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Threatened with arrest

Fiona Jeffcoat
New Zealand

Today three generations of my family - aged from 8 to 72 - were threatened with arrest by the police. The attached photo will give you an idea of the forces used against our VERY PEACEFUL protests in Clovelly Road against the cell tower installation. To have a squad of police in protective gear jogging towards you, with a paddy wagon behind them and a police helicopter circling overhead is truly something else.

Suffice to say not one member of my family will EVER feel the same way about our police again. Nor our government.

It was always so easy to point the finger at other countries who had so clearly sold out and had national and international policy revolving around industry and money. Now the joke's on me. New Zealand is exactly the same and right now I can see very little to be proud of.



Hi Fiona
I am a former police officer and I am sorry to see the police being misused in this way.
Although I cannot fault the individual officers who are just doing what they have been told to do, I suggest a written complaint to the appropriate authorities, about the police policy that allowed this situation to happen.
In your complaint, you should state that police officers are supposed to be there to protect the community, but in this case they are assisting and allowing something into the community which is known to cause serious harm to people and the environment.  Would they escort thieves, rapists and violent persons into the community?  I think not!  They should not be involved in this situation either! 
You can quote the documents that I have attached and ask for a public inquiry into the misuse of police personnel and the implied threat they represent.  You can use this opportunity to educate the police and others about this danger and danger from other wireless devices.
Martin Weatherall
6:01PM | January 8, 2010 | comments: 18

Cell Phone Safety


We have a story tonight about people protesting against a cell phone tower near a school in Bayville, on Long Island. The demonstrators are insisting a cancer cluster has sprung up among children and school employees because of electromagnetic radiation coming from the tower.

For years now, we've seen stories about research showing one of two things: that cell phone use is dangerous, and can cause cancer and brain tumors, or that cell phone use is perfectly safe. Just as one apparently legitimate study shows that there are significant risks, an organization like the American Cancer Society—which I assume is not in cahoots with any of the big phone companies—says cell phone use is safe.

What to believe? Along with finding answers about the causes and spread of autism in so many more children, I can't think of an area of research calling out for more definitive conclusions than whether cell phones are safe. Either it's safe, or it's not… find the answer!

Give me your thoughts; do you ever worry about your safety or the safety of family members from using cell phones?


Posted by Pat DeCandia at January 8, 2010 10:31 PM

I'm having the same problem in my town of Ridgefield NJ. One of your reporters came to cover our story in June. St Matthews Church wants to put 8 cell antennas in its steeple which is in the middle of a residential neighborhood and directly above a school that they are trying to rent for grade school children. In July the board of adjusment refused TMobile's application. We just got word that TMobile is going to sue the town in superior court to try to install these towers. We've had a trememdous public outcry against these antennas: petitions, signs, letters to TMobile. We thought we had won the fight and now the town has to go to court to defend its position. The more press we can get for our story the better. Can you send someone out to cover our fightand help us? We need all the help we can get.


Posted by Jennifer at January 9, 2010 11:27 AM

A water tower, the very water Bayville residents drink, housing 52 cell phone antennas 50 feet across from the primary school and in very close proximity to residents. In the last few years, four Bayville Primary School children have been diagnosed with leukemia or brain tumors; three of the children have since died. In addition, six teachers and several school aids have been diagnosed with serious cancer. Four of the adults have subsequently died. When this property was donated to the town in the 1950's it was not to be used for commercial uses, I think cell phone antenas are commercial uses.


Do You Know the Real Reason Cell Phone Use is Banned on Airlines?


Airline passengers who sneak in cell phone calls, play with gaming devices or listen to their mp3 players during takeoff or landing probably won't cause a plane crash, but they may risk a confrontation with flight attendants.

Researchers and aircraft companies have found almost no direct evidence of cell phones or other electronic devices interfering with aircraft systems.

The ban on wireless devices has a lot more to do with possible interference for ground networks, rather than any danger posed to aircraft systems.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) banned in-flight use of most cell phones and wireless devices in 1991, citing the reason of ground network interference. Some airlines allow passengers to use cell phones in "airplane mode," which shuts off phone transmissions.

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

While, in theory, using a cell phone or other wireless device could interfere with the functions of an airliner, it's not likely. Communication systems onboard planes have been shielded from electromagnetic interference since the 1960s.

The real reason why you can't use your cell phone on a plane has much more to do with their impact on cell phone towers. If you're flying at 35,000 feet, your cell phone's signals could reach hundreds of towers at once, and cell phone companies are not set up to handle this type of roaming agreement.

That said, if you're a frequent flyer you should be counting your lucky stars that cell phone use is currently prohibited on flights -- and not because you don't have to suffer through other passengers' loud personal calls, either!

A Flying Microwave Oven

An airplane is essentially a metal cylinder and is nearly an ideal structure to bounce around dangerous EMF radiation from any device that emits those signals inside the plane. Microwave exposure from cell phones and even Wi-Fi inside a plane is magnified by reflections from the metal body of the aircraft.

Airliners are worse than cars in this sense because there's much less glass area relative to reflective metal. When you use a cordless phone or cell phone while standing near a metal door or refrigerator you also increase your exposure because of this reflective effect.

This holds true not only for planes and cars, but also buses, trains, elevators and any other moving vehicles, with the worst being perhaps a windowless van.

For the same reason, cell phone use should be banned at all times on commercial aircraft. Ideally, no one should be allowed to use their cell phones or laptop Wi-Fi inside a plane, even before takeoff, after landing or while sitting on the tarmac.

