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21 March 2015


How vulnerable are planes to virtual hijacking
In-flight TVs and WiFi could allow hackers to turn off lights and shut off jet engines midair, analysts fear
DTE Acts Illegally in Shutting Off Power to People with Locked Meters
DTE justified their action by saying that the locking devices on the meters created a health and safety hazard for the homeowners and their neighbors.  
Our lawyer says that this is "an expansive use of the public safety exception" found in MPSC Rule 460.136. A locked analog meter is not a public safety hazard. It won't cause a fire. It won't irradiate you. It won't fill your home with dirty electricity.

Molly Cleary, a nurse who is one of the people whose power DTE shut off yesterday, is filing a formal complaint with the MPSC regarding the shut-off and may get to keep her analog meter and get her power back on while the complaint is heard. At least one other person is going to fiel a complaint as well. I need anyone whose Tatar Guard has been defeated by DTE to contact me immediately, because we need affidavits from each of you to support their claims. Please call me at 734-769-4241 and leave me your name, phone number, and email. Please also email me with the same information—even if you think I already have it and already know that your guard was defeated. I also need the man whose power was shut off in Allen Park to contact me.
Molly's interview with Channel 7 is fantastic. For more of her story and that of others, read the rest of this newsletter. Please call or email Channel 7, the Ann Arbor News, etc and tell them you want to hear everyone's stories.
Yesterday, a five-vehicle convoy from DTE drove to five homes in widely disparate locations—Ann Arbor, Dexter, Allen Park, and Webster Township—and shut off their electricity. 
Two meters, big hassle
A retired couple who rent a rural acreage in Tappen, the Wellspring-Woods refused one of BC Hydro's smart meters.
Electronic warfare expert speaking
Forces Captain Jerry Flynn, an electronic warfare expert, to speak on the harmful nature of products being pushed upon us such as smart meters
Parliamentary Report - Safer technology for Private Member's Bill - See more at:
Parliamentary Report - Safer technology for Private Member's Bill - See more at:
The Electromagnetic Assault on our Bodies
Electromagnetic pollution—radiation from non-ionizing gamma rays—has the same effect as nuclear ionizing radiation, albeit in a slow-burn fashion. Leading German radiation expert Dr. Heyo Eckel, an official of the German Medical Association, stated: "The injuries that result from radioactive radiation are identical with the effects of electromagnetic radiation. The damages are so similar that they are hard to differentiate."

AEP gets OK to remotely disconnect power of some Ohioans

The previous disconnect policy required a home visit to people who were late with payments. Some consumer advocates opposed to the change say it will lead to increased disconnections.
Lloyd's of London excludes coverage for RF/EMR claims
"'The Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion (Exclusion 32) is a General Insurance Exclusion and is applied across the market as standard. The purpose of the exclusion is to exclude cover for illnesses caused by continuous long-term non-ionising radiation exposure.

Ignorance Drowns Out Precaution

NY Times Tech Columnist Has Hands Slapped


Anne Arundel delegates approve school cell tower moratorium

Annapolis Republican Del. Herb McMillan's House Bill 727 would halt wireless telecommunications tower construction for about a year starting from June 1 to June 30, 2016 with any proposals in the pipeline before that date not affected by the moratorium.

Increased Mortality in Amateur Radio Operators
Often radio operators are among the first to claim that wireless radiation is harmless.  This is evidence that they will find hard to deny.
Effects on Children after using Mobile Phones
2011 Russian research paper showing adverse effects on kids' learning after using mobile phones
See the attached research paper 'Khorseva'
ESNZ Trust
Cell Tower Fight at DS Middle High School Massachusetts

County resolves cell tower lawsuits

Barrie Trower WiFi Report - Humanity At The Brink
Imagine you are five years old, in school and sitting with a wi-fi laptop near your abdomen. Theoretically, your ovaries can become irradiated until you leave school at aged 16-18 years old. When you become pregnant, every one of your follicles (to become eggs) will have been microwaved. Hence, you may or may not deliver a healthy child.

Do people get charged up and then discharge it ?

That happens all the time to me.  My friend drives over to see me in their car that has bluetooth going and their cell phone is on.  When I hug them hello I can feel the charge on them almost the same as if they had a device on, except it's until they themselves discharge and it doesn't pulse like a cell phone that is trying to connect. 

"The greatest concern is that a successful attack could allow someone to gain control of customers all at once.  In addition to causing widespread blackouts, repeatedly switching the power off and on could create frequency imbalances and surges in the grid that could damage loads and destabilize the entire grid, potentially causing damage to generators, transformers, and other equipment in the path [including the smart meters themselves and major appliances in homes and other buildings].
500 Million people using cell phones aps that steal information

Why the modern world is bad for your brain

But there's a fly in the ointment. Although we think we're doing several things at once, multitasking, this is a powerful and diabolical illusion.
TCO certified computer equipment
Below is the website address for the Swedish TCO Development people who plan the regulations for TCO certified computer equipment, etc. They are seeking comments for the next round for equipment they certify. See -- . For more information, see and
The Swedish TCO white collar (office) labor union had some EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) cases a long while back that they believed were due to computer monitors, and so they helped start the TCO label to help people choose safer equipment.
Lucinda Grant

"There are no safe levels of radiation." -Barrie Trower, Physicist and former Military expert on Microwave Radiation.


Workers say cell tower sites putting them at risk

"Depression, I get headaches, mood swings," Rivas said. "Things I've never gotten before."

Rivas is one of the 250,000 workers that the insurance rating agency AM Best said gets too close to these antennas. They act as an open microwave and can cause eye damage, sterility and cognitive damages.

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