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31 May 2015

Town to get legal help to oppose cell tower
"The value of the 114 residential properties within 1,000 feet of the proposed cell tower is $32 million, approximately," he said. "Property values close to cell towers Depreciate on the order of between 5 and 20 percent. If we see just a 10-percent depreciation, that's a reduction in property value of $3.2 million, or an average loss of $28,000 per household. That is a significant devaluation of grand list value."
Scientists 'can't all be quacks,' as RDOS calls for moratorium on smart meters

"The only conclusion I can make if I accept this (motion) is that Health Canada is corrupt or incompetent.
EMR Aware
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Decision Appealed as Liars and Lawbreakers run amok at the ACC
Information & Perspective By Warren Woodward
Sedona, Arizona ~ May 12, 2015

          Last month the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) rescinded the decision they made last December to allow APS to charge customers without "smart" meters a monthly extortion fee. However, the ACC's decision was just a lame stalling technique, and it was filled with illegalities and lies. So I appealed it.

          The ACC's April decision that I appealed is here:

          Below is the Introduction to my appeal which I filed today. The entire 19 page appeal can be read at the ACC docket here:

          It actually runs 108 pages but that's only because I included some "Exhibits" to help make my points. The 19 page appeal starts after the 2 page cover letter at the above link.

          As you'll see, the ACC has proved what Tacitus said 1,900 years ago:
Crime, once exposed, has no refuge but in audacity.


           As an intervenor in ACC Docket # E-01345A-13-0069, I hereby appeal the commission's ill-conceived Decision # 75047 for the reasons and facts outlined here in this statement.

           In Decision # 75047, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) has outdone itself in lies, lawlessness and legal gymnastics. It seems the ACC will do almost anything to avoid its responsibilities under law and to deny justice.

           In this appeal, I will be dissecting the ACC's Decision # 75047 line by line in the order it was written.

           Also addressed will be laws I had not previously realized the ACC was breaking and/or ignoring. These laws are state statutes and codes I came across in the course of researching this appeal.

           Much of this appeal will be a repetition of my original appeal filed January 5, 2015 in this docket, and of my response to the ACC's "sample orders" which the ACC filed in this docket on March 10, 2015 – and both the appeal and the response were largely repetitions of letters I have written the commission over the last 4 years. (Both my original appeal and my response to the "sample orders" are enclosed as Exhibits A and B, and are included as part of this appeal.)

           This constant repetition is unfortunately necessary because the ACC refuses to break its pattern of ignoring issues and laws which it cannot address or is unwilling to acknowledge altogether. Indeed, the ACC's malevolent pattern is so ingrained it can only be considered willful and deliberate. To be blunt, it has become quite clear to me that I am dealing with a pack of incorrigible liars and lawbreakers. That will be proved in detail throughout this appeal.

           At the end, it will be obvious that ACC Decision # 75047 is arbitrary and capricious, and that the ACC has abused what discretion it may have had. In short, it will be obvious the ACC has no regard for the law and that Decision # 75047 is completely invalid.

On 20 May, Steve Weller of Brisbane attended same and presented the following comprehensive slide show on electro hypersensitivity (EHS). Highly recommeded viewing. - See more at:
On 20 May, Steve Weller of Brisbane attended same and presented the following comprehensive slide show on electro hypersensitivity (EHS). Highly recommeded viewing. - See more at:
On 20 May, Steve Weller of Brisbane attended same and presented the following comprehensive slide show on electro hypersensitivity (EHS). Highly recommeded viewing. - See more at:
Warren Woodward
Radiation Refuge
Recent Internet site (Australia)
Israel Schools WiFi Update
A request for another court discussion was filed by lawyer
Michael Bach, saying that the verdict of the Wi-Fi lawsuit
showed a misunderstanding of the judges.  Lawyer Bach
clarified, that in contrast to what was said in the verdict,
in fact the plaintiffs did not oppose to the position of the
State's experts. On the contrary, the plaintiffs relied on the
State experts' declared positions, according to which, wired
connection should be prefered over wireless. But the subject
of the lawsuit was that the Ministry of Education did not
implement in practice its own policy and conclusions. Lawyer
Michael Bach explained, that he asked the court to take an
expert not instead of the State experts, but an expert who can
determine the situation in practice (wired vs. wireless
schools) and the cost of wired connection.   


Cellphone towers shut in Indian-controlled Kashmir's town as attacks continue

Imtiyaz Ahmad Nazroo, 25, a land owner in Pattan town was left critically injured in a guerrilla attack on Wednesday, prompting over two dozen mobile phone towers to stop beaming signals on Thursday

'Lashkar-e-Islam' gives one day to telcos to make Kashmir valley cell phone free

The Right to a Healthy Environment: RF Radiation Exposure from Cell Towers

After a group of concerned citizens of Cadboro Bay (Municipality of Saanich on Vancouver Island) prevented a cell tower from going up in their neighborhood, Telus placed 33 microcell antennas throughout the area in spring 2014. Though the laptop-size antennas are relatively low power, they are mounted awfully close to people and homes--at the lowest cable on utility poles. As a result, ambient RF exposure levels have dramatically increased. My presentation below explains what municipalities can do to get actively involved in a more precautionary consultation and planning process.

New Jersey Dangerous Water Meter
Ontario Dangerous Water Meter

Dangerous Smart Water Meter - Radio Frequency Pulses

A Neptune e-Coder R900 water meter pulses every 14 seconds and can fill a home with radiation when located in a basement.

Dangerous Michigan Oakpark RF water meter


OVER EXPOSED - Smart Meters and The cumulative effects of Radio Frequency Radiation

Utility Companies - The New Terrorists?

Cindy Sage & LA DWP discuss water 'Smart' Meters

Cindy Sage, environmental consultant and editor of the groundbreaking international study 'The BioInitiative Report' on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure, shares the results of her research and how it relates to wireless 'smart' meters with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. First of two parts. For more information:

Live Blood Analysis - Observable Effects of RF/MW Radiation via Smart Meters



Measurements of pulsed radio frequency from "smart" water meter - compared to the biologically based standards of the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology
Smart Meter Moratorium

Citing health and other concerns, Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen director, Tom Siddon, presented a petition and called for a moratorium
All I Really Need to Know About EMF I Learned After My Wife Got Sick
Sometimes at four in the morning after another sleepless night when we were deciding whether or not to go to the emergency room, it seemed like death was a possible final outcome.

Audrey vs Smart Water Meters

The city of Baraboo, WI is trying to bully an 80-year old great grandmother into installing a smart water meter. She is objecting to the install on privacy and safety grounds.

Vulnerabilities of Wireless Water Meter Networks

Breathing Exercises: 4-7-8 Breath
Many EHS sufferers and persons exposed to wireless radiation have difficulty sleeping, this may help.

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