What Makes Cell Phones So Dangerous?

Cell phones, like all wireless communication devices, use radio (high frequency microwave) waves to transmit digital data, and the dangers of exposure were known as early as the 1950s in military applications. The hazards of radar, used in WWII, have been widely known in professional circles since the 1960s. Yet few have been willing to focus on the evidence, and the cellular industry has followed in the footsteps of the tobacco industry, vehemently denying any risks.

It's worth remembering that the telecommunication industry is even BIGGER than Big Pharma, and they have far more influence than the drug companies.

My belief is that this exponential increase in this type of radiation exposure is far more serious a threat than tobacco ever was.

To get a better understanding of the physics and biological impact of information-carrying radio waves and the electromagnetic fields emitted from your cell phone, please review the article, "If Mobile Phones Were a Type of Food, They Simply Would Not be Licensed." 

The first major indication that cell phones might be a health hazard came out of a massive, $25-million research project funded by the Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA). To the industry's surprise and dismay, the results of the study came to the opposite conclusion from the one they were hoping for.

The study's results included findings of:

  • A nearly 300 percent increase in the incidence of genetic damage when human blood cells were exposed to radiation in the cellular frequency band
  • A significant increase in cell phone users' risk of brain tumors at the brain's outer edge, on whichever side the cell phone was held most often
  • A 60 percent greater chance of acoustic neuromas, a tumor affecting the nerve that controls hearing, among people who had used cell phones for six years or more
  • A higher rate of brain cancer deaths among handheld mobile phone users than among car phone users (car phones are mounted on the dashboard rather than held next to your head and the antenna was typically outside of the car)

In addition to the widespread concern about brain cancer, scientists have found that digital radio waves transmitted by cell phones and other wireless devices can:

  • Harm your blood cells and cause cellular changes
  • Damage your DNA
  • Possibly accelerate and contribute to onset of autism, and there are theories that it may be a trigger for Alzheimer's disease because of the cellular decalcification effect.
  • Damage your eyes
  • Cause sleep disruptions, fatigue and headaches
  • Change the exchange of nutrients and toxins across the cell membrane

And in all cases, the young are much more vulnerable to these risks than adults because of their thinner skulls, smaller heads, and still-developing brains and nervous systems. Their thinner skull bones allow for greater penetration of radiation. The radiation can enter all the way into the midbrain, where tumors are more deadly.

In addition, children's cells reproduce more quickly, so they're more susceptible to aggressive cell growth. Their immune systems are also not as well developed as adults. Lastly, children face a far greater lifetime exposure. Not only should children not use cell phones, but adults should not use them (or Wi-Fi) around children -- especially in light of the fact that brain cancer has now overtaken leukemia as the number one cancer killer of children.

The Top Cell Phone Safety Tips You Should Know

Cell phones have become an integral part of life and business for many of you reading this. So if you are not yet at the point where you want to give up your cell phone entirely, then please at least take note of the precautions you can take to help reduce the serious risks to you and your family.

  • Children Should Never Use Cell Phones: Barring a life-threatening emergency, children should not use a cell phone, or a wireless device of any type. Children are far more vulnerable to cell phone radiation than adults for reasons stated above.
  • Reduce Your Cell Phone Use: Turn your cell phone off more often. Reserve it for emergencies or important matters.
  • Use A Land Line At Home And At Work: Although more and more people are switching to using cell phones as their exclusive phone contact, it is a dangerous trend and you can choose to opt out of the madness.
  • Reduce or Eliminate Your Use of Other Wireless Devices: You would be wise to cut down your use of these devices. Just as with cell phones, it is important to ask yourself whether or not you really need to use them every single time.

It's important to realize that portable phones are also highly problematic. Recent research has linked portable house phones to an increased heart rate in people who are electromagnetically sensitive.

In some individuals, portable phone exposure almost doubled their heart rate in double-blind tests. This groundbreaking research has been accepted for publication and is expected to come out this spring, along with a large number of other studies focusing on the mechanisms of action to explain the biological damage we see from this type of radiation.

If you must use a portable home phone, consider using very early non-DECT version. Unfortunately, due to the lack of labeling, the only way to know for sure whether the type of phone you have is safe is to measure the amount of radiation emitted. The Web site www.emfsafetystore.com offers a helpful summary of the various meters recommended




Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity Questionnaire 2009 in Japan
- The Actual State of Health Injury by Electro Magnetic Field.
- Symptom, Matter of Medical Treatment and Social/Economical Problems..


- All Next-up News: www.next-up.org/Newsoftheworld/2010.php




Arizona man dies after parachuting from cell tower

Arizona man who parachuted from cell tower dies after hitting high-voltage power lines


AP News

Dec 05, 2009 18:36 EST

Authorities say a Tucson man has died after parachuting from a cell phone tower at night and hitting high-voltage power lines.

Pinal County sheriff's Lt. Tamatha Villar says 23-year-old Darrell Dunafon and two friends broke into a cell tower site about 30 miles south of Phoenix on Friday night and were parachuting off the approximately 400-foot-tall antennae.

Dunafon's parachute became tangled in nearby 12,000-volt power lines and he was shocked with a live wire.

Villar says the two friends called for help, and rescue crews turned off the power and cut Dunafon down. He had a slight pulse but was pronounced dead at a hospital in the nearby town of Casa Grande.

Dunafon was a Tucson resident who recently moved to the southeast Phoenix suburb of Queen Creek.