irony since, in the past, APS has claimed that one of the advantages of "smart" meters was cutting down on the number of estimated bills due to meter access problems. Is anyone surprised that another APS "smart" meter claim turns out to be a lie?

Last October, APS admitted to replacing some 32,000 faulty "smart" meters between January 1st and August 31st of last year alone (see: ). With this new revelation in the ongoing "smart" meter fiasco, one wonders how many more "smart" meters have been replaced since then. Of course the ACC wouldn't know because, as with APS's "smart" meter related fires, the ACC is simply too negligent to investigate. After all, laws don't mean a thing at the ACC, especially A.R.S. 40-361.B which states:

"Every public service corporation shall furnish and maintain such service, equipment and facilities as will promote the safety, health, comfort and convenience of its patrons, employees and the public, and as will be in all respects adequate, efficient and reasonable."

Are APS's "smart" meters "adequate, efficient and reasonable" "in all respects?" No, not in any respect.

From: Connie Walczak

Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2015 1:32 PM

To: Al Amezcua; Carmen Madrid; Deborah Reagan; Jenny Gomez; Michael Buck; Richard Martinez; Tom Davis; Trish Meeter



What you might hear from APS is..... the meter stopped 'communicating' with the company. Seems the Smart Meters are doing this more and more often. It may be for only a brief period or a week or a month. APS seems to not have a problem with this 'non' communication, they have Schedule 8, 3.1 to rely on which enables them to estimate the bills. This can go on for months. They do not check the meter when they could retrieve the data, rather, they estimate usage. They do not feel the meter is malfunctioning if it begins communicating again. Even when it continues doing this for more than one month.

From: Michael Buck

Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2015 11:04 AM

To: Richard Martinez; Jenny Gomez; Al Amezcua; Deborah Reagan; Carmen Madrid; Trish Meeter; Tom Davis

Cc: Connie Walczak


Per Connie,

Has anyone in Consumer Services had any complaints concerning APS's inability to read their Smart Meter's and estimating the bill? Appreciate the information.

Thank you
Mike Buck

Arizona Corporation Commission Utility Engineer Can't Do Basic Math

Information & Perspective by Warren Woodward  Sedona, Arizona ~ July 3, 2015

I just received another batch of emails and documents from the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) via a Public Records Request. One of the emails, dated February 9, 2015 is from ACC Utility Engineer Margaret Little to ACC Utility Engineer Jeff Francis.

Little forwarded Francis a news story entitled, "AMI saves Central Maine Power $8 million in 1 year." Little added this comment, "Wow! – a savings reported due to Smart Meters. Awesome."

Evidently Margaret Little cannot do basic math, nor is she capable of the critical thought necessary to recognize propaganda when she sees it.

Central Maine Power (CMP) claims it did not lay off any meter readers but instead shifted them to other positions. Supposedly the savings then come from reduced "truck rolls." CMP claims it reduced costs due to 1.4 million fewer annual vehicle miles traveled.

1.4 million miles sounds impressive. But when you divide $8 million by 1.4 you realize that CMP is valuing each mile at the ridiculously inflated amount of $5.71. Persons deducting mileage on their taxes might be interested in learning more about CMP's method.

Let's assume for sake of argument that CMP's bogus '$8 million in one year' figure is actually true.

CMP's "smart" grid cost $195.9 million. If the $8 million is true, it will take CMP 24.5 years to recoup the $195.9M that was spent. Is that "Awesome?"

But wait, since "smart" meters only have about a 15 year life, the time needed to recoup the $195.9 million will get pushed farther into the future. Then of course the huge, ongoing costs associated with operating and maintaining the "smart" grid will push the time out even farther.

Meanwhile, the $8 million "savings" has been passed on to CMP ratepayers in the form of a 4% rate increase to pay for CMP's "smart" grid. Only at the ACC could that be considered "Awesome."

It happened so fast – was a flash, like lightning inside my house. I literally cradled my head and dropped to the floor, while my dogs started going crazy. I waited for the popping to stop and I opened my eyes.

Victory in 16-month Standoff as PSREC Drops Fees and
Restores Electric Service

At last Monday's court hearing, after it was revealed that Superior Court Judge Ira Kaufman has a no-cost self-read analog meter at his home, and after PSREC's legal arguments defending their "opt out" program fell apart, the utility's General Manager Bob Marshall agreed to reconnect our electricity, drop all past fees and provide self-read analog service at no charge.
Well done Josh Hart and Family!

EMF pollution and 'unexplainable' chronic disease symptoms

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, founder of Klinghardt Academy, links the ever-increasing exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with the rapid rise in neurological illnesses like low-level depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, numbness, tingling and "unexplainable" muscle aches and pains. In fact, Dr. Klinghardt believes that "smart" meters -- which are being forced on homeowners as a way to "save energy" (yeah right) -- are "the worst invention that we've followed in the last 2 years with absolutely devastating consequences."
How Radio Waves Make You Sicker

The US CDC says that 50% of US Adults suffer from chronic disease. That 50% are potentially having  their disease symptoms made worse by Electrosmog from wireless communication devices. It seems that the primary harm from Radio Waves is not brain cancer, but exacerbation of the diseases people already have...

Effect of Mobile Phones on Sperm Quality

The authors concluded that the overall results suggest that mobile phone exposure negatively affects sperm quality in humans. The clinical importance of these effects  in this study may be limited to subfertile men and to men at the lower-end of the normal spectrum.
WHO: It's time for a change
Perhaps, it is time for the WHO to replace ICNIRP with an expert committee that has greater expertise regarding non-ionizing radiation protection and use this committee to establish the WHO guidelines for wireless radiation.

Policies on children's radio frequency exposure confusing

Dr Redmayne said that whilst this, and other observed effects, were not in themselves 'health effects' if the body did not have the chance to repair the related damage and restore balance it could eventually lead to a variety of health effects.

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