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30 July 2011

The Studies You Should Never, Ever Believe
Dr Mercola
This is very important information that you should consider saving, and referring to in future.
NCBI Study :
Mortality by neoplasia (cancers) and cellular telephone base stations in the Belo Horizonte
municipality, Minas Gerais state, Brazil.

The National Post
With this Editorial, the once mighty National Post has lowered its standards way below the supermarket gossip tabloids.
At least you can often have a laugh at the ridiculous stories in the supermarket tabloids, this story will probably leave you feeling sick.
Newspaper editorials do not normally make fun of the severely disabled and discredit them, this Editorial did!
Newspapers usually have investigative reporters on staff who are able to research the true facts  It would appear that the National Post does not have this capability.
Newspaper stories are supposed to be balanced and fair to both sides of an issue.  This Editorial is terribly slanted in favour of wireless interests.
National newspapers are supposed to report facts which are accurate and true, the National Post failed badly at this.
From this Editorial and from previous stories, the National Post have made it obvious that they will not report EMF issues fairly or accurately.
Martin Weatherall
More fairytale reporting
This time from the Ottawa Citizen

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the daily newspaper of today     * 02/07/2011

No reception

SENSITIVE to the beam of a cell tower near them, it hurst Heike Keuser's whole body. So much so that she hides.
A visit to the dead zone behind the metal curtains


Oberelz lies in a valley surrounded by hills and forest in the Eifel. Just 120 people live here. No cars go, before the sixties houses plastic chairs adorn the front yard.
The cell phone reception is weak in Oberelz - but that is exactly why Heike Keuser moved here in January.

The petite 44-year-old sitting next to her husband at the dining room table and looks at a gray wall that surrounds her patio. The front door she has draped with a white curtain.
"The neighbor has a cordless phone," she explains, "I can feel the radiation in the house. The curtain keeps them off to some extent, because there are metal threads woven."

Heike Keuser shields itself from the world.
It holds its radiation is not more.

For 15 years, she suffers from multiple sclerosis. She is a healer, but it lacks a long time to work the power in their hands. It is not just the disease, which severely limits their life so. There are also mobile networks and Wi-Fi router.
For eight years, their bodies react on it - to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Everything is numb and cold

In Monreal, the former residence of the Keuser - about ten miles away - had all started: When the family is a cordless phone purchased, Heike Keuser was suddenly awake for nights on end, had raced pain in arms and legs, their hearts. More and more they got outside the house pain. "At some point I realized that it had something to do with cell phones when I'm worse off," she recalls. She began to plan their day so that she could handle radiation sources.
But the more wireless and mobile phones spread, the greater were their pain.

"The beat is like a blunt object and continuously in very, very short intervals against my nerves," says Heike Keuser and thinks for a moment. You want to describe everything as accurately as possible. She knows that what she feels, sounds unbelievable to others.
"It never stops," says Keuser, "Everything is numb and cold. I feel like I'm tied up, the trunk, chest, limbs. Convulse the muscles, the force decreases."

That what feels Keuser, has nothing really to do with electro-smog is controversial: While describe themselves according to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), about 6 percent of Germans as "electro-sensitive" - ​​the victims complain mostly about headaches or insomnia, when they to be in the vicinity of mobile phones and wireless networks. However, one study has examined the BfS 2002-2008, the health effects of mobile and wireless radiation.
Result: "According to current scientific knowledge, no adverse health effects through the high-frequency radiation of mobile phones to be feared, if the limits are met," says Anja Schulte-Lutz, spokeswoman for the BfS.

Heike Keuser still feel the rays. Outside, the sun shines, but does not penetrate Keuser even made it to their terrace. The curtains make the dim dining room. Fearing rays Keuser holds almost exclusively on the house. Nevertheless, their view is lively, dark eyes wander around constantly.
When she speaks, she looks at you intently.

"I spider?"

In September 2008, it suddenly went Keuser worse. With a meter, they noted, and her husband, that the mobile phone mast was fitted on the edge of the village with an additional frequency. A call to the operating company confirmed: in addition to D1 was added with a second mobile operator O2.
Heike Keuser began to stay with friends.

Ulrich Frick for the case is clear: how are psychosomatic pain of Keuser. Frick is Professor of Public Health at the University of Applied Sciences Carinthia and was involved in the study commissioned by the BfS.
"A relationship between subjectively experienced electrical sensitivity and electromagnetic fields, such as through mobile phones, can be still unable to prove," he explains.

"Sometimes I have asked myself: Can I be the all-or spider?" Says Keuser. Friends and acquaintances doubted. Some went so far as to test them. "They have secretly turned on their cell phones and waited to see if what I say," says Keuser. She smiles bitterly. At first she tried to endure the pain - she did not dare to complain.
"In the meantime I ask the people immediately, turn off their cell phones again. Otherwise, no one ever believes me."

The heart beats faster

With the accusation that it's all just fancy, Heike Keuser has to fight again. But there are also Lebrecht von Klitzing. The environmental physicist Heike Keuser could confirm the pain. He is chief of the institute for environmental measurements in physical Wiesenthal, researching there for electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Von Klitzing, a measurement method has been developed which should test the effects of radiation on humans. He sets out electrical sensitivity to radiation, without knowing when exactly that happened. It measures among other things, how that changes their heartbeat. "The heart rate increased significantly by Heike Keuser under radiation," he says. He has also recorded with her spasms, cramping so states of the muscular system to the skin surface. "Especially people with medical conditions likely to suffer from ailments due to radiation, such as mobile telephony," explains von Klitzing.
Through the pre-existing conditions they are more sensitive to pain and reacted to things that do not perceive others.

