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Remove WIFI from our schools / Letter / Smart Meter Resistance Builds / etc

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5 July 2011

Remove WIFI from our schools

Please sign the below petition to remove WIFI from our schools and all public facilities.  

In the wake of the WHO/IARC classification of electromagnetic fields as a Class 2 B Carcinogen, meaning "can cause cancer in humans", we are moving as fast as we can to ban and mitigate this carcinogenic technology and infrastructure and part of that is raising awareness amongst the general public and putting our legislators on notice for future actions to come.  

In addition to cancer, this type of radaition can also cause heart arrythmia, birth defects, sterility and other illnesses.  The general public have been misled and it is our children who are paying the highest price for our lack of education on this issue.

This petition sums up the effects WIFI can have and why we want it out of our schools and other areas utilized by the public.  Please sign it, post it on your FB and circulate as widely as possible.

Also, we are a 501c3, non profit, charitable organization. These petitions do cost us money since they are so nicely individualized and targeted to our specific representatives and therfore come at a premium.  We also have basic operational costs.  Any and all contributions towards this and our other educational and legislative campaigns are greatly appreciated.

PS, If you live in another country perhaps you can take the legal cases out of the petition, adopt it for your country and representatives and pass it around for sigs in your own country.  Every action around the world on this issue goes a long ways to help us all.

Sincerley, Liz et al
Mr. David Cobb
President and CEO
BC Hydro
Dear Mr. Cobb,
BC Hydro's mandate is to provide services to British Columbians, "with the principles of integrity, efficiency, effectiveness and customer service."
I am writing to you to advise you that this mandate is not being followed and you are ultimately the person who is responsible for this. On BC Hydro's official website Dr. John Blatherwick, the health authority for this agency, misrepresents facts and misleads the public for whom he works. I look to you for redress.
Specifically: BC Hydro is in the process of implementing the Smart Meter Program, installing wireless meters on every home and apartment. These meters emit microwave radiation during the day, every day. The specifics as to the strength and frequency of the signals has not been obtained, but regardless there is no debate that radiation will be emitted.
The public has a right to know that there are thousands of independent, peer-reviewed studies done over decades by scientists from many countries showing that prolonged exposure to low levels of microwave radiation has been associated with many health effects ranging from sleep disturbances, blood brain barrier leakage, DNA damage, to cancer. On May 31, 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer( IARC) a panel of the World Health Organization, after an exhaustive review of available literature, classified radiation from wireless devices such as WiFi and smart meters as a 2b carcinogen.
This decision is not a frivolous one. Some authorities such as Dr. Perry Kendall have chosen, for their own inexplicable reasons, to mock this decision by stating that coffee and pickled vegetables are also in this classification. This is true, but for serious reasons: excessive amounts of coffee have been linked to types of bladder cancer: likewise a certain type of pickling substance used in Asia has been linked to cancer.  These authorities do the public a grave disservice by remaining silent on the fact that DDT, lead, and many industrial chemicals are also in that category. Of great significance is the fact that never has a substance that was categorized as a 2b carcinogen been removed although many have been later found to be highly toxic and been placed in a higher classification.
Dr. John Blatherwick goes one step further and states:
"Some 25,000 scientific pieces have been published on the subject over the past 30 years. Based on a recent in-depth review of the scientific literature, the World Health Organization concluded that there is no evidence to conclude that exposure to low level electromagnetic fields is harmful to human health."
This obviously is blatantly, and dangerously, wrong. Dr. Blatherwick's statement totally ignores this most recent major decision by the leading authority on cancer.
Mr. Cobb, it is your responsibility to have this statement withdrawn from your website and replaced with a corrected one. As well I ask you to charge Dr. Blatherwick to do his job honestly. Perhaps he needs to be reminded of the Hippocratic oath he took many years ago. The public has the right to know that there are potential health effects from the radiation emitted by smart meters so that they can take protective measures.
BC Hydro's mandate is to provide services to the public and surely must include the caveat "while doing no harm to the very public it serves."
Yours  truly,
Sharon Noble
Chair, Citizens Against Unsafe Emissions
Coordinator, Wireless Radiation Safety Council
cc. Premier Clark
      Hon. Rich Coleman
      Hon. Michael de Jong
      Mr. John Horgan, Energy Critic
      Mr. Adrian Dix, Leader NDP
      Dr. John Blatherwick
      Bill Cleverly, Times Colonist
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