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Cancer from Microwave Radiation / ICNIRP / More Danger from Powerlines / etc

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6 July 2011

Cancer from Microwave Radiation
This report ( Yakymenko- cancer 2011 ) is just out, which is ironic since the ICNIRP document also just came out saying there is little or no evidence of cancer!

It is attached and well worth reading.  
It is a very good review showing how much evidence we already have regarding the effects of microwave (MW) radiation.

This is a great youtube video/movie that explains what ICNIRP is and how we got ourselves into this mess. It exposes the corruption.
It's a playlist that plays all four videos back to back - just watch - when the first video comes to the end the next one will start.

More Danger from Powerlines

At issue is the fact that network signals being passed across powerlines can leak from the cables, which effectively act as an antenna.

Two very different reports
July 5, 2011. Who to believe?  Ironically, two reports published days apart have totally different takes on whether or not microwave radiation is harmful. Both are review articles but that is where the similarity ends.

In one publication [Long-term exposure to microwve radiation provides cancer growth: Evidence from radars and mobile communication systems] the authors claim no conflict of interest and then identify the studies documenting increase in cancers with microwave exposure among animal experiments and in epidemiological studies.  They recommend that ICNIRP guidelines require urgent reevaluation in light of this research.  Scientists and physicians from around the world have been requesting this for over a decade.  See: International Experts' Perspective on the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).

In the other publication [Mobile phones, brain tumours and the INTERPHONE study: Where are we now? Click here for supplementary information] the authors provide one of the longest conflict of interest statements I've ever seen, yet claim they  have no conflict of interest!

Here is what their conflict of interest states:

Funding for research undertaken by MF and AJS has been provided by a number of sources, including the European Fifth Framework Program; the International Union against Cancer, which receives funds from the Mobile Manufacturers' Forum and the GSM Association; the Mobile Telecommunications Health and Research Programme; the Swedish Research Council; AFA Insurance; and VINNOVA (The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems). VINNOVA received funds from TeliaSonera, EricssonAB, and Telenor. All funds from commercial sources were via firewalls. The authors certify that their freedom to design, conduct, interpret, and publish research was not compromised by any controlling sponsor. AJS holds shares in the telecoms companies Cable and Wireless Worldwide and Cable and Wireless Communications. AJS' wife holds shares in the BT group, a global telecommunications services company. MF, ACG, and AJS are members of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, an independent body setting guidelines for non-ionizing radiation protection. MF and AJS serve as advisors to a number of public advisory and research steering groups concerning the potential health effects of exposure to non-ionizing radiation.

What animal will bite the hand that feeds it?

Dr Magda Havas
B C Hydro tower

According to CKNW News this morning ,a large B C Hydro metal tower that holds up the power lines along  the Fraser river ,toppled into the river due to EROSION.
If that is an indication of their power line condition one would think they would spend the million $ on upgrading the power line system instead of changing our meters which can make us sick!!

(Journal Record (Oklahoma City, OK) Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) A national wireless communications infrastructure company is locked in a battle with Midwest City over a 155-foot cellphone tower it wants to build here. The company, Florida-based SBA ...

In May 2011, in a nearly unanimous decision, 31 expert advisers to the World Health Organization (WHO) stunned the world's five billion cell phone users and declared radiofrequency and electromagnetic radiation a "possible" cause of brain cancer. ...

Pacific Free Press
This 'will be the first time in history that a provincial government has mandated that a "class 2 b carcinogen" be placed in our homes.' (Milt Bowling) 

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