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13 October 2011


On the run from radio frequencies

Some Canadians go to great lengths to escape waves of radiation from electronics that are considered harmless


An excellent interview by Dr. Bill Deagle with Prof. Olle Johansson.


Please encourage others to listen to this very important information.


The podcast is available at:


Continued discussion re: Earthing

I completely agree with Katharina's points.

 Earthing a person in a high electric field environment does reduce the body voltage with respect to earth to almost zero (of course) but the person is them actually subject to MORE a.c. vibrating induced body currents from the room's electric fields than before. You can clearly see this if you earth them through an a.c. microammeter that measures body current to earth instead of a voltmeter.

 The key is to have a building with shielded mains electrical wiring or to use a demand switch to turn off the a.c. supply to the bedroom at night. Or to apply earthed conductive paint or foil to the walls, ceiling and floor so as the effectively screen the wiring and keep the electric fields away from you.

 Then, if you have a "clean" earth - a good and not electrically noisy connect to the real earth / ground of the planet, earthing is reported to help (at least some people). In my country cottage with low internal electric fields I find earthing does not help help my health and usually makes my sleep more disturbed.

 Walking barefoot (or wearing conductive shoes) when walking on earth and grass (etc) has long been shown to be beneficial.

 In other words, earth with care and though and try to understand the process.

 Best wishes

(UK Powerwatch)


Dear Alasdair,

                A couple of years ago, I had access to a Russian B and E which measures electrical and magnetic fields given off by the human body. I could charge myself up like a capacitor and easily discharge my body by touching a metal  window frame or by standing on a sheet of aluminum foil.

 My concern about the earthing mats is that everywhere in North America where I have measured ground voltage, I find voltage levels of between 3 and 26 volts peak to peak. Attached are oscilloscope tracings  obtained using the ground rod and the ground connection in a wall outlet. As you can see, a person using the mat will be exposed to considerable AC voltage containing lots of higher frequencies.  

Best,  sam


Dear Sam
Great to hear from you. Yes, this is a real big problem. It is also a reason I am wary about grounding people before proper measurements have been done.
In the UK we don't have the US problem re. high-power transmission and distribution lines, but almost all our LV (230 volt) final distribution system is PME where Neutral is connected to Earth every 100 metres or so around the networks. As LV currents are quite high (usually many hundreds of amps per circuit - can be 1000s) this repeated Earth bonding is the main cause of elevated residential EMF levels in the UK. It also puts lots of crap onto the ground and any metal pipes in the ground.
Best wishes


Les champs magnétiques élevés principalement dus au non respect du Code de l'électricité
André Fauteux

Key fobs fail on entire street

Electronic car key fobs mysteriously stop working along an entire Southampton street, according to residents.

Experts suggest curb on mobile towers to protect wildlife


Open Letter to Mayor Bennett and City Councilors,

In response to the article, "City council disagrees with cell tower site," in the Peterborough Examiner (October 12, 2011, I would like to thank Councilor Andrew Beamer for recommending the application be turned down and Councilors Hall, Pappas and Riel for opposing the reduced radius for notification of the proposed cell tower site.  People should have the right to be informed if a cell tower is coming within 400 meters of their home, one of the largest investments they will ever make.  It could affect property values–and worse–their health.  

As some of you know, I do research on the health effects of radio frequency radiation and I am deeply disturbed with what I see happening in Peterborough.  I have lived and worked in this community since 1989 and appreciate the fact that we are living in a city that is close to areas of natural beauty and, in a city that is (or rather was) relatively pristine when it comes to radio frequency radiation or electrosmog.  

Within a short period many new towers and even more antennas have been erected within City limits.  All of these antennas are exposing those who live and work within 300 to 400 meters to levels of radiation that other countries deem to be unsafe.  

In May, 2011, the World Health Organization classified radio frequency radiation as a "possible human carcinogen" and, while this sounds relatively harmless, you must realize that the scientific community does not make this classification lightly and did it despite considerable industry lobbying.  Indeed, one member of the committee was relieved of his duties just prior to that meeting in May because of close ties to the telecom industry.  Others with close ties remain on the committee.

Recently, October 4, 2011, Health Canada issued a warning that children under the age of 18 should limit their use of cell phones. Those speaking on a cell phone may be exposed for a few minutes a day, possibly longer for heavy cell phone users, but people who live and work near antennas are exposed for hours each day.  Scientific studies recognize that the problem is with long-term, chronic exposure to levels that are well within Health Canada's safety guidelines.  If we continue to build these antennas we will be exposed to this radiation 24/7!  Is this what we want as a community?  

I am concerned about the proximity of towers to schools and residential areas and equally concerned about the number of antennas placed on any one tower.  With more antennas we have more radiation.  Co-location is important but it comes at a cost.  Each wireless provider wants to be the first to erect towers because they can rent the space to their competitors.  Towers have become vertical real estate.

Some of my friends in Toronto are no longer able to live in their homes because 4G has come to their neighbourhood.  This is a much more powerful antenna that should not be placed within 1000 meters of homes. While your cordless phone may have a working radius of 100 meters, 4G antennas have a working radius well over 30 km.

You are told that scientist cannot agree if this radiation is harmful or not. Scientists who have been working on the health effects of this radiation will unanimously agree that long-term exposure to radio frequency radiation at levels well below Health Canada's guidelines are harmful to human health.  As a matter of fact, during the past 10 years leading scientists and medical doctors have signed at least 10 international resolutions and appeals asking that international guidelines be reduced.  Their requests have gone unheeded.  Despite this, countries in Europe and Asia are reducing their guidelines to levels that are a fraction of the guidelines in Canada.

Wind Mobile wants to promote competition for those using this technology and to do this they have to erect an "unknown" number of antennas for the "cell" concept to work, BUT, we need to ask, "what cost are the citizens of Peterborough willing to pay for this competition?"  

I don't know of anything that is more important than our health and the decisions you make, as City Councilors, will affect the health of Peterborough citizens for decades to come.   The future is in your hands.  Once you give approval for these antennas, there is no turning back.

Peterborough is still a safe place to live with "relatively" low levels of radiation but it won't be if we continue down this slippery slope that we so eagerly and foolishly embarked on.  Competition . . . at what cost?

Dr Magda Havas




Needs, not gadgets




Professor Belpomme talk about health and EMR

Pr BELPOMME Dominique (voir pièce jointe)
Pr PRIVAT Alain (voir pièce jointe)
CENDRIER Marc (chargé de l'information scientifique de Robin des toits)
Me HIAULT SPITZER Raphaële (avocate au barreau de Béziers)
VASSALLO Laurent Dr en Droit de l'environnement

Vendredi 21 octobre 2011
de 18h à 20h
Université Montpellier 1 UFR de DROIT
Amphi B
39, rue de l'université Montpellier (34)

Robin des toits



Phone Masts and Breast Cancer:

 "Request for health report as cancer cases increase".



Merritt council to request wired smart meters from BC government

Merritt News
Merritt city council will try to get the BC government to listen to its concerns over the safety of smart meters, even though Victoria has ignored a non-binding UBCM resolution calling for a moratorium. At last night's meeting, council passed a motion ...


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