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6 September 2011


Hypersensitivity to the waves produced by mobile phones becomes a new cause of permanent disability.

On Legal Medical Group
Published: Today
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Spain, September 2011 .- This has been ruled by the Labour Court to declare Madrid 24 permanent incapacitation of a college professor who suffered from chronic fatigue and environmental and electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The ruling is unique in this regard and make a precedent for future conditions related to hypersensitivity to these waves. The verdict was issued on 23 May and gave the teachers 100% of his base salary, which amounted to 1640.80 euros.

Team Assessment of the Social Security disability (EVI), recognized in clinical diagnosis: chronic fatigue syndrome, celiac disease, fibromyalgia syndrome and environmental electromagnetic hypersensitivity, yet they dismissed the patient's disability.

The Labour Court in Madrid again puts into question the criteria for the granting of this degree by the provincial leadership of the national institute, and recognizes the rights of the applicant stating that presents enormous problems for the performance of their tasks " with appropriate level of professionalism and performance. "

Legal Medical Group would like to echo this statement pioneer in the defense of those who are entitled to a permanent disability pension, and upholds the spirit of not giving any circumstances for lost, when there is sufficient medical and legal basis. Legal Medical Group is a pioneer in the defense of those who apply for disability, accident or illness, advising them from a technical point of view, medical and legal since 1978.

Dear Editor,
We regret the position by Patrick Coffey regarding Prof. Magda Havas' openness in advising public aspects about certain types of exposure to a variety of the electromagnetic fields. Understandably, the nature of electromagnetics is vast, it extends from cosmic pulses every so many hours / minutes / seconds, to electric power, sound, infra sound, ultrasound, "dirty electricity" - noise from electric power delivery and hundreds of different types of appliances, radio frequency / microwave emissions from commercial, military, government and wireless technologies, terahertz security system (used after 9/11), heat and heating technologies and light and lighting technologies through the biologically important ultraviolet before attaining the ionizing radiation (stronger ultraviolet into the radioactive and cosmic radiations). This complexity has apparently confused the writer, Patrick Coffey. For example, he assumes that the radio frequencies from the sun are stronger than those which are man made from Wi-Fi, they are several trillion times weaker.  As to studies about health risks from certain man made emissions, including the random emissions from wiring errors, transformers, currents in water mains and some appliances including compacts and fluorescent lighting: these were studied and documented very thoroughly since the infamous Nazi concentration camp studies. One of the world's best researches was brought to the culminating mega studies done in the early 1970s to the credit of Queen's University (with the full support of the Canadian National Research Council) to the point that it helped that university build a strong reputation in Health Physics and medical device design studies. Similar quality work has enabled McGill University and en suite its Institut Armand Frappier to raise tens of millions of dollars in electromagnetic research over the years by, essentially, quietly going over the work that Prof. Magda Havas is promulgating in the interest of the general public and especially the more vulnerable sectors of the public, such a young children, pregnant women, ill individuals and the environmentally hypersensitive (at least 15% of the adult population, according to the Government of Ontario research since the 1970s).  The two studies referred to as being weak methodologically were important in that they brought new attention of a phenomenon for which at the time very few meters existed in the public domain and which only confirmed that which was well studied (and proven in cause-effect laboratory studies in humans and animals at Yale, Harvard and Queens in another form as early as the mid-1960s) under low frequency bio-effects.
We feel that, indeed, Trent University's reputation is growing considerably and her good work will only generate more jobs locally, not only in the academe  but also through applications engendered by her openness and her good communication skills.
Dr. Andrew Michrowski\
The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc.

