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26 September 2011

The Hazards of WiFi in Our Schools
Dr. Magda Havas
Thurs. Sept. 29th
7:00pm to 9:00pm
16655 Yonge Street, in Newmarket, Ontario.
(conference room at Nature's Emporium 905-898-1844)

This is the top Canadian expert speaking: Dr. Magda Havas. She is based in Peterborough and is an Associate Professor at Trent University. Concerned parents asked her to give this seminar. There will be Q&A. Dr. Havas is extremely knowledgeable and current, extremely dedicated to individual and public health, extremely professional, and she is a superb educator. She clearly explains complex science and related children's health, individual health, and public health impacts.

The seminar is also announced in this excellent York Region news article today:

Encourage colleagues, friends, family, school principals, teachers, healthcare providers, school trustees, MPPs and MPs, workplace safety and environment reps, etc. to attend this public seminar in the evening on Thursday, September 29th. (Please refer to the attached pdf.)

See you there!

Magnetic fields disrupt fluid in inner ear 
RF Shielded Tents
Calgary Cell Towers
I am hoping to get some online responses/comments to a recent article in the Calgary Sun regarding a Cell Tower  Rosemount residential community.
Please note the fight that prompted me to start in Rutland Park with ROGERS and Grace Lutheran may heat up very soon as it looks like they have marked the easement of the gas lines and underground power in preparation to erect the tower see; for more information/history on the communities fight to stop the tower in this community.
Currently we are working on a response to head off the construction. It looks like we will be shooting next weekend some video footage for "Sell Tower" the documentary. Stay tuned to the website in the coming weeks.
Please forward to your lists regarding the link below;
Wayne Frisch,

South-west Edmonton community prepares to fight Telus


Stealth cellphone antennas deter rejection in San Francisco Bay Area cities

PUC Commissioner Orders SDG&E & SCE to Let Customers Delay Smart Meters
Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

For your information.

Best regards,
Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega
Member of the Buergerwelle Germany (incorporated society)
Protectorate Union of the Citizens and Initiatives for the Protection against Electrosmog

Bioelectromagnetic phenomena are affected by aggregates of many radiofrequency photons

Pulsed digital microwave radiation from cell phones can be harmful

Electrosensitivity: A patient with skin abnormalities looking like burns

Breast cancer sufferer's fury over approved mobile phone masts

Radiation protection in conflict with science

Non declared conflict of interests: how many are there?

Ignoring the effects of electrosmog is unsafe, unwise, and expensive

How concerned are you about wireless devices' effects on your health?

Wi-Fi in Schools: Testing for Microwave Radiation Dangers in the Classroom

Beware of That Which is Not Discussed

Smart meters are dangerous to us

Teresa Treacy Ordered to Jail over ESB Powerlines

Coseley phone mast plan set to be approved

Homeowners raise protests over smart meters

Community Advisory Board op-ed: A towering health issue

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Omega-News Collection 24. September 2011


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