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Electromagnetic Radiation - a health problem?

ELECTRICALLY by Frank Hartman

One of the most common statements from those who argue that Electromagnetism is not a serious problem is "There is no proof that Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) causes any diseases in humans ".

This is literally true because no tests of humans has ever been done. We live in crazy regulatory world where controlled medical tests of EMR on humans is unacceptable but uncontrolled exposure is accepted and unregulated. In spite of such statements, over the last decade, the evidence has mounted to where it cannot be ignored. Electromagnetic radiation is a serious problem and may threaten man's existence on this planet. Consider the following:

- Children of mothers who slept under electric blankets developed 250% more brain tumors, 70% more leukemias and 30% more cancers than those who didn't. (University of North Carolina School of Public Health)

- 1000% higher incidence of Down's syndrome found in
Vernon NJ (Fifth highest number of microwave transmission towers in the county located in Vernon)

- Higher incidence of malformed children born to switch-yard workers in Sweden traced to chromosome changes in sperm from EM exposure . (Dr. L. Nordenson and S Nordtrom Nobel Prize nominating committee )

- one fifth of childhood cancers produced by low level
electromagnetic fields from power lines (Dr Savith University of North Carolina in study duplicate earlier study for NY State Power Lines Project)

- Five children in Florida who develop extremely rare
ovarian cancer all lived less than 600 feet from 69,000 volt power line.

These are but a smattering of thousands of reports linking electromagnetism to damage to living organisms. Eighty years ago, there was no electronic pollution of our atmosphere. Since World War 11, we have filled the air with electromagnetic waves from telephone, television and military satellites. More TV and AM and FM radio stations, are added every day as well as beepers, cellular phones , CB radios and other radios. In any developed area, transmitting towers blanket the horizon in every direction, silent sentinels of death to a larger experiment on humans than Nazi Germany ever contemplated. The scientific evidence over the last decade leads to only one conclusion:


- abnormal fetal development and infertility - breakdown of the immune system including mental and nervous disorders - 1600% increase in the rate of growth of cancer cells. - alterations in learning ability ABNORMAL FETAL DEVELOPMENT AND INFERTILITY Boston Women's Hospital-Of 48 infants born with developmental malformations, 16 had no family history and were spontaneous mutations. In other words over 1/3 of birth defects were from some external cause that could not be explained.

Childrens Hospital of San Diego-Unusual Lesions in the brains of 14 out of 18 autistic children identical to those in rats exposed between one and six days after birth to low power electromagnetic fields Stanford Research Institute- Nine pregnant squirrels and monkeys exposed to EM fields at or below US safety standard; 5 babies died within 6 months. No deaths in babies of identical group not exposed to EM. US Navy Project Henhouse-Five of six laboratories on the project report "apparently very low-level, very low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields contribute to increased abnormal incidences in embryonic chicks" John Hopkins Hospital- higher incidence of Downs Syndrome found in children fathered by military radio operators. State of Rhode Island- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome children found to have lower levels of melatonin (directly affected by pineal gland which is extremely sensitive to EM fields )

Environmental Protection Agency-rats exposed for two weeks to 60 cycle current show marked reduction in nighttime pineal gland production of melatonin. Royal Collage of Surgeons, England-Eight deaths from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome occur in small town over one weekend. (four within a two hour period) All occur within 7 mile radius of military base during testing of new secret radar system.

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research-"Microwave energy in the range of 1 to 3GHz, a militarily important range, penetrates all organ systems of the body and puts all organ systems at risk" Many newborn are routinely exposed to high EM fields in hospital nurseries from high tech monitoring and heating devices and other electronics without regard for the possible damage caused. FDA Center for Devices and Radiology- Frequencies allocated to the medical profession for radiowave therapy produced chromosome abnormalities in plants and in sperm of male mice. This is particularly disturbing because genetic defects are permanent and passed on from generation to generation. Fertility Disorders Warsaw Research Institute -Female mice exposed at 1% of US safety standard for one hour a day for two weeks produced 7 times as many stillborn babies. A 1977 Russian study of rats exposed to 50 cycle field for three months showed a 30% increase in atypical sperm cells, significantly fewer cells and more dead cells. The National Institute of Environmental Health found in 1988 that 31% of pregnancies now end in miscarriage. Some unknown form of environmental pollution or stress is suspected as the cause.

