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29 September 2011

Woozy From Wi Fi
'Electrosensitive' say modern life makes them sick

Childhood being eroded by modern life, experts warn

The academics say Britain has the "lowest levels of children's wellbeing in the developed world" and is regularly placed "at or near the top of international league tables on almost all indicators of teenage distress and disaffection".
Mast Sanity

 WIFI and the French National Library, all unions on the same wavelength
 Paris, 26 September 2011

 Today, on Friday 23 September 2011, at the time of the Hygiene and Safety 
Committee of the François Mitterrand BnF (National Library), a vote took 
place on the project to rollout Wi-Fi in the Oval Room of the Richelieu 
site (in the 2nd district of Paris), at the Tolbiac site (in the 13th), as 
well as in the LABO of new technologies, where the only offerings in terms 
of documents will be those of the Orange operator "kiosque".

 On the rest of the unions, three experts were appointed: Professor 
Belpomme from the University of Paris 5 (Descartes), Etienne Cendrier from 
the French national Robin des Toits Association and Agnès Dutrevis, 
Officer of the Administrative Library of the City of Paris and
 member of the Hygiene and Safety Committee for the City.

 An exchange of information and clear presentations on the topic showed 
evidence that such a system would not only be dangerous to the health of 
the staff in the long term (the WHO having classified electromagnetic 
waves and possibly carcinogenic, Group 2B) and would close the doors of 
people who are hypersensitive to electromagnetic waves, the number of 
which is unfortunately increasing.

 In addition, this technology is no longer the most reliable, nor the best 
suited for the quick transmission of data, contrary to optical fibre, an 
alternative solution backed by the unions and their experts.

 The French Unions (CFDT, CGT and FSU) voted unanimously against this 
project, thus in compliance with the Precautionary Principle and in favour 
of equality for everyone with regard to access to Library services.

'Cancer risk for mobile phones'

"When we officially recognise that electromagnetic fields do cause cancer, then we may find a solution."


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Beware of what is not discussed

google translation
Last week, met the UN in London to assess the overall impact of the five leading chronic diseases: cancer, diabetes, mental illness, heart disease and respiratory disease. Various environmental risks were analyzed for the health and economy. An environmental factor, however, shone by their absence: the advent of wireless technology in every facet of life.
Organisation, World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates the cost of the above five diseases in the next 20 years to 47 000 billion dollars, ie about 330 000 billion. According to the WEF kill these diseases more than 36 million people / year and will represent four percent of the world's annual global GDP over the next two decades.
World Economic Forum's compilation was published two days before the UN meeting. The focus of the UN's discussion was to come up with a plan to tackle the growing levels of death and disability from these extremely costly disease - medically and in terms of lost productivity - which is often linked to poor diet, tobacco, alcohol and lack of exercise .
However, the biggest disease factor of them all be wireless?
And if so, we risk the future of a humanitarian and economic disaster?
It is puzzling that the concerns expressed in President Obama's "Cancer Report 2008-2009", published in 2010, not dealt with at the World Economic Forum summit, nor the United P. This concern has been expressed as follows: "As the use of mobile phones has increased, so has concern about their potential adverse health effects increased, especially for mobile phone users may be at greater risk for brain cancer. Cell phones and similar devices become more sophisticated each year and are becoming more enhanced features, and the amount of radiation increases. "Furthermore, the report warns:" Although the increased risk of brain tumors are still relatively small, it will nevertheless the number of affected people will be very, very big. Today there are over five billion handsets in use worldwide. Until recently offered to the telecom industry assurances from WHO that could not find a link between cell phones and brain cancer. The situation changed, however briefly, in May this year when the WHO's International Agency for Cancer Research meeting in Lyon, France, and classified radio-frequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans based on an increased risk of glioma, a malignant form of brain cancer, in conjunction with mobile telephony.
We must therefore ask all countries participating in UN meetings will also address the very real threat from mobile radiation. That you have not already done so - along with poor diet, tobacco use, alcohol and lack of exercise - can be interpreted as the latter are not measured at three to four trillion U.S. dollars / year and neither has a generous lobby with assets of more than 85 million dollars / year.
Today there are many scientific studies that point out wireless technology as a potential health hazard in all of the above disease areas. If these results prove true, then the widespread deployment of wireless technology to cater for the huge health and economic damage. Until the World Economic Forum sees the elephant in the room, any prediction about our future rest on a very fragile foundation. Maybe time to start discussing this?

Olle Johansson
Associate Professor, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
Susan Foster
Masters in Social Work, Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA


Saanich watching outcome of BC municipalities discussion on smart meters
"Since June the emails have been mountainous," said committee chair Coun. Vicki Sanders. "It's been just weekly, daily people are contacting us about smart meters. … They feel that there hasn't been an adequate examination or review to see if there are health issues, especially since the World Health Organization said guardedly that there could be."

Huge Sun Storm
Photo Courtesy Of John Poggi A 30-foot cell tower on private property is ... Kniss said the subject of cellphone antenna towers "is like a lightning rod. ...
Regarding Autism .
When I started to get electrical sensitivity  problems it was at the places my Autistic Grandson also became distressed. He like me, can hear 'the hum'.  The Autistic children are also bothered by flicker from strip lights etc, and noise.  When they tested Tetra where he lives, the Autistic children could not sleep, and the GP was giving them Melatonin. [ there was an Autism cluster there.]  When I was told about the Melatonin problem I went to try to buy some In the UK.  The only people who could get it  was Autistic children.  I had to go to America to buy mine.
California Smart Meters
Recall kickoff of county's top cop has surprise guest: Sheriff Wowak

What followed was an unusual scene for anyone who s followed the recall, and the debates about SmartMeters that preceded it.
B.C. Hydro makes controversial case for smart meters at UBCM

27, to protest the introduction of smart meters by BC Hydro. BC Hydro was holding a presentation inside the centre. As BC Hydro installs its 100000th smart meter Tuesday, a groundswell of local government leaders and residents are telling the energy ...
West Brooklyn residents object to cellphone tower

The company says it needs to build close to 100 cell towers around the province, as they get ready to roll out cellphone service next year.
Arab News
Suppressed immunity lead to child and adult leukemia and cancers (eye, malignant brain tumors), which take years to surface. Physical dysfunctions like infertility begin to show. Due to their smaller bodies, finer skulls and developing systems, ...

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