Dear Editor

Patric Coffey's vitriolic attack on Dr. Magda Havas (Anti Wi-Fi crusader hurts Trent's reputation)  is a good example of the level of misunderstanding that exists over the possible hazardous effects of radiofrequency / microwave exposure. For example, he claims that RF poses no risk and that there are "zero" studies that links RF to any diseases. This is simply not true. Take for example the published papers of  Dr. Ross Adey  (Readers can Google his name) who was one of the worlds leading researchers in bioelectromagnetics up till his death in 2004. Dr Adey has stated  that the laboratory evidence for low level biological effects for radiofrequency and microwave  fields constitutes a major body of scientific literature in peer-reviewed journals. He also stated that it was his view that to continue to ignore this work in the course of standard setting was irresponsible to the point of being a public scandal. These very concerns were also expressed in 1999 by the U.S. government's Radiofrequency Interagency Work Group (RFIAWG).  In particular, RFIAWG criticised the biological rationale for the American RF exposure standard for its  failure to address chronic (low intensity/prolonged) as opposed to acute (high intensity/short term) exposures. In order to address this, and other concerns, RFIAWG recommended a comprehensive review of long-term, low-level RF exposure studies that had relevance to environmental chronic occupational RF exposures and neurological-behavioural effects. Now in 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), after their review of the relevant studies, classified RF as a possible human carcinogen. So for Mr. Coffey to claim that there are zero studies is disingenuous to say the least.

Don Maisch PhD
Author of The Procrustean Approach: Setting Exposure Standards for Telecommunications Frequency. Electromagnetic Radiation
EMF Conference
This 2-day Summit on October 5 & 6 at Capitol Hill United Methodist Church in Washington DC and hosted by the Center for Safer Wireless will focus on updates in wireless safety research and developments, educating lawmakers on our concerns, and working together to protect those most vulnerable to microwave radiation.

The cost to attend is $85.00 which includes lunch on Wednesday afternoon.

There is a terrific line-up of speakers featuring Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University, Dr. Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust, Dr. Stephen Sinatra of the Heart MD Institute, Orlean Koehle of the Eagle Forum of California, Joshua Hart of Stop Smart Meters!, Janet Newton of the EMR Policy Institute, Elizabeth Kelley of the Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, and Felicia Trujillo, ND. Speakers will cover topics such as the biological effects of EMF, EMF effects on the heart, cell phones, smart meters, and wireless safety standards.

On the second day, there will be an opportunity to learn tips on meetings with Congressional representatives. Later, you will attend meetings with your Congressional representatives to explain your story and your concerns with wireless technology.

The more people who attend, the greater impact we can have.

If you can't travel, you can participate virtually on-line real time. You can ask questions just like someone in the room. During break-out sessions, you will be able to enter a meeting room to discuss a topic of choice to you. The cost to attend virtually is only $35.

Sponsors of the Summit include: American Association for Cell Phone Safety, American Coalition Against Smart Meters, Arizonans for Safer Utility Infrastructure, California Brain Tumor Association, Center for Electrsomog Prevention, Citizens Against Unsafe Emissions, Victoria, BC, Doctors for Safe Schools, Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Electromagnetichealth.org, EMF Safety Network, EMRstop.org,
Maryland Residents Against Smart Meters, Moms of Merrick, Naperville Smart Meter Awareness, Re shelter, Smart Meter Safety Coalition, Sante Fe Doctors WARN, The Galileo Project, The People's Initiative Foundation, Wireless-Precaution, and Wireless Radiation Safety Council.

There are also exhibiting opportunities. If you are interested in exhbiting, please contact me at choch@centerforsaferwireless.org.

Christine Hoch
Keeping the environment in mind, the ViewSonic is mercury free, has a power saving mode and emits zero electromagnetic radiation. ...

