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11 March 2011

Report: Wi-Fi 30 percent slower than wired

March 10, 2011



Palo Altans continue to butt heads with AT&T over project proposals

San Jose Mercury News

AT&T has asked the city to let it install pairs of 2 feet tall antennas on ... said having the antennas would reduce the radiation from his own cell phone ...


What are the hazards of cell phone radiation?


Cell phone users are exposed to a form of electromagnetic radiation ... study found that cell phone radiation has a negative impact on the health of sperms. ...


First video on cell phone injury


Schools to get $9M to support wireless off campus

Joelle Tessler AP Technology Writer 9 Mar 2011

WASHINGTON — Government officials are handing out $9 million to help schools extend wireless Internet connections beyond the classroom.


SmartMeters moratorium

By Jeremy Walsh -- Staff reporter


LAKEPORT -- The Lake County Board of Supervisors (BOS) Tuesday approved a temporary moratorium on SmartMeter installation in the unincorporated parts of Lake County after a spirited hour-long public hearing on the PG&E device.

The BOS voted 4-0 to enact the urgency measure effective immediately; along with supporting an amended letter to state legislators in favor of an "opt out" assembly bill and directing county counsel pursue the possibility of injunctive action.

District 3 Supervisor Denise Rushing recused herself, citing that she is involved with a small engineering consortium that bid on a PG&E contract, unrelated to SmartMeters, and that bid process has not been resolved. The Record-Bee incorrectly reported the reason Rushing recused herself from the March 1 BOS SmartMeters discussion.

Tuesday's SmartMeters hearing began with two PG&E representatives discussing the installation program and increased educational efforts the company has taken locally in recent weeks. PG&E has added six additional educational centers and supplied local offices with more distributable information about the program, according to the representatives.

The SmartMeter is a device that would help PG&E and customers better track individual energy use, according to the company.

PG&E has nearly completed SmartMeter installation statewide, having worked north from southern California, according to the representatives. PG&E has installed more than 39,000 devices


Group argues smart meters could pose health danger

Shelby Township Source Newspapers

By SEAN DELANEY A group of concerned Michigan residents addressed the Shelby Township Board of Trustees on March 1 and expressed their concerns with the installation of smart meters in more than 2000 Shelby Township homes. ...


Engineers: Smart Meters Must Be Part Of Wider Plan

eWEEK Europe UK

Smart meters will not lead to real changes in energy consumption patterns unless they are part of a wider system that is itself smarter, according to the UK's largest professional society of engineers. The Institution of Engineering and Technology ...


PG&E disregards Precautionary Principle with smart meters

San Francisco Bay View

... wi-fi, home networking, and the list goes on and on. Every individual has a different tolerance for such cumulative exposures before their impact – often in combination with chemical and heavy metal exposures – shows up as impaired health. ...


More Distraction on the Way for Already Distracted Driving?

UID>/INBOX>58825">School Transportation News (blog)

Harman said it will be offering several audio and connectivity solutions to allow motorists to better monitor traffic, hear Twitter and Facebook updates, play podcasts, and listen to streaming music via WiFi, according to Connected World Magazine. ...



Dog electrocuted in downtown Toronto

Global News: Friday, March 4, 2011

A dog has been electrocuted and another was shocked and injured after walking on a downtown light standard that had wires exposed.

The incident happened Friday afternoon near Queen Street and Parliament Street.

Jeff McCulloch's dog was killed. He could barely contain his emotions when talking about the incident.

"My wife was just walking the dog, like she does every day," he said.

Police say a manhole cover was charged with electricity, which then transfered to the dogs, killing them.

A police officer attending the scene was also zapped when she touched one of the dogs' metal collar. She was taken to hospital but was released.

Toronto Hydro and TTC crews were brought in to investigate, and late Friday evening, it was determined the TTC was at fault. Electricity from the wiring that powers the TTC's streetcars in the area is being blamed.

"The span wire was touching the pole," said TTC spokesman Brad Ross. "The rain may have helped that, in terms of conducting the metal pole and the electricity ran down to the sidewalk."

After several hours on the scene, Toronto Hydro workers were able to "de-energize" the corner, meaning that electricity is no longer flowing through the pole and that the area is safe.

It's not soon enough for McCulloch.

"This is 100 per cent utter neglect," he said.

Taryn Grieder's dog was also shocked, but was able to withstand the jolt and survive.

"It was so scary," she said. "I guess he stepped on a manhole cover and he just collapsed and started making this terrible sound."

Grieder's dog, Bender, is now recovering after receiving veterinary help. But Grieder said the scare is still fresh in his mind.

"He seems super happy," she said. "But when I tried to take him back to the place where it happened, we couldn't get within 100 metres. He wouldn't go close to it. He seems shaken."

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