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26 March 2011

Smart Meter Information Session BC

BC Hydro Open House, and EMR Health Alliance and CST was there for coverage

Dr. John Blatherwick was Chief Medical Doctor of Coastal Health in Vancouver BC Canada

He is now the Consultant for BC Hydro durring their rollout of Smart Meters

Here is video coverage with some of the feedback from others in the crowd included

Another series of meeting on specifically smart meters is said to be scheduled in April across BC

Power to the People Campaign, BC Canada

other videos



Towns Sign on to Tower Alternative


BAR HARBOR — Mount Desert Island area towns will join with Acadia National Park (ANP) in an effort to supplant cell phone tower construction by bringing advanced wireless antenna technology to the island. (How to harm a National Park)


WHO workshop on Electro Hyper-Sensitivity Prague 2004

Interesting to look back at this conference. There is some very good and helpful information that is well worth reviewing.

There is also information from idiots who cannot understand EHS and do not know what they are talking about.



PGE&E Smart Meter Plan Turns Wireless Off

By Nino Marchetti

PG&E in California has offered up a plan to the utility commission to address so called smart meter health concerns that simply shuts the radio function off.


Letter to the NY Times

To the Editor,

Re: "PG&E Offers Critics Option To Turn Off Smart Meters." This option will not work. I know this to be true.

In June, 2009, although I had no idea that a "smart" meter emitted radiation, I began feeling ill. After many months and much discomfort, I began researching my symptoms. I learned that the "smart" meter on my home might be making me sick.

On March 4, 2010, At my insistence and with a doctors note, Con Edison replaced that "smart" meter with another "smart" meter, which they said had no antenna for remote reading. This, they told me was the kind used in New York

City because in cities the meters are so close to each other that they would malfunction and read each other, if they had the antenna for remote reading.

For the next week I became so sick I thought I was going to die, especially scary were the heart palpitations, ear buzzing and nightmares.

On March 12, 2010, Finally, Con Edison removed the second "smart" meter and replaced it with an analog meter. Within hours the worst of the symptoms began to subside. No more nightmares at all and I have not had one since.

My terrible ear buzzing began to subside and the heart palpitations completely stopped, while I was at home.

Now, along with many others across the U.S. , who have been injured by the radiation from "smart" meters, I suffer from radio wave sickness. I am fine as long as I am not exposed to radio wave radiation from all wireless

equipment and some electric appliances. I had none of this before being injured by the radiation from both "smart" meters.

The proposal from PG&E will not work. "Smart" meters are a dangerous mistake. They emit radio frequency radiation throughout homes and neighborhoods, even if they do not have remote antennas.

Thank You.

Michele Hertz


Smart Metering in Canada

RF-Mesh based solutions have been even more dominant than in the United States and have captured approximately 90% of the Canadian Smart Meter communications market


Smart Gas Meter Penetration to Reach 11% by 2016, According to Pike Research

SYS-CON Media (press release)
Gas utilities worldwide are placing increased emphasis on upgrading their operations with smart gas meters that utilize advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technologies to enable two-way communications between meters and utility systems.



1.PG&E put in Wireless meters that have accuracy problems (in their favor), documented fire problems, security and hacking problems, electronics and motion detector interference problems and health problems.

2. PG&E claimed advantages to this Wireless meter program, but NONE of those advantages are actually occurring for PG&E customers or others in any other country or state where similar meters were installed.

3. PG&E started installing 20 million of these meters with customers paying the $2.2 Billion price tag on our monthly bills with NO PILOT PROGRAM in advance to see what the problems would be and if anything even works.

4. And WE, THE CUSTOMERS, are caught holding the bill for PG&E's derelict management, planning and technical fiascos that, as in Hinkley, look like they are also hurting us.

And WE, THE CUSTOMERS, now have to pay more $$$ up front AND monthly to minimize the continued damage from these meters ?!!

5. And finally: if the wireless portion of the Wireless meter is disconnected at our home to reduce non-ionizing radiation from our immediate home environment, then PG&E is going to add more radiation transmitters in our general community, where we also spend time, to make up for the reduction at any homes that opt-out.

6. This is finally enough for me to call on the State Government to take back the license for PG&E to operate in California.

No matter how derelict our government is and will be in operating utility delivery, it will be better than PG&E. The utility workers are excellent and available.


Robert Williams

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