Spot the cell tower

A new game to play while driving cross-country might as well be, "Spot the Cell Phone Tower." After all, in the past 10 years, the number of towers in the US has doubled from 125000 in 2001 to more than 250000 sites
 "Right now, we are finding one of the major uses of wireless is sitting on the couch at 7 p.m. at night to play on an iPad or an iPhone."
Open letter to Steve Jobs of Apple
Brain Tumor Victims on Cell Phone Safety - YouTube

Keith Phillips, Pianist & Brain Tumor Victimby envonc9 views · Thumbnail 2:54. Add to. Medical Doctors on Cell Phone Safetyby envonc20 views · Thumbnail ...
Greater Dandenong residents smarting over new electircity smart meters

Greater Dandenong Weekly
"If any one tampers with my meter, I'm going to prosecute them."
Power surge raises questions about SmartMeters

by Sue Dremann When 80 PG&E SmartMeters caught on fire and burned out after a power surge in East Palo Alto on Aug. 25, the incident raised questions for some residents and utilities officials about the safety of the new digital devices. ...
Meter made for Malady

Trudy Frisk loves her home.  Correction. Trudy Frisk once loved her home.

The longtime Kamloops resident was the queen of her Dallas Drive castle.

"It's a lovely neighbourhood," she told KTW of the neighbourhood she has called home for 27 years.

But, earlier this summer, Frisk's quiet home life came to a piercing end.

She believes it all has to do with the installation of a water meter.

On July 7, Frisk had a water meter installed inside her home, like the more than 1,500 homeowners in Dallas, Barnhartvale and Juniper Ridge neighbourhoods who have also done the same under the city's universal water-metering program.

Later that day, her ears began to ring and she felt a prickly sensation all over her body.

Frisk described the feeling as like standing under a high-voltage transmission tower.

"It was really weird," she said.

That night, Frisk hardly slept and, when she awoke the next morning, the ringing in her ears continued.

However, the strange symptoms seemed to disappear when she went to work, only to return when she got home.

Frisk thought perhaps the meter weren't grounded, so she called the city to check it out, while at the same time dropping by her audiologist to get her ears checked.

Her hearing was fine and so was the meter, yet there was still no improvement in her condition.

"It was intolerable," she said.

Frisk then visited her doctor, who suggested it could be the meter could be behind her malady.

Each meter is outfitted with a radio-frequency transmitter that reads the unit remotely.

Her doctor surmised she could be suffering from a negative reaction to the frequency.

Armed with the information, she called the city for options.

Frisk could have Neptune Technology, the company installing the water meters, remove the transmitter and replace it with a wired dial outside the home.

The dial would have to be physically read once every three months for an extra $25 per quarter.

Her other option was to put the meter in a pit in her lawn for $1,000.

Frisk chose the wired route — she'd gladly pay the extra $100 to stop the pain.

It didn't work.

The ringing didn't stop.

Undeterred, she asked the city to then have the meter placed in a pit.

On Aug. 14, the meter was removed and banished to a hole.

"This is not how I wanted to spend my summer, believe me," Frisk said

The bewildered Kamloops resident thought the problem was solved, and she could return to her quiet life.

But once again, the ringing returned.

Frisk maintained the ringing is now constant — and spending time in her home is the last thing she wants to do.

"It's really difficult to live with that all the time," she said.

She's been told by her doctor there is a small percentage of people who have recorded an intolerance to electromagnetic fields.

With the frequency's ability to travel and her surrounding neighbours all having the same water meters installed, Frisk has run out of options and is at a loss for answers.

She doesn't blame the city or Neptune, both of which, she said, have been very co-operative and helpful.

"It's nobody's fault, like the way some people are allergic to peanuts," Frisk said.

However, she said if she knew there was an option to have the transmitter placed on the outside of her home, it would have been her first choice.

David Duckworth, director of public works and sustainability, said the city is aware of Frisk's dilemma, but contends it's the only such case in Kamloops.

He said a handful of residents have raised concerns about the health effects from the frequencies, but added he hasn't heard of any confirmed health-related cases from any of Neptune's water meters.

The company has installed four-million devices across North America.

"It's very rare," Duckworth said.

Neptune sent a letter to the city in response to the concerns expressed by residents which can be read here.

