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6 November 2014

Hi All
The Ontario Municipal elections are over.  I did not do very well in Stratford and my vote total was lower than I had expected. 
The results were quite predictable in most local elections around Ontario and the vast majority of incumbents were easily re-elected. 
I did get the message about wireless dangers heard locally and learned about another local family being harmed by wireless radiation.
I will be catching up with some older WEEP News reports over the next few days.
Thanks for your messages of support.
Martin Weatherall

Mental health of children and young people 'at risk in digital age'

Worrying rise, of up to 25% to 30% a year, in numbers of children and young people seeking treatment for mental health problems.


Bad gut feelings – why doctors aren't spotting Crohn's disease

This long-term condition causes severe stomach pain and diarrhoea and it's on the increase, especially in young people. Yet doctors often fail to recognise it
An estimated 250,000 people in the UK suffer from Crohn's and new figures suggest the disease is on the increase. According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre, the number of 16- to 29-year-olds receiving hospital treatment for the condition has risen 300% in the past 10 years, to almost 20,000. Why, then, is it still so hard for doctors to recognise the symptoms?

12,000 Canaries Can't Be Wrong: What's Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It

How does our environment impact our health, and what can we do about it? 12,000 Canaries Can't Be Wrong is a culmination of Dr. Molot's 30 years of experience seeing more than 12,000 patients with environmentally linked illnesses.
Europe starts to take EHS / ES seriously
The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has held a public hearing on electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS/ES) on 4th November 2014, attended by about 50 people, followed by a working group meeting in the afternoon to decide on how best to move forward on the EHS issue. The idea of the hearing was apparently their own, submitted by Bernardo Hernández Bataller. The group think the European Commission should pay more attention to this issue.
Each day the number of EHS sufferers increases, and they often have to deal with the scepticism of doctors and misdiagnoses. According to new estimates, between 3% and 5% of the population are electro-sensitive, meaning that some 13 million Europeans may suffer from this syndrome, which has various names (electro-sensitivity, Wi-Fi syndrome, microwave syndrome, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, etc.).

Maybe Better If You Don't Read This Story on Public WiFi

We took a hacker to a café and, in 20 minutes, he knew where everyone else was born, what schools they attended, and the last five things they googled.


No, you CAN'T study while you're texting:

Research finds teenagers struggle with multitasking

Smart meters focus of Question Period at legislature today
The issue of smart meters continues to dominate Question Period at the Saskatchewan Legislature, with much of the talk concerning who in  government knew what — and when — about safety issues related to the devices.
Green Electrcity or Green Money? Why some environmental groups hamper clean energy
The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC),  appear to have lost their way and are failing us when we need them most.
Wi Fi Danger - Carnival Ship Nearby

"Carnival says the long-range Wi-Fi it's having installed in various locations is effective at transmissions as far as 40 miles out at sea. More than 50 percent of Carnival's cruising is conducted within 50 miles of shore, Millan said. Far at sea, the service will be handled entirely by satellite. The new service is scheduled to begin with Alaska cruises next summer and then expand to the Mediterranean, Baltic, Western European, and Asian regions in 2015 and 2016."

Hugh Grant: 'I can barely get to the end of a tweet without getting bored now' – video interview

Things were better before the digital age.

Apple's Instructions Say Not to Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket

Apple also explicitly states that the phone is not supposed to touch your body much, if at all.

In fact, in the manual for the iPhone 5, Apple says users should carry their iPhones a full 10 millimeters (or .39 inches) away from their bodies at all times. That means, if the device is in the pocket of your jeans, it's much too close.

Heavy mobile usage may cause cancer of salivary glands: Study
The research led to the conclusion that several functional changes and an increase in the size of the parotid glands are observed in people with longer exposure to the radio frequency radiation (RFR) emerging from hand-held phones. These effects could range from migraine to potential indicator of cancer of the parotids.
Biological Effects of Wireless Radiation on HoneyBees, Insects, Birds etc.
*Attached is the abstract and list of references I used for my presentation at the Entomological Society of Manitoba's meeting last week.  The information may be useful for people concerned about the harm being caused to wildlife.
Marg Friesen 
Safer Wireless Radiation Manitoba (SWiRM).

Rodney Croft to explore link between mobile phone usage and brain tumours at UOW

In response -

If Prof Croft is unaware of all the adverse health effects that are caused by wireless radiation, he simply cannot be classed as an expert in this field!
He should be aware of several cell phone mast studies which show that the closer people live to the masts, the higher rates of cancer, sleep disruption and other serious health effects.
He should be aware of several studies which show an increase of mouth, ear and brain cancers from cell phone use.
He should be aware of the studies which show harm to male sterility resulting in lower sperm count and decrease in the quality of the sperm when exposed to cell phones.
He should be aware of the breast cancer tumours which are in the shape of cell phones which are kept in the bra of breast cancer victims.
He should be aware of the neurological effects of wireless radiation.
He should be aware that wireless radiation has been called the latest heart risk factor by Dr Steven Sinatra, a famous US heart surgeon and he should be aware of the research by Dr. Magda Havas which show that wireless radiation significantly effects the heart.
These are not insignificant health effects, they are 'major threats to human life' and if Prof Croft is ignoring these effects he is a failure as a researcher and should not be a spokesman on this subject.
For important scientific information about the harm caused by wireless radiation, people should visit the Bio Initiative web site at .

Lectures in Australia in November 2014
Wireless Issues in Israel
In the mainstream media: The standard is too high, the Bioinitiative reported many
a-thermal effects and the situation in hospitals is grave, with increasing head and neck tumors.

A school class is learning in a grandma's living room in order to avoid radiation, and a mother is saying on the radio that the
education system is nothing more than marketing consumption products/tablets.
See the attached WORD document for details.


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