Between 1957 and 1986 the birth rate in US in 15-44 year old age group dropped from 122 per thousand to 64 per thousand. The assumption has been that the birth rate dropped because women want to establish their career first. But in a 1989 study, one out of four women under 30 found to be infertile and 4 out of 10 over thirty. In a 1985 study, one out of six married couples had fertility problems and the numbers were on the rise.

Men are not exempt from the problem as the sperm count of American men has fallen more than 30% in the last fifty years with one in four males now having sperm counts so low as to be functionally sterile Two generations of the best educated, highest achieving and most extraordinary group of women in history and their mates are not replacing themselves nor passing on their genetic gains to future generations. There are other dimensions to the problem: Gunter Dorne Director of Experimental Endocrinology Humboldt University Berlin- Level of testosterone affected by fetal stress.

EPA- Significant reduction in serum testosterone found in rats exposed to 60 cycle EM fields for three months. Immune and Stress Related Disorders Dr. Robert Becker, Nobel nominee for his work in Bioelectricity, reported that the two functions in the body affected by EM field were the brains (primarily behavior abnormalities, learning disabilities, altered biological cycles and the stress response system) and growing tissues of the body particularly fetal tissues and cancerous growths. In the last ten years, we have a host of new plagues from AIDS, Legionnaires Disease, Lymes disease to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (so called Yuppie Flu which first appeared and has become almost epidemic in the Silicon Valley). Even more ominous, diseases such as tuberculosis and rubella (measles) thought to be conquered are surging back. All are immune system disorders. In cancer the news is worse. University of Chicago Medical Center-Since 1975 skin cancer and lymph cancer have increased by 100%; breast cancer by 30%; testicular cancer by 97% %., pancreas by 20%; kidney by 142%; colon by 63%. True, certain cancers are decreasing such as cervix (earlier diagnosis and treatment) and stomach (improved diet) but on the overall cancer particularly those with continuous rates of cell division are skyrocketing.

Honolulu Public Health Dept- In eight out of nine census tract with broadcast towers, the incidence of cancers of all types was significantly higher than tracts right beside them with no towers. Cancer Research and Treatment Center, San Antonio. Human cells in culture show 1600% permanent increase in rate of cancer growth after exposure to EM fields from 60 cycle household current. Washington State Dept of Health- Incidence of leukemia significantly higher among amateur radio operators. Canadian National Cancer Institute-High voltage powerline workers exhibited more than 3 times the number of intestinal cancers Journal of Occupational Medicine (1985)-Deaths in Maryland from various cancers up to 3 times higher among electricians, electrical engineers and linesmen than any other occupation.

Dr. Robert Becker-"At this time the scientific evidence is absolutely conclusive: 60 cycle magnetic fields cause human cancer cell to permanently increase their rate of growth by as much as 1600% and to develop more malignant characteristics." EM field effects are showing up in all diseases not just cancers.Dr Koslov, Director Applied Physics at John Hopkins University recently went public with a link between EM field microwave exposure and Alzheimers disease out of frustration over lack of funding for electromagnetic bioeffects research.

Other research has shown that chromosome damage in Altzheimers disease occurs on the same chromosome (#21) that causes Downs Syndrome.

National Institute of Mental Health- 20)% of US has mental disorders severe enough to require psychiatric treatment.