As for the choice to have a transmitter placed outside, Duckworth noted the brochure handed out to residents advises calling the city to learn about options.

He noted only about 10 people have called so far.




Dear Arizonans for Safer Utility Infrastructure and all Arizona residents,
We are delighted to notify you that the Arizona Corporation Commission has scheduled a public hearing to investigate smart meters. Concerned citizens and their advocates are invited to testify in person or to submit comments in advance. This will be the only item on the agenda that day. The hearing is being held for discussion purposes only and no decision will be made at that time. Those making public comments should plan on speaking for three minutes or less. The Chairman may, at his discretion, permit additional time, depending on how many people attend.  I was told that the Arizona Corporation Commissioners has been getting are lots of calls from people who are concerned about smart meters.

DATE:  Thursday, September 8, 2011
TIME:  10:00 AM
LOCATION: Hearing Room, First Floor
                 Arizona Corporation Commission Offices
                 1200 West Washington
                 Phoenix, Arizona 85007-2996
For those who prefer to submit their comments online, go to www.azcc.org and click on the E-Docket link at the bottom of the home page. 
Enter Docket Number: E-000000C-11-0328.
For those who prefer to send their comments by email, go to www.azcc.org, and send them to any of the Commissioners, who will file them for you in the Docket. 
Comments must be filed prior to the hearing! Call the Arizona Corporation Commission if you have more questions. I spoke with Commisisoner Stump's assistant, Trisha, who was very helpful. She can be reached at 602 542-3935.
Whether you are most concerned about protecting your health and privacy, higher utility bills and fees, or greater risk of fire or cybersecurity attack because of a smart meter that has been installed, or may be installed, on your home or small business, let the Arizona Corporation Commissioners hear from you.  Send your testimony or other submissions to us at info@electromagneticsafety.org 
We will post them on the website! Let's keep this public conversation going while the AZ   Commission considers citizen's concerns.
A favorable decision would more likely be reached by the Commissioners if everyone shows up and submits comments.
Please forward this message, also to be posted on www.electromagneticsafety.org.  There is more information on that site about health and privacy concerns.

Elizabeth Kelley, MHA
Director, Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc.
Co-Coordinator, Arizonans for Safer Utility Infrastructure
When smart meters first came out, people assumed that they were going to be extremely helpful for homeowners and businesses. However, it now seems that smart meters have had little impact on energy consumption. Experts say that the roll-out of these ...

Smart Meters are like big brother on crackYou Tube. 

CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access Technology that is used in North America is based on the IS-95 protocol standard first developed by Qualcomm. CDMA uses spread spectrum techniques for transmitting voice or data over the air. Rather than dividing RF spectrum into separate user channels by frequency slices or time slots, spread spectrum technology separates users by assigning them digital codes within the same broad spectrum. The advantages of CDMA technology includes high user capacity of at least 8 to 10 times over AMPS, and immunity from interference by other signals. Like TDMA IS-136, CDMA operates in the 1900 MHz band as well as the 800 MHz band.

CDMA's advantages include greater capacity and coverage with lower costs and faster deployment, a better method for call handoff between cells, better voice quality, reduced interference, inherent security, and, in the future, superior support for data communications.

Major US carriers using CDMA are AirTouch*, ALLTEL, Bell Atlantic*, GTE*, PrimeCo*, Sprint Wireless and USWest**. (* now Verizon Wireless, **now Qwest)

·        Air Touch (Verizon)

·        ALLTEL

·        Bell Atlantic (Verizon)

·        GTE Wireless (Verizon)

·        PrimeCo (Verizon)

·        Sprint Wireless

·        US West (Qwest)

·        Verizon Wireless

Back to PCS Technologies

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)

GSM or Global System for Mobile Communications 1900, also known as PCS-1900 or DCS-1900, is one of the three PCS technologies in North America. Like TDMA, GSM's air interface is based on narrowband TDMA technology, where available frequency bands are divided into time slots, with each user having access to one time slot at regular intervals. Narrow band TDMA allows 8 simultaneous communications on a single radio multiplexer and is designed to support 16 half-rate channels.

