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25 March 2011

Science being abused

Please read the two attached documents about how important scientists, bringing awareness about the dangers of electro magnetic radiation, are being harassed.

This is contrary to any sensible use of science and treatment of scientists.

The situation appears to involve academic institutional suppression of important scientific research which could benefit the world.

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Is Cell Phone Radiation Weakening the Brain?


The State of New Mexico's Legislature passed House Memorial 32

"House Memorial 32 just passed the House 43-24, with good bipartisan support."

From Rep. Brian Egolf, March 13, 2011:


Bloom Energy

With all of the talk about nuclear energy, and the dangers related to transmitting it via wires over long distances, how about Bloom Energy? that is the way of the future and we need to get behind promoting it.

A few months ago - Adobe installed it on their building and are using it to power their head offices. Its a year old now - so perhaps with all of the talk about cancelled Windpower, wireless smart meters, leaking radioactive water from pickerings plants, deciding weather to build more nuclear or not - perhaps with the pending nuclear meltdown, it's time to revisit the story...

It's a small box that you put beside or on the roof of a building, feed it natural gas, and it converts it to electricity. No spinning motors for high EMF - no high tension powerlines on the roads or through the fields. You generate your own power locally.

They say you could hook it up to the natural gas in your home - it would be the size of a breadbox and would power everything.

This is not science fiction. The story needs to be told....
Bob Connolly


Cellphones linked to bone weakening

TG Daily

The study raises the possibility that long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones could adversely affect bone mineralization - although larger follow-up studies will be needed. Sravi points out that it would be a good idea to test ...


The Problems With Smart Grids: Dumb and Dangerous

By B. Blake Levitt and Chellis Glendinning


13 telecom companies default by Rs40 billion

The News International

PAC member Haider Abbas Rizvi said according to a research the residents of houses situated near the cell phone towers suffer from cancer in five years time ...


Reportlinker Adds Rapidly Growing Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies

American Banking News

There are widespread concerns about the potential human health impacts of extensive exposure to RF emissions, such as a possible link between cell phone use and the incidence of brain cancer. While definitive evidence of cancer or other health impacts of RF exposure has not yet been found, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has established international guidelines on human exposure limits for RF fields. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other governmental agencies have also issued RF exposure guidelines of their own.

In addition to concerns about the human health impacts of RF emissions, there are the environmental issues. The latter range from the esthetic impacts of nearly ubiquitous cell phone towers to the potential adverse effects of low-level RF on wildlife and birds.

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