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17 October 2011

The Conspiracy Show on VisionTV 
Richard Syrett, host of The New AM740/ZoomerRadio program of the same name, brings more of his fascinating findings to television.
The Dangers of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies)
Tuesday, October 18 at 11pm ET / 8pm PT
Can radiation from electrical appliances, power lines, microwave ovens, and wireless technology such as cell phones and baby monitors alter our DNA, cause illness and lead to disease?
Richard speaks with leading researcher Dr. Magda Havas and two electrically sensitive persons, who warn against the health effects of EMF.

VisionTV Channels (Canada)

For a complete list of where to find VisionTV on your television "dial", download this PDF of channel listings. (To find the channel number for VisionTV in your city, first search for your city, then locate the number to the very right — that number is the channel number for VisionTV in your area.)

Study Lends Some Credence to Wifi Claims
(From July) - Smart Meters make woman ill
Two new studies have found that electromagnetic fields from Wi-Fi transmitters
can alter electrical brain activity and decrease a measure of attention in young
adults when performing a memory task. These are the first reports to look at the
effects of Wi-Fi on brain function. 
The attractiveness of Wi-Fi as a learning tool in schools is significantly
decreased if it could be damaging the cognitive abilities and brain development
of pupils. 
Low EMF car for sale
C.P.R. and Radiofrequency Interference

Yesterday, I took a first aid course to help out my son's hockey team.  All teams are required to have someone trained in first aid in case something happens to a player, or spectator at a game.

 During my CPR training, we had to learn how to use and incorporate the portable, battery operated defibulator. At one point after doing the 5 reps of 2x breathing and 30x chest compressions, the defib unit will verbally tell you to stop so it can assess the patient and let you know if you need to send a jolt to the heart.  If there is too much floor vibration OR cell phone/RF around, it can prevent the unit of assessing the patient.  The instructor (a 20 year paramedic) said, if you ever use the defib always get everyone around you to turn their phones off.  He mentioned how every public school in Calgary has these units in the school.  I asked how it works with the Wi-fi installed in the schools then, if a student or teacher requires CPR and you need to use the defib unit.  He said, "exactly".  He also said that's the number one reason why cell phones have to be turned off in hospitals.

This then begs the question….in schools; do the trained teachers/administrators know that RF needs to be turned off beforehand?  Are they going to run around looking for main equipment switch to do that while precious time ticks away for the patient???   With airlines now introducing Wi-Fi in planes…what happens to a person who during a flight needs to have CPR with a defib unit?  Do flight attendants realize that the Wi-Fi can't be on?

This really got me thinking on how I'm planning to approach the Calgary Public School board.  There doesn't seem to be anything happening here like Edmonton, or B.C. or Ontario….but I have teachers I help that suffer from it.  I talked during our lunch to a teacher who was also taking the first aid course, and gave me her story about her class having headaches all the time, and how her son who is quiet and calm by nature around home and in social settings, but totally distracted and unruly at school.

Grant Binder

Certified Master Electrician
and EMF Consultant




Communiqué du SEMO,  16 octobre 2011

La commission scolaire de Montréal et les villes du Québec demandent l'application du Principe de Précaution, alors qu'Industrie Canada continue d'imposer les antennes sans aucune restriction.

Revue de Presse - Antennes cellulaires au Québec


Les villes au Québec sont aux prises avec les nombreux projets d'implantation d'antenne, qui sont hors de leur contrôle, car Industrie Canada prend toujours en faveur pour les compagnies de cellulaires.
La population est exaspérée, mais rien ne bouge à Ottawa.  Les nouveaux députés du NPD sont aux abonnés absents pour la poursuite du dossier que le Bloc avait lancée en déposant une pétition du SEMO de plus de 1100 noms et en obtenant une audition sur l'impact des micro-ondes sur la santé au Comité permanent de la santé. Ces auditions avaient été suivies d'un rapport constituant un désaveu des normes canadiennes (9 décembre 2010). La ministre de la Santé devait donner suite à ce rapport, mais rien n' encore été fait.