GSM is currently the only one of the three technologies that provides data services (the capability to do email, fax, Internet browsing, and intranet.LAN access wirelessly).

GSM is also the only one that permits roaming between North America and European countries. This works by removing the user-specific SIM card from inside the American network's phone and placing it into a European network's phone, or vice-versa.

The European version of GSM operates at the 900 MHz frequency, and now at the newer 1800 MHz frequency. Since the North American version of GSM operates at the 1900 MHz frequency, the phones are not interoperable, but the SIM's are. Dual band 900 - 1800 and 900 - 1900 phones are already released and in production, along with the new Tri-Band 900 - 1800 - 1900 GSM Phones and now Quad-Band 850 - 900- 1800 -1900 GSM Phones which now allow interoperability between Europe and North America using one phone.

Major US carriers using GSM 850 and/or 1900 are Omnipoint*, Pacific Bell**, BellSouth DCS**, T-Mobile, VoiceStream, Western Wireless (CellularOne), Nextel, Powertel*, and Aerial* (* now VoiceStream, ** now Cingular). AT&T Wireless and Cingular are now offering GSM in some locations, and are expanding their new GSM Network throughout the US. GSM service is now available in most, but not all, metropolitan areas.

·        Aerial (VoiceStream)

·        AT&T (GSM) (Cingular)

·        BellSouth DCS (Cingular)

·        Cingular

·        CellularOne

·        Nextel Worldwide SM

·        Omnipoint PCS (VoiceStream)

·        Pacific Bell (Cingular)

·        PowerTel (VoiceStream)

·        T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom)

·        VoiceStream (T-Mobile)

·        Western Wireless


Evolution to new GSM networks
Supporting the transition of operators in the Americas to GSM/GPRS networks on both the cellular (850MHz) and PCS (1900MHz) networks, Nokia spotlights a pair of new dual-band GSM/GPRS handsets designed to facilitate this network evolution. The 'expression' category Nokia 3590 phone combines innovative customization options with an XHTML over GPRS wireless Internet browser, while the 'classic' category Nokia 6590 phone, also with an XHTML browser, integrates a number of features for the connected businessperson.

Cingular Makes First GSM 850 MHz Call.

Nokia leads GSM evolution in Americas with new GPRS handsets.

Main GSM Bands

·  GSM 400 (Replacement for old analog networks in Northern and Eastern Europe)

·  GSM 850 (North America) e.g. AT&T and Cingular

·  GSM 900 (Europe, Africa & Asia Pacific) e.g. Vodafone and O2

·  GSM 1800 (Europe & Asia Pacific) e.g. Orange and T-Mobile

·  GSM 1900 (North & South America and Caribbean) e.g. AT&T, Cingular, T-Mobile, Cable & Wireless

Motorola i2000 Dual-Mode iDEN/GSM Handset
The i2000, a dual mode wireless handset is designed to enable international business travelers to remain in contact with a single phone number and single billing, between continents. The i2000 handset allows users to roam on iDEN networks throughout North America, South America and Asia Pacific. Additionally, the handset's GSM capability enables roaming in more than 125 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. While on iDEN networks, the i2000 handset enables customers to instantly connect with one, or even hundreds of people, at the push of a button. Service provided by NEXTEL.

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The information below was in Mercola's newsletter this summer.  Camilla Rees told me that she reviews all information that Dr. Mercola writes about EMF. Camilla also released this information. As a result, I have been using this information during presentations. 

"According to Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California, Berkeley, "GSM phones emit about 28 times more radiation on average compared to CDMA phones according to one published study." Dr. Moskowitz recommends switching to a CDMA carrier if you want to reduce your radiation exposure."

Christine Hoch

Center for Safer Wireless


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