Frick questioned studies like those of Lebrecht von Klitzing. You are not meaningful, changes such as increased heart rate could result from all kinds of things.
He recommends those affected to participate in so-called cognitive coping training - a type of behavioral therapy - to better cope with the symptoms.

Metal plates on the house

Behavioral therapies Keuser holds nothing. She is annoyed about such a proposal would not be labeled as crazy.
She wants you to their illness, electrosensitivity accepted.

"Nobody voluntarily lives that way," she says and looks around inside, into the dim room. In Oberelz Heike Keuser can sleep through again though, but it does not lead a normal life. At parents' evenings is the father. Family celebrations? Only when all the cell phones off, unplug the WLAN. Heike Keuser cities are taboo for her family, she never visited. To leave is not to think.
"That hurts already, especially as it affects the children," she says and sighs.

The move to Oberelz was not for the son and daughter Keuser easy.
They sold their house in Monreal, the children went to school, the friends were there.

Now the Keuser there to build an old house. Rainer Keuser is an architect and his wife wants to create a radiation free room: metal mats, which will shield the radiation directly on the plaster, he plans aluminum window frames and interior ventilation, so his wife can keep the windows closed if need be. The land behind the site have bought with the same Keuser.
So there is no other house can be built, drag on no one but again caused a radiation source.

Psychosomatic or indeed sensible electro - Heike Keuser in pain.

To avoid them, they will continue to hide.

EMF Books
Microsoft's Web map exposes phone, PC locations
Reid Kuhn, a program manger with Microsoft's Windows Phone Engineering Team, sent CNET this statement: "To provide location-based services, Microsoft collects publicly broadcast cell tower IDs and MAC addresses of Wi-Fi access points via both user ...
FCC Must Update Cell Tower Safety Regulations, Say Health and Environmental Advocates

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)—July 26, 2011. Citizen-activists are being urged by Citizens for Health, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and the EMF advocacy group,, to contact their representatives in Congress to request the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to update its obsolete cell tower safety regulations.


The FCC's cell tower safety regulations need to be revised immediately because:


1. WHO'S International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified RF Radiation as a "Possible Carcinogen"
2. Current Regulations Have Long Overlooked the Harm from RF Radiation's "Non-Thermal" Biological Effects
3. Biological and Health Effects from RF Radiation Are Widely Occurring In Both Adults and Children
4. Evidence for RF Damage to the Ecosystem is Mounting


To protect the public from risks from radiofrequency radiation (RF) the FCC must establish new safety guidelines for cell towers, Wi-Fi and cell phones that reflect the current science showing harm to human health, wildlife and nature.


David Carpenter, MD, Director of the Institute for Health and Environment, and former Dean, School of Public Health, State University of New York, Albany, states:

"Beyond the strong evidence for an association between wireless radiation with cancer, there is increasing evidence for effects on the brain and behavior—effects on memory ability, on IQ, on learning ability. This is an urgent public health issue and citizens must insist government respond to the present evidence in an expedited manner to protect the public health."


Whitney North Seymour, Jr., Esq., former New York State Senator, former U.S. Attorney and a co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council, says:

"In 1996, Congress directed the FCC to adopt safety regulations for cell transmission antennas. These FCC standards were based on earlier studies created almost twenty years ago using even older data. They are obsolete. The substantive evidence of harm from wireless radiation is overwhelming. It is imperative Members of Congress request the FCC update the obsolete cell tower safety guidelines to reflect the current science."


Robin Bernhoft, MD, President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, says:

"People who live near cell towers and antennas are in jeopardy. The science is increasingly clear that there are biological effects from both acute and chronic exposures to non-thermal microwave radiation. It is essential we have a government that puts the public's health above commercial interests."


The appeal to citizens to become engaged with this issue references the Seletun Scientific Statement ( issued by international scientists in February 2011, which stated that given the existing potential for global health risks from ongoing radiation from electromagnetic fields, governments should educate and warn the public, implement measures balanced in favor of the Precautionary Principle, monitor compliance with directives promoting alternatives to wireless, and fund research and policy development geared toward prevention of exposures and development of new public safety measures, as well as new, safer communications technologies. (Watch Video)
Camilla Rees, MBA of says,


"We encourage all citizens to write Congress about the widespread, unchecked, non-stop proliferation of radiofrequency radiation in our midst and the inaction of the FCC to revise its safety regulations to protect the public's health. Citizens must become involved for the sake of our health, genetic code and the environment."


Citizens for Health
Jim Turner, Esq., 202-462-8800
Camilla Rees, 415-992-5093 or 917-359-8450 or
David O. Carpenter, MD, 518-525-2660
Director, Institute for Health & the Environment
University at Albany, SUNY

Note to Media: For access to other scientists, physicians, attorneys or other experts on this issue, please contact
Association between Exposure to Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and Cancer in Electric Utility Workers in Quebec, Canada, and France (1994)
However, there was a clear association between cumulative exposure to PEMFs and lung cancer, with odds ratios rising to 3.11
Swiss Cell Phone Findings Troubling for Children's Health
Environmental Working Group
The CEFALO research published today is a retrospective case-control study that analyzed cell phone use as a potential risk factor among children and adolescents who were diagnosed with brain tumors.
ELIZABETH MAY: The Twitter storm — why I said what I said
He found an association between cell phone use and brain cancer. I paid attention because I knew Dr. Hardell's name, his reputation and his work. ...

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