More significantly those under 45 years of age have twice the rate of the over 45 group (depression, anxiety, phobias antisocial personality traits, alcohol or drug abuse) New England Journal of Medicine- 1977 Suicide rates in males in 15-19 year old group rose 400%, 200% for females. Historically high rates of anything in this age group predicts even higher incidence as the group gets older. According to the Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute, in 1952, 20,000 mentally retarded children were born in the US:

In 1968 the number exceeded 500,000. Dr Merino nationally known for his research in the field demonstrated that EM fields have now been linked with suicides, nervous system disorders, sexual dysfunction, reproductive hazards, abnormal fetal development and heart disease. These are the areas that have been studied and this is not meant to imply that these are the only problem areas from EM fields. How it works Every electrical current generates a electromagnetic field at right angles to the direction of the current. These fields are now believed to produce a biological resonance (similar to a singer breaking a crystal glass when they hit the right frequency. Low frequencies (less than 100 cycles/second or very high frequencies pulsed or modulated at lower frequencies for better transmission) appear to directly impact on the body because they are close to the body frequencies that transmit information to the brain. EM fields are a stressor to the immune system that triggers at first a response to the threat to the body. As the stressor (EM fields) continue unabated, the immune system becomes overtaxed and is unable to function at the same level leaving the body without resources to oppose EM stressors or any other stressor. Thus, in cancer for example, any other stressor added to the body will, in a controlled study,cause an increase in cancer since the immune system is depressed.

The studies linking everything with an increase in cancer may be no more than a symptom of the problem with EM fields being the cause. If Becker and the handful of other scientists who have waged this lonely battle for a decade against enormous opposition from scientific, industrial and military concerns are right and it appears they are; our medical generals have been fighting the wrong war for the last decade. It's past time the generals in the war on disease be relieved of their commands for incompetence. Scientists everywhere seem afflicted with the disease of bad memory for they forget their predecessors have been burned at the stake for their unpopular views that we now call our foremost truths. We need more Drs. Beckers and Marinos if we are going to stop spending our research money to learn more and more about less and less. As T.H. Huxley,physician and philosopher, said one hundred years ago, "Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority." For more information on the subject CROSS CURRENTS by Dr. Becker and the Electronic Wilderness by Dr. Marino are both excellent. For the medical reader Modern Bioelectricity by Dr. Marino contains the references to most of the studies.


Glutathione: The "mother" of all antioxidants...


Please distribute this YouTube link as widely as possible.

YouTube video exposes the workplace hazard to thousands of unsuspecting workers from radiofrequency (RF) radiation exposure at "stealth" antenna sites.  This is a seldom -discussed public health issue with implications for workers and their families, employers, building owners, and all FCC licensees including states and municipalities.

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Shocking U.S. Senate Hearing Confirms Dangers of Cell Phones


Concern: 10-11 year olds cell phone use grows by 80%

January 21, 2010 @ 10:36am PST by Fabrizio Pilato

These days almost everyone has a mobile phone or some other type of wireless device. A study by MRI shows that twenty percent of American children ages 6-11 currently own a cell phone, up from 11.9% in 2005. The most shocking increase has been among 10-11 year olds (+80.5%).

The study was done on a group of 5000 participants, and talked about the feature-rich, kid friendly phones like Disney Mobile's LG Phone and the FlyPhone. Some more information is discussed on how boys and girls use their phones differently. While girls make more calls and send text messages, boys are more interested in instant messaging, downloads, games, music and videos.

It's interesting that the MRI study did not mention any health concerns, it was more focused on what the different child groups were interested in for what seemed to be a market summary for businesses. We are talking about a large population of developing children being subject to electromagnetic fields and radio frequency radiation, but I guess big business tends to avoid these issues.

A study released just last January showed mobile phone use before the age of 20 will increase chances of malignant brain tumors by five times. The international group of scientists studied these effects at two university hospitals in Sweden, they concluded that current standards for exposure to microwaves during mobile phone use is not safe for long-term exposure and needs to be revised.

