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The Danger of CFL Bulbs / Letter to the Minister - France / Wi Fi Law Suit / etc

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30 June 2011

The Danger of CFL Bulbs

John Cockburn,
Director, Equipment Division, 
Office of Energy Efficiency, 
Department of Natural Resources, 
930 Carling Avenue (CEF, Building 1, Observatory Crescent), 
2nd Floor, Room 25, 
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0Y3 
(tel.: 613-996-4359; email:

Re:   Canada Gazette, Part I, Regulations Amending the Energy Efficiency Regulations

I am delighted that Natural Resources Canada is considering a two-year delay for banning incandescent light bulbs.

In 2008, Tom Hutchinson and I sent a petition to the Auditor General of Canada that is attached.  It outlines the key problems with CFL bulbs and includes the following:

1.  Mercury content a concern during breakage inside buildings (homes, schools, offices, etc) and disposal in waste dumps contributes to the global load of mercury.  It is also contributing to ill health among many Chinese workers. 

2.  CFL emit UV radiation and Health Canada has already issued a warning that people should sit further away and use the light bulbs for less than 2 hours at a time to minimize their UV exposure.  Some bulbs now have a double envelope, which does reduce the UV considerably, but many bulbs still generate UV radiation.

3.  CFL bulbs generate radio frequency radiation that flows along electrical wires and contributes to poor power quality also known as dirty electricity.  Dirty electricity has been linked to ill health, increased blood sugar among diabetics who are electrically sensitive, increased tremors and difficulty walking among those with Multiple Sclerosis, and problems with student behaviour in schools.  All of this is properly referenced in the attached Environmental Petition sent to the Auditor General of Canada.

4.  CFL bulbs generate radio frequency radiation that can interfere with marine wireless communication and some GE bulbs have this warning on the package.

5.  A recent study in Germany documented release of carcinogenic substances from CFL bulbs including styrene.  While this needs to be replicated, this is yet another possible toxin released into the indoor environment.  Link: 

6.  CFL bulbs are making people ill.  This includes those who have migraine headaches, epilepsy, those with electrosensitivity, and those who have skin problems.  Details are provided in the attached report.

If the government waits for an additional two years, light emitting diode (LED) technology will have improved in terms of light quality and intensity and the price will have dropped as did the price of CFLs when they first came on the market. 

Canadians are attached to their incandescent light bulbs and it makes sense to use light bulbs that will add to the heating of rooms especially during the long Canadian winters.   CFL technology is deeply flawed and it was a mistake for the government to tell people what type of light bulbs they should or should not use.  There are alternative ways to alter choice without banning a product.  I would urge the government to remove the ban all-together but extending it for an additional two years makes sense because it will give Canadians a choice with technology that is likely to be even more energy efficient without the side effects of CFL bulbs. 

Please confirm receipt of this email.

-magda havas

Dr. Magda Havas, B.Sc. Ph.D.
Environmental & Resource Studies,
Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, K9J 7B8
phone:  705 748-1011 x 7882    fax:  705 748-1569
12 rue Lucien Sampaix  75010 Paris
Tel. : 33 1 43 55 96 08
E-mail :

June 28, 2011

Mrs. Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Minister for Ecology, Sustainable 
Development, Transportation and Housing
Mr. Eric BESSON, Minister of Industry, Energy and the Digital Economy
Mr. Xavier BERTRAND, Minister of Labor, Employment and Health

Subject: Radiofrequency wireless technologies: WHO classification 
group 2B

Dear Minister,

As you know, the IARC, International Agency for Research on Cancer, an 
agency of WHO, concluded May 31, 2011 that the radio frequencies used 
notably by mobile phones are "possibly carcinogenic" to humans.

While many red flags existed previously, this radically new context 
requires the government to adopt a new attitude vis-à-vis the 
technologies using radiofrequencies.

It is indeed no longer possible to rule out altogether, as has been 
done so far, the implementation of the precautionary principle which 
is applicable in the presence of a possible risk.

There is good reason to take the following steps:

- changing the message transmitted by government websites (including 
the site "Radiofrequency and Health") finding no evidence of 
deleterious effects on health. Operators now widely relay this message 
to their customers to convince them of the safety of mobile phones;

- information campaign directed to children, young persons and 
pregnant women, including a message without any ambiguity discouraging 
use of mobile devices in young persons under 14 years of age;

- banning of Wi-Fi enabled by default on the "box" installed in 
private homes; the installation of Wi-Fi will be the result of an 
operation carried out voluntarily by the customer or installer ;

- compulsory presence on the same "box" of an external switch, 
combined with a light control for all wireless networks  (Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 
Community, Wi-Fi easy pairing, DECT, femtocells), and formal 
recommendation to turn off Wi-Fi at night, even in cases of non-use;

- removal of Wi-Fi in favor of wired Internet connections in 
educational institutions;

- appropriate labeling on all devices emitting radiofrequencies.  More 
and more objects apart from  wireless mobile devices use these 
technologies today, and parents buy their children "smart objects" 
without even knowing it.

All this is neither oppressive nor complicated.  None of the above 
measures requires legislative text, so that the "agenda of the member 
of Parliament responsible" is not an argument to refrain from action.

Changing the message of public websites can be done immediately.

The information campaign, which should be radically different both in 
substance and in form, from that issued prior to the decision of WHO 
released at the end of 2010, constitutes a simple administrative 

The provisions for "box" Internet access at home are of the order of a 
simple decree, not a law. They carry no significant impediment to 
freedom of commerce and industry. Technologies allowing attainment of 
the desired results already exist.

It is the same action for objects using radiofrequencies, similar to 
the mandatory posting of the SAR, carried out by decree.

The removal of Wi-Fi in educational institutions can be decided by a 
simple circular; it is a question of the internal choice of the 

It is unrealistic to expect, as has been done so far, that the 
profession propose or take the appropriate measures itself, be it in a 
concerted framework ("Grenelle des Ondes" and others).  Protection of 
the population is a duty of the public authorities which cannot be 
relegated to others. The recent decision of WHO, associated with the 
constitutional principle of precaution, is the source of their 
obligation for immediate action, where non-compliance goes against 
their responsibility.

Counting on prompt action on your part,

Respectfully yours,

National Spokesperson
Portland Oregon Wi Fi Law Suit
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