Friday, May 2, 2008

Good information to help EHS / MCS sufferers

Hi All
The internet link below is to the EIwellspring web site which has some very good information for people who suffer electro hypersensitivity or multiple chemical sensitivity. It also has information that may assist others to avoid problems associated with chemical and electrical pollution.

Also see Living with EHS. A Survival Guide.

Martin Weatherall
Canadian Initiative to Stop
Wireless, Electric, and Electromagnetic Pollution

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Subject: FW: some good MCS/EHS how-to info available here

The EIwellspring Website Provides Practical Advice.

The website provides practical information about ways to meet the everyday challenges of living with severe multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and/or electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS/ES). The authors of the articles are living with the illnesses, and they have worked on the day-to-day problems to improve their own lives. All of the articles are printable so that they are accessible to people who are unable to use computers themselves, and have to rely on others to get information from the Internet.