It is also known (PDF: Summary Findings ) that calls lasting a mere two minutes can open the blood-brain barrier in children, as well as adults. This allows toxins in the bloodstream to cross the blood vessel gateway into the skull and attack brain cells. The same two-minutes of cell phone exposure can also disrupt the natural electrical activity of a child's brain for up to an hour after. Now get to school kids and try to learn.

Chart provided by Silicon Alley Insider.


Electromagnetic Radiation Impacts on Human Health

Two presentation from the November 8, 2009 Conference sponsored by The EMR Policy Institute that took place at the Colorado School of Mines can be viewed at:

Scroll down the left side of the page to find the links to the segments in consecutive order.

"Evidence of Health Harm from Electromagnetic Radiation" – Madga Havas PhD, Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University, Ontario, Canada.

Professor Havas's research documents the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and how this affects those with electrohypersensitivity.  She discusses the response of diabetics, those with multiple sclerosis as well as the effects of this radiation on the nervous system and on the blood.

"How Do You Know Who to Believe?" - Professor Jerry Phillips PhD, Director of the Science Learning Center and Professor Attendant of Chemistry at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO.

Professor Phillips is a researcher in cell biology and molecular biochemistry and author of numerous studies on the biological effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation.  His presentation focuses on interpreting studies that demonstrate opposing views on the biological and health effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields, and dealing with criticism from industry and others (AMA, ACS, and FDA).

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Laptop shield made in GH man's home

Thu, Jan 21, 2010


Three 20-something engineers have developed what looks like a simple plate that they say can protect laptop computer users from dangerous radiation.

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The plates, called HARApads, are being made in the Grand Haven home of one of the partners.

Mark Kramer, who grew up in Allendale and moved to Grand Haven two years ago, said he and two friends — all 27 years old and all mechanical engineers — came up with the concept a couple of years ago.

"We spent two years researching the topic of electromagnetic radiation and developing/testing our product," Kramer said.

The three engineers, doing business as HARApad LLC, have sold about 400 of them — mainly via their Web site — in the past year, Kramer said. He said they've already posted a profit in their first year.

Laptops are now outselling desktop computers in the U.S., but they may not be as safe to use as everyone assumes, according to Kramer. He said a computer in operation and placed on a person's lap exposes that person to radiation not unlike a cellphone held near the brain.

"Laptop computers emit radiation in the form of an electromagnetic field," Kramer explained. "This radiation often reaches levels that are 100-times higher than the safe amount. This may lead to cancer, infertility, electromagnetic sickness, or a plethora of other complications."

Links to the results of studies and other information about EMF are on the HARApad Web site.

The heat and radiation attenuating pad (or HARApad) Kramer and his partners have developed is a thin plastic pad with an interior layer of high-tech shielding material they obtain from a New York company. Laser cutting is done at Innovative Cutting and Engraving in Holland, and the partners put the pads together and ship them out from Kramer's home on Grand Haven's east side.

The pads are sold in a variety of colors and several sizes to fit particular laptops. They are also sold in varying degrees of protection. Kramer said the company's "original" pad blocks 70-80 percent of the radiation emitted from a laptop, while the "elite" version blocks up to 100 percent.

"We don't claim that they'll save your life from cancer, but we want to promote that it is a problem and we have a product that can help," Kramer said. "It's just that the more one uses their laptop, the more benefit they'll notice."

Kramer moved to Grand Haven to work for Fredricks Design two years ago, but was laid off last year. He said that gave him time to move forward with the HARApad enterprise.

Russ Willacker of Holland is a partner in the business. A third partner, who asked not to be named, is a Coopersville High School (Class of 2001) and Grand Valley State University classmate of Kramer.

On the Net:


All electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR). While EMR exposure drops significantly with distance from the emitting object, it is not always possible to distance yourself from the object. This is the case when using a laptop computer. A laptop requires that you position yourself relatively near the computer during use, thus exposing your body to EMR.

— Source: HARApad LLC