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21 April 2011

Dear all,

Please find enclosed two documents concerning an appeal to the WHO for the recognition of the environmental illnesses MCS and EHS. Please also act upon them by reading the appeal (the document named "Writing WHO") and hopefully also by signing the appeal using the procedure described in the document named "text WHO".

Please distribute widely, and please act with out delay as the deadline is the 30th of April.

Seasonal greetings from Norway,
Wenche Vagle
Bispevn. 32 a
1362 Hosle
Tlf: 67 14 45 65


Cell Phone Tower Legal Case


Mrs. Smargiassi testified that she opposed the Tower because "cancer causing stuff ... and because she did not believe cell phone reception was necessary. ...


The Truth About Smart Meters

Monday, April 18, 2011

By Susie Thompson, S.B.

Northern California's intense battle against smart meters is spreading here. Around the end of this year or sooner, Southern California Edison will be installing smart meters, at customer expense, in Santa Barbara County. The problem is that very few people know the truth about smart meters, and how they adversely impact electrical costs, health, and security.

Where's the truth? Why don't consumers know about environmental groups like Sierra Club of San Francisco that are outraged over the 24/7 pulsating radiation emitted from smart meters? Why don't householders know that no long-term environmental impact studies been done, making us guinea pigs in growing electro smog?

Find out the whys and how to protect your family. Ask the experts, who have set partisanship aside for consumer rights, at the very first Smart Meter Forum in Southern California, which will be held at Fess Parker's Resort at 7pm on April 28th. Find more information and RSVP at 805-967-7520.


Canada NewsWire Wireless Radiation Safety Council demands Federal ...

Canada NewsWire Wireless Radiation Safety Council demands Federal Leaders and candidates promise New Laws and Action on Wi Fi in Schools,Read most current ...



Front page story in Britain's Daily Express



Damning New Study: Eco Bulbs Cause Cancer

Americans will be forced to use CFLs that contain poisonous carcinogens after government ban on traditional light bulb begins to take effect in January



Wireless carriers grapple with shortage of wireless spectrum

By VICTOR GODINEZ - The Dallas Morning News



Eight reasons to sign an online petition against the cell phone tower

UID>/INBOX>61794">Ridgefield Press

Those of us who have signed the petition and are against the cell phone tower are not anti technology or against better cell service. We are simply against building one in a residential neighborhood. There are nine cell phone towers in town; ...



Harassment of "Early Warning" Scientists

Statement on Mobile Phones and the Potential Head cancer risk for the EMF Hearing on EMF, Council of Europe, Paris, February 25 th 2011

Professor Jacqueline McGlade, Director, European Environment Agency, and David Gee, Senior Adviser, Science, Policy and Emerging issues...

page 13 - Harassment of "Early Warning" Scientists

"It is important for society, science, and public health that
scientists who bring early warnings of possible later harm are encouraged, rather than harassed".



No mobile phone mast after residents' protests

7:00am Wednesday 20th April 2011



Smart Meter Fires and Explosions

Important information about more dangers caused by smart meters

Fire-prone meter boxes causing concern



Ontario Nature

Hi Ontario Nature

Thank you for you e-mail inviting me to the 80th birthday celebration of Ontario Nature.

Unfortunately, there is so much harm being caused to birds, bees, animals, people and the environment by wireless radiation that your organization is in danger of failing its goal to protect all species. Unless Ontario Nature recognises the harm being caused by wireless radiation and starts to take action, the harm will only get much worse, very quickly, endangering our entire environment.

I have attached several scientific studies which clearly illustrate the danger that is faced by birds, bees, animals and the environment. If you fail to recognise these dangers or ignore them, you will have failed as an environmental nature organization.

I will gladly assist Ontario Nature to understand these dangers better, if you request my help.

Yours sincerely

Martin Weatherall

Co Director WEEP

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