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Death by Cell Phone? / Energy minister dismisses health fears / EMF-Omega News / etc.

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5 June 2011

Death by Cell Phone?

Metropolitan News-Enterprise

I've been rethinking that, however, since I read that a group of scientists associated with the World Health Organization classified cell phone radiation as a possible cause for some brain tumors. When I bought my first cell phone, I didn't have a ...


Energy minister dismisses health fears over B.C. Hydro 'smart' meters

Victoria Times Colonist

By Kathryn Burnham, Times Colonist June 3, 2011 BC Energy Minister Rich Coleman said Thursday there is little risk from radio frequencies emitted by BC Hydro's "smart" meters despite health fears voiced by protesters in Victoria. ...


Angry owners blame smart meters as costly gadgets blow

Herald Sun

But electricity companies insist the meters are not responsible. Power surges, ageing and faulty appliances and even rats chewing wiring were potential culprits. Industry insiders confirmed some appliances did not work after a smart meter installation ...


MOE to hold hearings about cell phone use in schools

China Post

Citing the recent survey results released by the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Chen Jiau-hua, secretary-general of the Electromagnetic Radiation Hazard Protection and Control Association (TEPCA), asked the MOE to ...


Residents vs Rogers over cellphone site

Whitchurch-Stouffville residents Jim Bodanis (from left), Emmett McDonnell and Nigel Turner, with Daniel and Christina Albi, don't want a cellphone tower, like the one behind them at Hwy. 404 and Aurora Road, erected in their rural neighbourhood. ...


EMF-Omega News

Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,
for your information.
Best regards,
Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega
Member of the Buergerwelle Germany (incorporated society)
Protectorate Union of the Citizens and Initiatives for the Protection against Electrosmog
Mobile phone radiation is a possible cancer risk, says WHO
Adverse health effects of exposure to power frequency electric and magnetic fields (EMFs)
How Electromagnetically Induced Cell Leakage May Cause Autism
New study confirms cell phone exposure damages DNA, brain and sperm
Can WiFi Make You Sick?
Misuse of funds at the American and Canadian Cancer Society
Karolinska Institute teaches science world a lesson in politics: Shut up or get out
'Cellphones, TV came that close to killing me'
Cellphone study raises profile on safety lawsuits
Supreme Court Ponders Cell Phone-Cancer Lawsuits
Should cell phone radiation be cause for alarm?
Expert says restrict mobile phone use
Thorley Park residents teams up to fight O2 mobile mast plans
Campaign to stop mobile phone mast plans for conservation area
Mobile phone masts a health hazard
Mobile phone masts 'blighting our town'
Residents fight plans for third phone mast
Phone mast plan 'could effect house values'
Victory for phone mast protestors
T-Mobile disguises phone mast as a fir tree
WHO Wireless: Cancer Link a Game Changer for Smart Meters
Warning over 4G and TV interference
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