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13 September 2010

Am Fam Physician. 2010 Sep 1;82(5):488-93.

Health effects of prenatal radiation exposure.

Williams PM, Fletcher S.

David Grant Medical Center, Travis Air Force Base, CA, USA.


Pregnant women are at risk of exposure to nonionizing and ionizing radiation resulting from necessary medical procedures, workplace exposure, and diagnostic or therapeutic interventions before the pregnancy is known. Nonionizing radiation includes microwave, ultrasound, radio frequency, and electromagnetic waves. In utero exposure to nonionizing radiation is not associated with significant risks; therefore, ultrasonography is safe to perform during pregnancy. Ionizing radiation includes particles and electromagnetic radiation (e.g., gamma rays, x-rays). In utero exposure to ionizing radiation can be teratogenic, carcinogenic, or mutagenic. The effects are directly related to the level of exposure and stage of fetal development. The fetus is most susceptible to radiation during organogenesis (two to seven weeks after conception) and in the early fetal period (eight to 15 weeks after conception). Noncancer health effects have not been detected at any stage of gestation after exposure to ionizing radiation of less than 0.05 Gy (5 rad). Spontaneous abortion, growth restriction, and mental retardation may occur at higher exposure levels. The risk of cancer is increased regardless of the dose. When an exposure to ionizing radiation occurs, the total fetal radiation dose should be estimated and the mother counseled about the potential risks so that she can make informed decisions about her pregnancy management.

PMID: 20822083 [PubMed - in process]


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Dirty Electricity: What You MUST Know Radio Show with Dr.Sam Milham

From: "Dr. Sellman"


I recently interviewed internationally acclaimed scientist and researcher, Dr. Sam Milham, who has courageously spoken out about the conclusions from his many published studies.

Since I feel his message is so important, I have included my recent radio interview with him as well as the posting about his work from Dr. Mercola's website.

Dirty Electricity: What You MUST Know

Radio Show with Dr.Sam Milham

When Thomas Edison began wiring New York City with a direct current electricity distribution system in the 1880s, he gave humankind the magic of electric light, heat, and power; in the process, though, he inadvertently opened a Pandora's Box of unimaginable illness and death.

Dirty Electricity tells the story of Dr. Samuel Milham, who alerted the world about the frightening link between occupational exposure to electro-magnetic fieldss and human disease.  He discovered that most of the twentieth century diseases of civilization, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide, are caused by electromagnetic field exposure.

Dr. Milham warns that because of the recent proliferation of radio frequency radiation from cell phones and towers, terrestrial antennas, Wi-Fi and Wi-max systems, broadband internet over power lines, and personal electronic equipment, we may be facing a looming epidemic of morbidity and mortality.  He also reveals the steps we must take, personally and as a society, to coexist with this marvelous but dangerous technology.

Dr. Samuel Milham is a physician-epidemiologist specializing in public health who first alerted the world about the frightening link between occupational exposure to electromagnetic. He has more than one hundred scientific publications, many dealing with the health effects of electricity. In 1997, Dr. Milham was awarded the Ramazzini prize for his pioneering work in describing the occupational cancer risks of electromagnetic fields. "><>
Dr. Mercola has recently written about Dr. Milham's important research:

Solutions for Living in an Electrified and Wireless World

Dr. Milham recommends a proven way to protect yourself from the Dirty Electricity   It is the use of the Stetzer meter to measure levels of Dirty Electricity in your home and office and the use of Stetzer filters remove or reduce high-frequency pollutants from the electrical wiring in your home/business.

After my interview Dr. Milham, I realized that I personally needed to take the precautionary step of installing Stetzer filers in my homes.....especially since I used the Stetzer meter and discovered that my home measured high levels of dirty electricity.

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