Actuellement les villes sont laissées à elle-même et rien ne bouge à Ottawa dans le dossier de l'imposition des antennes par Industrie Canada.

Voici une revue de presse des hebdos locaux relatant la situation à Pierrefonds, Châteauguay, Repentigny et Terrebonne et MONTRÉAL.

De Pierrefonds, nouveau cas dans une église: antenne sur une église imposée par Industrie Canada
( la ville de Pierrefonds est déjà en cour contre Vidéotron qui a passé outre une interdiction de la ville, cela est rendu en cour supérieure.  De ce fait ,le dossier de la ville de Terrebonne contre Rogers et Vidéotron- ( église de Terrebonne) a été suspendu en attendant la décision du cas de Pierrefonds...)

Encore une tour à Châteauguay, ou là aussi, la ville est déjà en cours contre un autre projet

Et finalement Repentigny décide aussi de monter au front :

La commission scolaire de Montréal demande l'application du Principe de précaution:
Protégez-vous, relate la demande de la CSDM pour l'application du Principe de Précaution

Le Devoir:

Merci de votre intérêt pour ce dossier.

Pour plus d'information,

François Therrien SEMO
450 471 8371
To: Joanne Richard
Subject: 'The iBabysitter?' in the Kingston Whig, Oct.14

Dear Ms. Richard,

I was very alarmed to see the afore-mentioned headline and photo of a 
baby holding an iphone, then find no mention at all about the serious 
health effects associated with radio frequency radiation. As a 
respected and informed journalist, you should be educating your 
readers on this issue.

In May of this year, this type of radiation emitted by cellphones and 
other wireless devices was declared a possible class 2B carcinogen. 
Long before that, epidemiologist Dr. Devra Davis Ph.D, MPH of the 
Environmental Oncology Unit at University of Pittsburgh warned of the 
dangers of exposure to these well-loved devices, especially children 
with their thinner, developing skulls. She has written a book on the 
subject, 'Disconnect: The Truth About Cellphone Radiation'.  There is 
a growing body of scientific information on the toxicity of radio-
frequency radiation by other doctors and researchers, such as Dr. 
Magda Havas of Trent U., Dr. Sam Milham, MPH, and Dr. David Carpenter, 
Co-Editor of the Bioinitiative Report ( to name 
a few.

I am a teacher who is currently off work because the wireless routers 
in the schools make me ill. I have developed Electrical 
hypersensitivity (EHS), diagnosed at Women's College Hospital in 

Perhaps you could follow up on this article, discussing these perils 
of the technology, not just the social ones. We as a society have the 
duty to protect our precious children.

Nancy Miller, OCT



Listen to the fight of Penny Hargreaves from New Zealand
The police watched for 6 months, to find out who caused damage to the animals, before it was found that the source of the problems was radiation.





New Discovery Shakes the Foundation of Cancer Research

The Mayo Clinic recently turned the cancer research industry on its head when it found that important research published in 2009 had been fabricated. What's worse, it may wipe out 10 years of their own studies AND it's influenced the cancer care that doctors provide...



Independent Scientists Wanted

Dear all,

Please spread this information to all independent scientists that are qulified to apply to the European Commissons call for experts. Also ask them to tell the IEMFA that they have applied.

 The Commission appoints the members of the Scientific Committees (SCCS, SCHER, and SCENIHR) on the basis of their expertise in one or more fields of competence which are set out in Annex I of Decision 2008/721/EC . Successful applicants are expected to be well-established scientists with more than 10 years of professional experience and multi-disciplinary accomplishments. The deadline for applications is 15 November 2011.

Contact info IEMFA:

Yours sincerely,

Ms Kerstin Stenberg, Strasbourg
Master II International Relations
Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics
D.E.S.S. Marketing


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