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Stop Smart Meters! Director Arrested in Capitola Today / etc

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22 June 2011


Stop Smart Meters! Director Arrested in Capitola Today

Josh is doing the job that none of the elected officials are doing!
A fire at a cell phone tower caused a road closure in Kitsap County on Monday morning. Poulsbo fire officials say the fire in the tower on State Route 305 between Lemolo Shore Drive and Noll Road started in a bird's nest on top of the tower. ...

North Kitsap Herald
An osprey, apparently injured in a fire that destroyed its nest and damaged a Poulsbo cell phone tower, soars over State Route 305 on Monday. The fire closed the highway for 12 hours as crews dismantled the tower. The osprey and its mate remained in ...
Cellphone tower applications have become contentious in the city, particularly when they are close to residential areas.
It reportedly based its classification after a review of hundreds of articles published in scientific journals on health risks associated with exposure to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields, including a study--called the Interphone study--that ...

Rogers will connect the utility's central system with up to 600 Smart Meter collectors, which aggregate data relayed from the province's 3.8-million Smart Meters. Rogers begins deployment on a trial basis of the M2M wireless connection of Hydro ...
What's So Smart About 'Smart Meters'? :

By Alex
There have been reports from California to Maine of these "smart meters" causing "electro-sensitivity" in people, leading to everything from headaches to ringing in the ears. And yet the utilities seem to want to dismiss people's ...

By John Cox Network World - Carnegie Mellon University, which saw 1000 brand-new Wi-Fi clients appear on its campus wireless LAN this past semester, is experiencing the kind of device surge that's forcing IT groups all over to adapt to a new, ...


This letter received today from BC Hydro, June 20, 2011, and clearly states that there is no choice allowed to have a wired meter of any kind, but if you spend thousands of dollars of your own money, your meter can be moved further away from your home! Obviously, this is an impossible choice for the majority of BC Hydro customers, therefore it is no choice at all. 

BC Hydro is completely ignoring the following: 

1.     Those who have medical diagnosis of electrohypersensitivity or other health or immune condition and need to avoid microwave radiofrequency radiation exposure for health reasons;

2.     That the World Health Organization reclassified emissions from all microwave wireless devices as a possible human carcinogen on May 31, 2011;

3.     That the insurance industry does not insure against personal injury liability claims from exposure to wireless devices;

4.     That a home is a person's sanctuary, and they have the right to choose the poisons to which they are exposed within their own home; nobody has the right to force a toxic exposure of any kind on a person within their own home;

5.     The democratic process which brave Canadians fought and died for in two world wars.

Our organization is commencing a Human Rights Action on behalf of those with medical diagnosis of any condition which could be negatively impacted by exposure to regular and consistent wireless emissions (i.e. medical implants, epilepsy, immune disorder, electrohypersensitivity). Please contact me directly if you fit into this category.

We are analyzing other options to support democratic process. In the meantime, please attend the Smart Meter protest rally on this Wednesday, June 22, 2011, at 10 a.m. outside the BC Hydro building, 333 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver. It is urgent that people speak out for their human and democratic rights.

Best wishes,
Una St.Clair
Executive Director
Citizens for Safe Technology Society

Dear Ms. St. Clair, 

Thank you for your email. As you are aware, BC Hydro has chosen Itron as the successful vendor that will supply smart meters and related infrastructure for the Smart Metering Program. It is BC Hydro's responsibility to provide safe, reliable power for customers in our service territory. The smart meter procurement process was a highly rigorous effort designed to secure the best possible solution for our customers, while considering our unique operating context. 

BC Hydro has relied on the input of several qualified professionals and expert organizations in assessing the safety of wireless smart meters. These include the BC Centre for Disease Control, current and former Medical Health Officers, and reports by independent third parties. We have compared our smart meters to international standards based on precautionary principles and found that we are well within those limits. 

I would also like to clarify that Itron's residential smart meters cannot be wired through a phone line. Itron does manufacture a commercial and industrial meter which can connect through a phone line, but this meter cannot function within the smart metering system that is being installed by BC Hydro. 

Likewise, it is not possible for other wired infrastructure, such as Powerline Carrier (PLC) technology, to be implemented in the smart metering system being installed by BC Hydro. Factors such as population density and a highly varied topography within BC also preclude the use of PLC. 

BC Hydro currently offers a service where customers can move their meter to another area of their property, at their expense. Customers can arrange to have their meter moved now, and likewise they can move their smart meter once it is installed. To make arrangements for this, customers may call BC Hydro's Electric Service Coordination Centre at 1 877 520 1355. 

Best regards,


Harper Hadden
BC Hydro Communications & Public Affairs
Smart Metering & Infrastructure Program




WiFi Risks - Rally Against BC Hydro Smart Meters

BC Hydro wants wireless "smart meters" in every home, but the health risks associated with WiFi technology make this proposal unpalatable.



Transmitting smart meters

The exposure to microwave and radiowave radiation from these meters is involuntary and continuous.




Tritium leaks found at many nuke sites

Radioactive tritium has leaked from three-quarters of U.S. commercial nuclear power sites, often into groundwater from corroded, buried piping, an Associated Press investigation shows.



Lawsuit filed against NFS

"No one wants to face the truth here and the truth is, I have highly enriched uranium on my property and I am 21 river miles downstream,"




Fukushima USA?




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Smart Meter Fire

After a Smart Meter was installed in this Florida woman's home she said the meter "caught fire and fried my beautiful new kitchen" - over $31,000 in damages to many of her home appliancesSee the video:


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